Sparking Joy Series: What Subscription Box Item Brings You Joy Right Now?

I wanted to start a series to open discussion. I got this idea from a previous discussion here regarding the KonMari Method of organization which basically is keeping what “Sparks Joy” in your life and discarding what doesn’t. Sounded weird but if Something gives me that special twinkle in my eye it should deserve to be recognized! Luckily since my vices are subscription boxes and Amazon this post has both my favorite sources of “Sparking Joy”!

Heh, in an effort to mix it up and tweak my intro, I caught a typo. How many hits would I get if I left it at “spanking joy”!

The KonMari Method book is the first spoiler of January’s PopSugar box see here.

My Sparking Joy right now is…

Items from subscription boxes used as gifts from visiting fairies! 

Fairy Door Up Close And Personal
Fairy Door Up Close And Personal

Some of you know that I recently bought a Fairy Door for the Sugar Bug Doctor (Pediatric Dentist) to give to Pipsqueak (the eldest of my Pnut people AKA large). The fairy door was to allow visiting fairies (including the tooth fairy) to come and visit my Pnut people to let them know the fairies are watching them, reward for good behavior, fix items (i.e., replace batteries), etc.

So here are some pictures to show the items of the fairy door:image



Here is the Back:


And Installed:

We originally were planned to place this by the floor between the two doors but felt that Squeak (our “medium” AKA middle child) may try to pry it out. Indicators as Squeak saying “open” tipped us off.

As soon as the girls left, the fairies popped out for a brief second and released “Pixie Dust” in the form of subscription box loose glitter eyeshadow!


And here are the Sparking Joys in action!!!


The fairies might have overdid it on the subscription loose eyeshadow. The Alphabet cards came from a now defunct Citrus Lane box. The musical box was purchased by my mom and holds several baubles from subscription boxes (I will have to show the contents when most of the baubles have not been squirreled off somewhere else)! The musical box has a fairy on top of the box and the girls thought the fairies would love to play with the baubles (since fairies are pictured on the box … smart Pnut people I have)! The Frozen figurines were actually found squirrled away and I thought they woukd be cute on top with subscription box loose glitter eyeshadow … AKA “Pixie Dust”!

“Click Here To Read More Sparking Joy!”

What Subscription Box item “Sparks Joy” for you right now? Share what is on your mind including random thoughts.

Disclosure: I bought these boxes with my own clams. Pixie Dust actual brand name identities have been protected and are from a general poplulation of subscription box loose glitter eyeshadow to be anon as per fairies’ request. There are affiliate links in this post.

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  1. February 1, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    I love this! What fun for the little ladies to dream about all that goes on behind that door!

    • February 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      Awww get one for your son, the geckos, and the upcoming wee one! It does not have to be the purple sparkles the Fairy Door linkies in the post shows all the colors offered.

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