Hampton’s Lane Subscription Box Review + Coupon: Crepes – March 2016

Hampton’s Lane is a subscription that helps you realize your culinary fantasies. Obviously not the one where you are canoeing in a chocolate lake while fishing for marshmallow fish… That would be a super weird subscription. No, this one deals with your secret desire to cook up culinary delights in your own kitchen that are so good your loved ones (or even cat if you are a loner) brag about how skilled you are. Cats do talk and brag.

I have always been what most would call challenged in the kitchen. Once as a kid I even accidentally set my kitchen on fire. So I used to just stay out of there. Lately, I have been more and more interested in cooking healthy meals that taste good enough to eat seconds of. I think I have finally grown tired of the 5 or so things I know how to make!


Hamptons Lane


Hampton’s Lane caught my eye, and as our other writers can tell you, it is a fun subscription! Each month there is a reveal of that month’s box. You can choose to skip or not. You can also get past boxes if they are not sold out as well as buy things you like right from their store.


Cost: $47 and you can skip months when you feel like it!


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


This box deals with Crepes! Woot!!!!!! They include a guide to what you have been sent and some recipes, there are a ton more online.


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


De Buyer – Blue Steel Crepe Pan: This pan is perfect for making crepes and it seems pretty easy to season and make ready for many years of crepes. It is a great quality pan that is made in the heart of France. Pretty legit! I can see myself whipping this out for years to come. Gathering the family and kitties around the table where I will serve up crepes and tell all my wonderful stories of boxes of yore…

Zoolander probably uses this pan!



Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Berndes – Wooden Crepe Spreader: I pulled this out having no idea what it was. I kept looking in the bod for the “rest of it.” Turns out this will help me make perfect crepes that will wow all the bears in the forest! It is sized to fit the pan and all I have to do is smooth out the batter with it. It says hand wash, and I think it will be easy to do so. I mean I am not using it for anything other then smoothing out batter right?

I will not let my cat play croquet with this!


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Bear Branch Milling Co. – French Style Crepe Mix: While it says Hampton’s Lane on the package it is actually made by Bears, in a milling company. Alright, fine, not bears, but it COULD be. I mean you can’t prove that there aren’t ANY bears that work there. I like that this batter can be made to suit both savory and sweet crepes because I am going to get wild.

If bears did make this how much would you pay to eat it? A. Lot.


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box 10


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Eat This – Orange Saffron Cardamom Marmalade: I have to actually hide this because I live among bears who feel marmalade is a treat for all occasions and meals. Even snacks ! This is probably the best marmalade I have ever brought into the house. The fact that quality ingredients are used is really easy to see, smell, and of course taste.

I am going to hide this under a list of chores, so that it is safe for when I make crepes!


Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


CC Made – Chocolate Orange Cardamon Crepe: This is made in Berkeley, CA. Yay! I grew up close to Berkeley and went to College at Cal. So it is awesome to have this sent to my little home all the way in San Diego! There is nothing but good things I can say about this and it is taking everything I personally have not to eat this right from the jar.

I wish I could hide this from myself to save for crepes!



Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


The Spice House – Herbes de Provence: This company is a favorite of Pnut. I mean she LOVES this company!!! She actually sent me some wonderful spice in a package that I sprinkle on all sorts of stuff. I have yet to cook with it though. Anywhoosen, these herbs pretty much are French right on down to the French thyme it containes. Perfect for making savory French crepes which is what I am reallllly looking forward too!

Whenever I get crepes I always order sweet so now I have the tools to make a crepe dinner happen!



Hamptons Lane Crepes Box


Verdict: I am so excited to make my very first crepes ever! EVER! I love that they gave subscribers a high quality pan along with ingredients and ideas for both savory and sweet crepes. I would never have thought to learn to make them. I mean, now I can actually attempt to make something that will make me the Queen of Brunch. I can see myself either really doing these sloppy or totally nice. Either way it is going to be a ton of fun and I can’t wait to share with you what I make!


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  1. Sub Bella
    March 27, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    Great review. I am so annoyed with myself for forgetting to order the box!!!

    • March 27, 2016 at 5:48 pm

      Awww… I never cooked crepes before but it wasn’t super hard at all. I am still trying to perfect toppings though… I am… heavy handed.

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