Saturday Trash Talk

We have some trashy ladies in the house today. Our community here at Subscriptionista is pretty epic and we like to keep each other updated on what is what. So we do the samplin. . . and the reviewin. . .  all so we can share our opinions on subscription box treasures and beyond!! Get in on the fun and email me your trash at: mailboxjunkie808@gmail dot com

Racoon In Trash Can

Ake’s Trash Can

07-14 Ake empties 1

CosRx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence: This used to be called “White Power Essence” (things that don’t translate well cross-culturally…) and so was nicknamed the “Racism Essence.” Once CosRx understood the issue, they tweaked the name. Phew. At any rate, I wasn’t particularly interested in this, but all my other face products absorbed so well after using this little sample. Now I think I’m going to have to give the full-size bottle a go.

Ren Instant Firming Beauty Shot: This did nothing for me. Apparently, it’s most effective under makeup, which I don’t wear. Oh well. I used it up on my neck, which never gets quite as much product love as my face.
Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution: I took this to use as a face cleanser on a camping trip and it was far too harsh for my poor cheeks. I ended up using most of it to wipe my T-zone after actives. It worked quite well
that way.
Neutrogena Ultra Cheer Dry-Tough Sunscreen: My last full-sized bottle of this stuff! I still have some little travel/sample bottles to use up, but I’ve found so many better sunscreens that I’m happy to be moving on.
07-14 Ake empties 2
Etude House I Need You Mask- Pomegranate: The first time I used this one I got a blotchy red nose. This time, my nose was fine, but I got little bumps all over my forehead. Totally different reactions make me think they’re not the mask’s fault, but I’m still giving this one side eye.
SNP Black Pearl Renew Black Ampoule Mask: Still love this one! It stays wet for so long, feels nice, and makes my skin look great. This time, I didn’t cut out little pieces for the creases around my nose and there was a marked difference between those areas and the rest of my nose. So the results are not just in my head.
Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask: Subscriptionista sent me lovely packet of new-to-me face masks. Eeeeh! So exciting! I love new sheet masks. This is the first one I tried out because I was so curious about it after reading Pnut’s June Boxycharm review. It was just as great as you would expect from something activated by broccoli. Or maybe great despite what you might expect, depending on your opinions of broccoli. At any rate, it was very generously sized so I could cut the extra bits to fit around my nose and eyes, which I generally don’t get to do with hydrogels. I didn’t notice any brightening effects, but it was definitely moisturizing and cool on a hot summer day.
100% Pure Caffeine Mask: Another mask that I still love. I used two of these on consecutive days and they definitely helped bring down those forehead bumps.
 red-mountain-park-and-ride-at-power-road-trash-can-bench-3-1024x764Pnut’s Trash Can


Crabtree and Evelyn
Crabtree and Evelyn has the best hand cream ever! This is my favorite scent of the bunch. I received this in a Glossybox. I was sad when I ran out.

Davines Conditioner
I received this foil in May’s Birchbox (read the review HERE). This lasted me two uses and my hair liked this very much.
Wei Bee Venom Pod 
This was in a trio with an application brush that I received in a LE Birchbox “Why not … Stay in” (read review It stung a bit after I put a small layer then I thought why not and then used the whole pod. So I did not feel the stinging again until I showered it off and by then it was a few minutes. The mask felt really nice and smooth to wash away. And it was a white mask so no worries about staining a washcloth or towel. A very nice treat I already tried the sugar mask which was a different experience  (scrubby and tasted a little ok when it passed my lips. I have tried the mud mask before. I may give the last pod away because I am over giving my towels a mask treatment. I will keep the mask brush applicator though because I was always too chicken to use my foundation brushes that I hardly touch now. I digress.


HP Hello Shampoo and Conditioner (Kloverbox) – I was traveling. It was used. The shampoo was sulfate-free. I had to use another shampoo to get the squeaky feeling I so desired. The conditioner was ok.
Santitas Lemon Cream Scrub (BeautyFix) – I really loved this lemony face scrub and used it in the shower but I was never able to successfully use it by pulling up to open and sqeezing. I just screwed open the container and squeezed some out. I was at the last bits at my last segment of my trip so I just watered it down and used it as a body scrub too.
80 Acres Lavender Hand & Body Wash (Yuzen) – Love lavender this was a nice discovery as a body wash in a subscription box.
 bryant_park3Dayle’s Trash Can:

Dayle Trash

It was a good week for my trash can!  I was inspired to toss stuff I just don’t use.

*Strange Invisible body wash -lemon neroli, I just didn’t like the scent.

*Lancôme eye-shadow. Many of these are less than 1/2 used but I just don’t wear them. Also Lancôme Body Bronzer which I am just over. Buh-bye!

*Tatcha Indigo Triple Soothing recovery cream– free sample from Sephora. Loved it, and would buy it again, but realistically I have enough moisturizer for all of T-Swift’s squad for the next year.

*Deep Steep Sugar Candy Apple Sugar Scrub. I get all my Deep Steep at TJ Maxx. I love this natural brand made in South Cackalacky, where we vacay every year.  Do your body a favor and try it!  They have so many wonderful scents!  I love their body butters and hand creams as well!

*Meow meow Tweet oil makeup remover– box  First, the name!  😻😻🐥 I love this stuff it is an amazing lower priced oil remover.  I prefer my in Fiore, but for the price this is “purr-fect!”

*Kumari River Body oil

*Illume enlighten luminizer 100% natural. I liked this, but then I got Modern Minerals in my last Beauty Heroes box.  C ya!

*Fresh Soy Face Cleanser -Sephora Play. It was okay

*Cerave Healing Ointment-Target this little plastic tin was even more insulting than a foil pack in my opinion.

*Smash box Oil primer – ok I got this in Sephora Play and felt like I needed to try it. I do not think I would purchase

*Lorac Tantalizing body bronzing – I felt like J Lo with this stuff!  Seriously she has to be using something similar.  If you ever want to glow, but in a good, non-radioactive way, I highly recommend this stuff.  It is NOT like bronzer in that it did not seem to have an orange or tan cast to it.

*Osmia Nectar Vital Rose Drops, I have received a few of these in various boxes and I love it!

*Finally, Other odds and ends foil packs and eye shadows that needed to be tossed

That’s all folks!!! Join us next week!!

  6 comments for “Saturday Trash Talk

  1. Heat7918
    July 16, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Is it weird that I’m excited to wake up Saturday mornings to read this post before I get out of bed?? I don’t always comment but always love it!

    Ake – another awesome week. White power? I’m crying from laughing so hard!! I may look into that because I really like the Cosrx snail mucin essence. And I was going to take that Marcelle with me on vacation soon but should probably test it here first if it’s drying… Thx!

    Pnut – so, the bee venom mask “stung”?!? Ha! Did you do that on purpose? lol

    Dayle – lots of trash! Way to go!! What did you think of the Kumari River body oil? I just got a full size in Pearlesque (Kumari changing name to Jaya) and I’m pleasantly surprised with the scent – nice & light. I have a big tube of that Lorac Tantalizer stuff but can’t remember why I don’t use it. Did I dislike the smell? Did I have trouble getting it even? Did it rub off on my clothes? Or did I just forget about it? I’ll have to see if that stuff is still good after 2 years and then either try it again or toss it.

  2. LC
    July 16, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Nice job ladies!

    Pnut – I’m going to have to give the 80 Acres Lavender a try!

    Dayle – I second Heat’s inquiry about the Kumari River. I got some from Petit Vour that I have yet to try. I’ll have to look into getting the Deep Steep scrub. Did you use the Modern Minerals highlight power? I’ve tried it a few times, but I can’t even see a difference if when I use it. Could be because it’s so hard to get more than 6 specks of power out at a time.

    • LC
      July 16, 2016 at 12:59 pm


      Why is it that I can read my comments 10 times, but I never see the typos and auto corrected mistakes until after I post??

      • Dayle
        July 16, 2016 at 3:17 pm

        I wish we could get power in a sub box! I did like the Kumari, it was a light scent and nice. I think the Modern Minerals powder is the eye shadow if it is from Beauty Heroes, the highlighter we got was exclusive release to Beauty Heroes and it is a solid. Definitely look for th Deep Steep, I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love it, except my sister but that is because any time she uses sugar scrubs she gets ants in her tub! Ewwwww, salt scrubs only for her.

      • July 16, 2016 at 8:52 pm

        Yep, I know exactly what you mean!

  3. July 16, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Ake: Where was the camping trip too?
    Pnut: Bee venom. . . .I would have been to scared to try it
    Dayle: Pnut sent me some Osmia nectar drops and I loooove it and I will be looking for Deep Steep!

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