Nourish Beauty Box – September 2015

There have been quite a few new natural beauty boxes in the subscription box world. I decided to give Nourish Beauty a try because of the Balanced Guru Facial Spoiler and buy 1 box, receive 1 box free to share special offer. Let’s see how it all worked out!


Subscription: Nourish Beauty Box

Cost: $34.95/monthly, $101.85/3 months, $191.70/6 months

What to Expect: 3 full-size cruelty-free beauty products for the ingredient-conscious shopper and a reusable tote bag.

Notes: The box ship free worldwide. It is shipped via Royal Mail from the UK.


This is a negative review. You’ve been warned.



Quit now while you are ahead!


Royal Mail
Royal Mail

Yes, it is Royal Mail! I was confused when I saw the package.


Look how pretty
Look how pretty

The canvas bag is hiding the product. I like how they folded the bag around the product allowing you to see their logo.

Impressive logo placement!


Here are the products!
Here are the products!

The items are wrapped in bubble wrapped to keep them safe on their overseas journey.

What is their secret? I received items traveling across the USA that arrive broken.


Information Card
Information Card

Our website doesn’t concentrate on values. However, it is a new box. I understand that value can help determine whether to purchase the box. Peruse at your leisure.

Oops! I think I broke a Subscriptionista rule. Off to sit in the corner.


The bag
The bag

I like the design. The tote is great for carrying around a book and a notepad.

Not groceries. Note I did not say groceries.


Balanced Guru
Balanced Guru

Balanced Guru Style Me Hair Oil: I love Balanced Guru products, and the hair oil is a holy grail product for me. However, the hair oil is not the spoiler that was listed on other websites. Neither did we receive the full-size product.

It’s all kinds of wrong to have Balanced Guru in a negative box review 🙁 Sorry Balanced Guru.


full-size and travel-size
full-size and travel-size

The full-size is to the left. The item received is the travel-size item on the right. Our value-conscious readers need to keep in mind that the price is incorrect on the card. The .5 ounce sells around $12.00. Nourish Beauty may still be working out the kinks and unexpected surprises in the subscription box world. I wouldn’t know because there is no mention about it on their social media.

The made in the USA hair oil works amazingly in my hair. The sesame oil gives the hair oil an unusual scent that is different than most hair products. I’m accustomed to it and barely notice anymore.

Don’t mess with me when it comes to Balanced Guru. I know their products!!!


Seraphine Carrot + Rose Facial Serum
Seraphine Carrot + Rose Facial Serum

Seraphine Carrot & Rose Facial Serum:  I noticed that the scent wasn’t quite right when I sniffed the oil. It lacked that strong rose scent. I went to read the ingredients and am disappointed that the “rose oil” is actually rose geranium oil. Rose Geraniums are not roses. They are botanically different.  As a person who gardens, grows herbs, and uses essential oils; this drives me crazy.  Rose Geranium oil is often substituted because true rose oil is expensive.  Rose geranium oil offers similar aromatherapeutic benefits and scent compared to rose. Rose is more potent with stronger properties. As an added clarification, I am not discussing the quality of the oil, but the type of oil being used.

A rose by any other name is not a rose geranium.


Serum on Wrist

The serum has a pretty color.  Seraphine products are free from talc, parabens, harsh chemicals, sulfates, artificial preservatives and more.  They use organic, fair trade ingredients.


Broken cap

I took the pictures last night. Today I noticed the cap. I never experienced a broken cap before. I do not know if it is a defective cap or damage from shipping.



Peony Vacation Glow: The first ingredient is talc.


The important stuff
The important stuff

It doesn’t change that the first ingredient is talc. Most natural/eco brands that I am familiar with stay away from using talc. Here is an example.


Beautiful packaging
Beautiful packaging

They offer a tomato cheek tint! I’ve never seen that before.


I love their packaging!
I love their packaging!

The company has beautiful packaging. I hope that they experience future success in other UK beauty boxes. However, I’m not sure if talc is an ingredient that ingredient-conscious USA beauty users are seeking. I’m not.

I do love their packaging!



Subscriptionista made me do a swatch! I have no clue if I should rub it in. I rubbed some in and left some sitting on my skin.


The whole group
The whole group

I hate writing bad reviews. I originally deleted my draft. It’s back because we keep it real. We are staying true to who we are as a blog. Sadly, there will be negative reviews. I still don’t like writing them especially about natural/eco beauty boxes.

This is my opinion on the box.  People are welcome to state differently in the comments.


2 packages!
2 packages!

I did receive two packages! Nourish Beauty Box delivered on the free product to share with a friend! I peeked and the items are the same. I am impressed.

I received 2 sets of products with no broken items. Excellent job!


Disclosure: There are no affiliate links in this post. This box was paid for by me.


Verdict: It’s my opinion that Nourish Beauty Box is evolving. Debut boxes can be fraught with problems. The first box experience may not be reflective of future boxes. I did pay for this box and am content to poke around the internet and see how the box fares over the next few months. I am disappointed that no explanation was provided for including a travel-size product instead of a full-size as per their description. I’m also disappointed by the inclusion of a product with talc in an ingredient-conscious box.


I did not receive a tracking number and thought it shipped Fedex-Post. I am amazed that it shipped Royal Mail and arrived as quickly it did. I like the bag design. The package did include 2 sets of product as promised.


What do you think of the September Nourish Beauty Box? Am I being too hard on them? Share below and anything else on your mind!



  9 comments for “Nourish Beauty Box – September 2015

  1. September 29, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    I think this is why Subista has the trifecta . . . to balance everything out.
    I find value in this box but in the same time I see totally where you are coming from!
    If I was very eco conscious (I try to be when I can) I would not continue my subscription unless they worked out the kinks. Like you I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the curator did not know and/or needs to be schooled (or accept the fate of angry villagers villaging angrily). Have you contacted customer service regarding the spoiler not being the same, and talc in one of the products … Rose Geranium may be ok via business industry to be called Rose Oil but I am not sure of this (but I do know that Rose oil is expensive)!
    Even though there was great value with the offer, I would not use the products they would go in the giveaway/gift pile.
    That is pretty cool you got the package from across the pond!

    • September 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm

      I retract something that may be misconstrued. The products are good in my eyes and I would use them but they would likely go in the gift/giveaway pile.

      • September 29, 2015 at 7:00 pm

        I forgot to add that it is good to have different views. People buy subscription boxes for different reasons.

        • September 29, 2015 at 8:59 pm

          Yes your right 🙂

          I just feel bad for whatever wraith the curator is probably receiving.

          If I had known about this above offer, I would have likely signed up for it too. The only thing I dislike most (along with the issues you presented above) is the powder luminizer mostly because I am over loose powders for the most part.

          Should one of us do a post regarding motivation for buying boxes? I just like getting a bargain and most sub boxes do that. If I do not desire a product, I can always gift it. And I love trying a variety of new things that I would not be exposed to. For example, I would probably had never known about One Love Organics if it was not for sub boxes, let alone buy a body serum.

    • September 29, 2015 at 6:42 pm

      Pnut, thank you for sharing!

      I originally had more about rose oil versus rose geranium oil. The brands that I am familiar with use rose oil. I didn’t even want to bother finishing writing my review and wasn’t interested in contacting them. This review would had been the third review I decided not to post.

      I feel it is their job to know their market. They are the ones that chose to market the box as 3 full-size ingredient conscious products. I do hope they improve their service.

  2. Artemis
    September 29, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Let me get this straight: They had a spoiler for a full size item and (a) they did not include that item and (b) the item they did include was not full size? I’m sorry, not only are you not being too hard on them, I think you are being pretty lenient.

    I appreciate honest reviews, whether they are positive, negative or neutral. What is important to me when reading reviews is a reasoned explanation for why you are positive, negative or neutral on the box, and that is exactly what you gave here. You should not feel bad for being rightfully disappointed.

    I thought this was a very informative review. Thank you.

    • September 29, 2015 at 6:43 pm

      Artemis, thank you for sharing your viewpoint. I was wondering if there was any value to posting the review. You are correct about the spoiler. I lucked out in having the full-size on hand for comparison.

      • LC
        September 29, 2015 at 9:31 pm

        I think your review was extremely appropriate and helpful. You did an excellent job presenting your opinions while still leaving it up to the reader to decide if they see enough value in the box to make it worth their while. I personally don’t see enough value in it (at least not at this point in time) because there are several eco boxes out there that do a much better job with curation with a greater value at a lower cost (and in some cases half the cost of this box).

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