Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box Review + Coupon: Landmarks – June 2016

Disclaimer: I paid for this subscription with my own clams. There are affiliate links to this post.

Subscription: Little Passports


Monthly: $17.95 + $3 shipping

6 Months: $95.70 (works out to $16.95 per month)  + $18 shipping

Yearly: $179 (works out to $14.95 per month) + $36 shipping

Code De Jour:

Save $15 on a Year Subscription using the code: LEARN15


Little Passports 101:

There are three subscriptions to choose from!

Here are the maps from each Welcome Kit from Left to Right:

(1) World Edition (Ages 6 to 10)

(2) USA Edition (Ages 7 to 12)

(3) Early Explorers Edition (Ages 3 to 5)

The first subscription package you receive is a welcome kit where the child can put his/her goodies in.

And I subscribed to all three Little Passport Editions using with my own money and I have a backlog of packets to review so you get to decide for yourself if you want to join the fun with your child, niece, nephew, students, or a friend’s wee one.

Here is my stash of Little Passports just awaiting to be reviewed!!!

I digress…

This is a review of the Little Passport Early Explorers “LANDMARKS” package!



Out comes the Little Passports “briefcase”…


Ohhhh… Squeak went straight towards the fishing game from a previous review (see here).


Pipsqueak began to give a demonstration to Squeak on how the fishing game is played which of course makes Squeak more captivated to play.

Maybe Pipsqueak will major in Marketing.


I wonder whether Pipsqueak is capable to know she has effectively distracted her sidekick.


Now that my sidekick is distracted, let me open up my treat now…


In the clear baggie shown we have landmarks for our Landmarks exploration! Pipsqueak assisted me on placement on the briefcase for a picture and then dives into her favorite part of the package, Little Passport Early Explorer’s Flashlight Adventures book!



Beginning her search with her flashlight…


What landmarks will one discover?


Just as a sidenote, when one finds the fur baby (AKA Toby), he gives the spoiler of the upcoming month’s package. Because I have amassed too many Little Passport packages, I just work with the ones that take up more real estate in the two storage cubbies.

Because we need more room for more packages 😉


Ok let’s see what’s next. A souvenir sticker for this package is…


The Great Wall of China!




Ahhhh here we are! It’s the 20 page Little Passports Early Explorers Passport to World Landmarks.



Exploring the world landmarks with Max, Mia and puppydog Toby!


That puppydog gets me every time with its cuteness!


I forgot what Pipsqueak was saying but its definitely important when she gestures like that!

Pipsqueak has something very important to say!



A maze, Road to the Statute of Liberty, as one of the games in the booklet.


Hmmm… I did notice that no traffic was involved. 



Pipsqueak has a story to tell. A story about the pyrammids.


“Once upon a time there were pyramids.

And Max and Mia and their doggie Toby found a pyramid.

Then they found another pyramid. That pyramid had a door. They went in the door. The end.”


I am not sure whether that was a cliffhanger or “the end”.


Onward now…


And finally, the sticker that goes on the briefcase to make the review official!


Slap that sticker on the briefcase!


It’s official: Little Passports Early Explorers Landmark Edition is officially reviewed!


Verdict: The landmarks souvenirs were very cute and well-made. I think they will be useful for a future project too! The girls have clamored for Little Passports practically everyday so we always set aside some time to open up the Little Passports suitcase to play and learn.


We LOVE Little Passports! I wanted something special that I could have on hand for my Pnut people so I stocked up on the monthly packages. I feel that the price justifies the quality, educating factor, and enjoyment for all.

And luckily both she and you get to see more than one monthly package a month!

If you wish to order a Little Passports for a wee one, click here!

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Do you have a Little Passports subscription? Which review are you looking forward to? Please share with us your thoughts and/or random commentary!





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  1. June 26, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    I like this sub =D I especially like the pictures of the girls playing with the toys and reading! Also, I have NO interest in ever going back to NY. We drove from the middle of the US out to NY the summer before I went into 5th grade, and all I remember was traffic, heat, honking, traffic, and trash everywhere. I was not a fan. But the lack of traffic comment you made was great. Heh. Oh! We even saw the stereotypical kids playing in the street in a busted open fire hydrant.

    • June 27, 2016 at 12:35 pm

      Thanks Onderria!

      I miss NYC it used to be my backyard. Although Chicago is an ok substitute: a bit cleaner, less conjested, not as humid….

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