Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box Review + Coupon: Animals – June 2016

Disclaimer: I paid for this subscription with my own clams. There are affiliate links to this post.

Subscription: Little Passports


Monthly: $17.95 + $3 shipping

6 Months: $95.70 (works out to $16.95 per month)  + $18 shipping

Yearly: $179 (works out to $14.95 per month) + $36 shipping

Code De Jour:

Save $15 on a Year Subscription using the code: LEARN15


Little Passports 101:

There are three subscriptions to choose from!

Here are the maps from each Welcome Kit from Left to Right:

(1) World Edition (Ages 6 to 10)

(2) USA Edition (Ages 7 to 12)

(3) Early Explorers Edition (Ages 3 to 5)

The first subscription package you receive is a welcome kit where the child can put his/her goodies in.

And I subscribed to all three Little Passport Editions using with my own money and I have a backlog of packets to review so you get to decide for yourself if you want to join the fun with your child, niece, nephew, students, or a friend’s wee one.

Here is my stash of Little Passports just awaiting to be reviewed!!!

I digress…

This is a review of the Little Passport Early Explorers “ANIMALS” package!



Here are my three assistants.

My Pnut people from left to right:

Pipsqueak (look to the right) and her sidekicks Squeakette (look way over to the right and scrunch up that baby face to show your new bottom teeth!) and Squeak (look to the left).

Gratutitous human babies photo

Why is it so easy to have wee people look in DIFFERENT directions when saying “cheese”!?! 



Got the briefcase…

Oh my they do grow up fast. Pipsqueak used to be a cueball like Squeakette is now. Sniff.


Oh, see how popular that fish game is! Squeak already has it on hand. I believe Squeakette has a piece in this picture.

Gratuitous Side Pudge Profile

Squeakette is getting near crawling stage so I am enjoying her baby pudge while I still can!

Check out that cheek side profile! So nomable.



Ah I am digressing over the cuteness of my Pnut people as Pipsqueak has already dug into her package to reveal the main souvenir of the Animals theme.



Well this looks promising!



Ok these do look cute and it is adorable on sticker placement features on the main body of the animal, however, these are delicate. For example, see the poor giraffe who was decapitated and rescued with the magic of scotch tape. I think I will bring these on my our next trip so they can play with it and it will get tossed. Such a shame this is the first Little Passports theme that is a disposable souvenir.

Cute but delicate like a newborn. Newborns are not disposable though. Just their disposable diapers. 


The favorite piece of the Little Passports Early Explorers. By this time, Pipsqueak already knows the drill and likes knowing what to expect from her packages.

Now if I can keep her from moving so fast and making some pictures fuzzy…


It takes her longer than me to insert the flashlight into the booklet, but I like to watch her “do it herself”.

But then she asks me to do it lol.



Digression, my family friends once lived in a neighborhood where one of their neighbors had a peacock as a pet. They nicknamed him “cocky”.



Heh… if you see the puppy dog Toby over on the left, he is spoiling the next month’s theme which was food. Food was the first theme I snapped up to review from my stash pile.

Noms are a priority. 


Up next is the 20 page Little Passports Early Explorers Passport to World Animals!


Lots of awwwwwws….


We just adore anything cute, small, and furry!


The animals obviously need direction to their homes. I mean look at them!!!

Don’t tell Pipsqueak but I think the animals above looked stoned but that is just me. 



The animals that stretch are the guilty ones!



Here is the souvenir sticker being pulled out quite quickly above.

And here is the souvenir sticker having its picture taken quite slowly below.


I sometimes call my girls Lioness cub princesses that pounce!



Here is the briefcase sticker making it official!!!




It’s official: Little Passports Early Explorers Animals Edition is officially reviewed!

Little Passports Early Explorers Animals

Verdict: This is the first Little Passports where I was not pleased with the quality of the main souvenir theme. I can see these finger puppets going to the garbage pretty soon which is a shame. I would have rather had some heavy quality paper stock finger puppets or a puzzle in that cute packaging instead.  The girls have clamored for Little Passports practically everyday so we always set aside some time to open up the Little Passports suitcase to play and learn.

We LOVE Little Passports! I wanted something special that I could have on hand for my Pnut people so I stocked up on the monthly packages. I feel that the price justifies the quality, educating factor, and enjoyment for all.

And luckily both she and you get to see more than one monthly package a month!

If you wish to order a Little Passports for a wee one, click here!

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Do you have a Little Passports subscription? Which review are you looking forward to? Please share with us your thoughts and/or random commentary!


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  1. Dayle
    June 28, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Oh my gosh the squeaks are so cute! I didn’t even really read your review (sorry I will go back and read!). Just wanted to see more pics of your beautiful girls! More gratuitous baby pics in every review please!

    • June 28, 2016 at 7:50 pm

      Thanks Dayle! Will do 😀

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