Saturday Trash Talk

Word! I worked hard for you guys this week. Next week should be good to because I have a few things i couldn’t use up that will be in next week’s post. This post will be chock full of my opinions. Don’t you want to share yours too? email me your pics and opinions: mailboxjunkie808@ gmail dot com


From Left to Right:

Wailua Wheat by Kona Brewing Company (Safeway Box)

Hooray Beer! This delicious beer is flavored with passion fruit! Nom Nom Nom….Don’t worry I have three sips and give the rest to hubby! But I will admit I couldn’t wait to have this beer!

Apoterra Volcanic Pumice Soap (Aster Market box)

I have tried like 20 varieties of fancy soap. I have to say that this one is my favorite! It has a nice grit to it and the scent has lingered and is very refreshing.

Nourish Organic Body Wash (Whole Foods Box)

I bought this hoping it would bubble. It did not. It smells good but I would not repurchase. Interestingly enough, it has marshmallow root in it!!

Kaia Bamboo tapioca beads (Subsista box)

So this is composed of coconut, chickpeas, clay and tapioca. It is a powder and you wet hands and apply. It is marketed as an every day cleanser for sensitive skin but I found it to be a little abrasive. I used to love scrubbing my face with strong exfoliaters but I am not sure if it is because I have been using more enzymatic facial masks but my skin has gotten more sensitive to physical exfoliators. So for me this stuff on its own as a daily cleanser was to much. However mixed with other cleansers it added a perfect amount of grit.

Coolway Salt Spray (Ipsy)

This stuff is the legit salt spray. If you want to truly look like you left the beach then this is the spray. The only problem with the real “I just left the beach look” is that salt is extremely drying to your hair! So this stuff makes great waves and holds them but it makes your hair feel like you were surfing for hours and now your hair is dried out, bleached and breaking. But if you want beach waves then this is your product!

Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner (good being)

I reviewed this last week but I wanted to give it another try. Read my original review here. Meh, my opinion holds. I wouldn’t purchase this shampoo because I feel like it is a little lackluster. However, the conditioner is awesome!!

14e Cosmetics Aloe Nourishing Foundation (Instagram)

I spend a lot of time on Instagram….hehehe and if you can believe it a year ago I couldn’t figure out how to use it. Anyway, in my ever present search for a great foundation I had to try this new “green beauty”  one. The first ingredient is Aloe! I have not quite figured out the color as the samples were a lot darker than I anticipated (they only make 6 shades) but so far it is the most moisturizing foundation I have come across (Stay tuned for more)


Lalun winter Rose Toner (Boxwalla Beauty)

Oh man I loved every single drop of this stuff. It contains rose water and honey. It is a fantastic combo! It tones, clarifies and moisturizes. I was really impressed and will be repurchasing!

That’s all folks!

I was all alone this week. Come on, send me your empties!!!!!


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