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Trash talky talk. . .

Every Saturday, we spill our cans to share our glorious opinions and trash. You too can be a part of this by emailing me your empties and opinions. We welcome one, two or thirty pieces of trash and of course what we want to know most is. . . your opinion of it!

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First up:

What do you think this lady is pondering? Or what is she listening to on her phone (which can’t be that interesting because she looks bored). Do you think she is wondering hy she chose to sit so close to the trash can?!?!


Heat’s can!


I’m getting ready to go on vacation so this will be the quick-ish version. We’re going to drive from Cincinnati, OH to Anna Maria Island, FL (near Sarasota) – it’s about a 14 hour drive and I’m so excited!
Most of these sunscreens are empty or almost empty and the rest will be used up and thrown out in FL so here you go:
The top 3 samples (2 Peter Thomas Roth + 1 Clarins) all came from the 2015 Sephora Sun Safety Kit. I really liked all of them and they are empty!
Neutrogena sunscreens – these were my favorites BSB (before sub boxes) and I still like them except I recently read an article about Neutrogena sunscreens not being as effective as they claim.  🙁  I don’t normally like sprays because it’s too easy to miss spots but if no one is around, I can at least attempt to put sunscreen on places I can’t reach very well like my back.
Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effects – these were also favorites BSB – and I still like them! The shimmer effect is nice and seems to add a little color and hide / distract from flaws. The SPF 8 is really just for my legs which are always the whitest part of me (besides the private bits) – I just don’t want to blind people when I wear dresses…
Onto the next photo – again lots of empties or almost empties that will be tossed on vacation:
nugg anti-aging mask from Target box – I got 4 uses out of this and probably could have gone 5! I think my face is small. I definitely liked this.
Vichy Micellar Water – very good! May compete with Bioderma and much better than Garnier.
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in Iconic – BSB. In a previous empties post, I mentioned my small army of lipsticks/glosses and I tossed exactly one. I am tossing another one – big dent in my stash… ha!  My goal is to try at least one of the lippies each week (in addition to my daily faves) and decide if I will wear it again or remind myself why I don’t and throw. it. away. I put this one and said “ooh, is this is nice color on me… why don’t I wear it?” Then about an hour or so later I answered my own question – it made my lips look SO dry! You could see every nook & cranny and that’s only good for english muffins. It’s weird because it didn’t feel super dry but it just didn’t look good. (It’s also OLD so I apologize if it’s my fault and not the lipstick.) Adios!
Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil – I liked it but not as much as DHC Cleansing oil. I think the DHC cleans a little better and I also like the smell a little better (is that maybe because DHC is the first I tried and fell in love?) – although I think a lot of people would enjoy Julep’s citrus scent over DHC’s more olive oily smell.
Olay Regenerist Cream – BSB – I decided to just finish this up on my neck & décolletage even though I could tell by the consistency it was probably expired (sorry if that grosses anyone out). It has a strong, florally Olay scent (not unpleasant to me really) and worked fine – thick and creamy but soaked in fairly well.
Caudalie Micellar Water – I ordered from Birchbox with points – this is really good too! Up there with Bioderma and Vichy, maybe better? But pricey.
Cetaphil Lotion – BSB – a really good, standard, scentless lotion. Lately I’ve been mixing stuff with it and putting it on my legs – bronzer serums, loose bronzer or shimmer powders, old (drugstore brand) BB creams and foundations that I never use because the color is wrong for me and I was too lazy to return them. (Thank you to this blog for giving me the idea to use my products in non-traditional ways!!)
Dr. Jart Liftra Contour Cream (Birchbox?) – I’m still not exactly sure what a contour cream is… it had an interesting / different consistency than anything I’ve ever tried and no scent really.
Juice Beauty Serum (GWP from Dermstore) – I like Juice Beauty and love trying different serum samples! I got 2 uses out of this foil and would be happy to try more. (I wonder what Juice Beauty stuff I’m going to get from Pearlesque next month?!?!)
Acure Day Cream (Target?) –  A favorite for many (Onderria too, I believe), this cream was good for me. It has a citrusy scent that was nice but not my favorite personally. Moisturizing and soaked in well – not sure why I didn’t LOVE it?
Sunday Riley Good Genes serum (Play! by Sephora) – I was SO excited to get this sample – great brand and did I mention I love trying serums?!?  Yeah, I didn’t really like this. I can’t say if it was effective or not (as I can’t tell with most skin products so that’s not unusual), but the smell bothered me… I’m so picky about that. It also didn’t seem serumy – maybe because it was white? So it looked more like a watery lotion except it wasn’t really like a lotion. Helpful, huh? I’m okay with not liking this since it’s so expensive – bullet dodged.
Glytone Antioxidant Anti-aging night cream (Beautyfix) – this is a very nice little sample! I really like it but probably not enough to buy full size (1 oz. for $90!) even if I get through my sub box stash one day. Unscented.
Racoon In Trash Can
Ake’s Can:
07-20 Ake empties

Not much skincare of any sort going on this week, and a sad, sad lack of sheet masks.

Etude House I Need You – Bamboo: This mask was a crumpled mess in the packet and all stretched out of shape. Bah! It still worked fine though.
My Beauty Diary – Hyaluronic Acid Moisture: A great choice for parched skin.
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Baby: Oh, this was dreadful. I thought it might work well on my eczema, but it had the consistency of Vaseline and never absorbed, even overnight. It didn’t do anything for my skin either.
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: This is a light, pleasant gel-cream. Alone, it’s not enough for my dry, dry cheeks, but it worked well when layered with another sleeping pack.
The Body Shop – Hemp Hand Protector: I not crazy about the smell of this, but it is an A+ hand cream. A little dab every night is fabulous for my hands.
Bellapierre Precious Exfoliating Body Scrub: This $80 salt scrub made with 24K gold definitely falls into the category of things I would never have tried if it weren’t for subscription boxes. I can’t give it a fair review, as both my original jar and my replacement leaked like crazy. I was a little shocked that I went through it so fast, but I guess that’s what happens when there’s no oil in your scrub. I’ll just play at being so rich that I wash gold down my drain without a care in the world!
 At some point, I will dump my can but this has been working out so well that other people are sharing because I have so many full sized products to go through but have no fear I am hard at work samplin!

  8 comments for “Saturday Trash Talk

  1. July 23, 2016 at 11:07 am

    @heat-so good to know about the Sunday Riley. I see that brand a lot on Instagram and have wondered about it. I hate watery/lotiony serums!
    @ake- Where did the Bella pierre come from? I just can’t even stop laughing over it.

    • Ake
      July 23, 2016 at 6:49 pm

      It was from Little Lace Box. The gold wasn’t visible, but my powers of pretending are strong.

  2. July 23, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Lol these empties were great!!!

    So I think the lady is thinking about the person taking a pic… She’s wondering if they are trying to get an up skirt which she doesn’t feel right about at least for free…

    Or her mom is on the phone and asking her when she is going to settle down…

    • July 24, 2016 at 2:23 am

      “That Lean Cuisine really filled me up… where is Starbucks?”

      “What a cute trashcan.”

      Ughhh… yours were better Subista!

  3. Eliza
    July 23, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    @heat: I totally have bsb products!! I discovered sub boxes about a year and a half ago and now I think…I used to use that??? I was so clueless about all things beauty. HOWEVER, I had a lot more $$ in my pocket

  4. Ake
    July 23, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    Heat, I feel like we’re using all the same products! I’m using the Julep oil now, but have a mini of DHC to try next.

  5. Dayle
    July 24, 2016 at 4:38 am

    “Yes honey I know I promised not to buy any more subscription boxes, but this wasn’t REALLY a subscription, it is just the monthly that I can stop any time. I could stop right now if I really wanted to so it isn’t really a subscription.”

    “I wasn’t going to get it, but it came with a free FULL SIZE hydrating, smoothing, pore-refining, exfoliating, brightening, toning and happiness guaranteed serum. I would have been dumb not to buy it.”

    Awesome trash ladies! I should have quite a bit in the next few weeks as we prepare our house to put on the market. The hoarder in me is scared because we have been here for 16 years, but I am ready for a fresh start!

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