When One Thing Leads to Another: Planner Stickers

Purchase Site: Michael’s [in person]

Reason: To pimp my planner!


Last month I got the Trillia Planning box, and didn’t really find much excitement in it. I have an At-a-glance calendar, and not a cute little planner that Etsy sellers make amazing sticker packs for. So, after deciding planner packs weren’t for me, but that I really liked one page in particular of my package I decided to seek out the company it came from.

at-a-glance planner

Me & My Big Ideas sells planner and scrapbook stuff. I located the sticker pack the page came from and it was 30 pages with 1,000 stickers for $19.99! Less than the box I bought, with a crapton of stickers. Unfortunately shipping was $7 :/ Amazon was the same with $5 shipping, which makes no sense because this item could ship in a flat envelope for <$2.

create 365 sticker pack

Next plan? See if Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s had it. I was in luck! I found it at Michael’s for $19.99 and with my 50% off coupon I paid $10. It wasn’t the color coordinated set, but instead a holiday set with 1,557 stickers.

Sadly, there are no Leif Erikson Day or Rosh Hashanah stickers. Also, summer isn’t a holiday. So, clearly not a legit holiday pack.


Friday I sat in on a class to listen to their research project topics, so I brought my planner and sticker pack and pimped my planner!

Names blurred to hide my secret identity as CAT WOMAN!!!

me & my big ideas sticker pack me & my big ideas sticker pack me & my big ideas sticker pack me & my big ideas sticker pack

Tiny ant sticker! I wanted to show here that some sheets are clear stickers vs the paper stickers below.

me & my big ideas sticker pack

I try to put some to-do list checkmarks on each week [I just use the weekend section for that].

me & my big ideas sticker pack

Here is my week completely decorated! I had a lot of fun doing this, but there are sooo many stickers to use so I’ll definitely have more for next year =)


Now I’m going to end with a picture of my really cool sunflower that is blooming now!



Verdict: While I did really love the Etsy pages, I just don’t have the scrapbooking dedication to do that monthly. This was a one time purchase and I’ll be good for at least two years with this pack! Thanks to Susie as well who mentioned she did the same =) The only downside to this pack is that it is staaanky! I think it’s the adhesive, but bleh.

What do you think? Are you an Erin Condren (EC), Happy Planner, bargain-bin-planner, smart phone calendar, or a not-at-all planner?


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Disclosure: I purchased this item with my own money and a Michael’s coupon.

  3 comments for “When One Thing Leads to Another: Planner Stickers

  1. October 5, 2016 at 8:21 am

    My PSMH planner is in my cupboard.

    Tons of JuJuBe moms are EC planners.

    In reality, I am a Google Calendar planner 🙂

  2. October 5, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    I love my Happy Planner. I’m kind of a paper geek. I have tons of stickers and I hide them from my grandkids They can play with my makeup, but not my stickers! I use my HP as a planner/journal/scrapbook. I even bought the bigger rings and hole punch for it so I could add lots of stuff. Anytime we go anywhere, I save menus, car show brochures, etc and put them in my planner. I use the monthly pages to like, actually write down my plans, but the daily pages are what I decorate, write book reviews, use as a diary and things like that. I was talking to our son about our wills the other day and he said ,”Mom, I don’t want the house, the boat or the Vettes. But I do want all of your planners if it’s ok.” Of course I said yes, but I’ve been doing this since they were little….all through the terrible teen years….he might not like everything he reads!

  3. LC
    October 9, 2016 at 5:33 am

    I have a monthly/weekly At-A-Glance planner. I get them every year. It’s covered in post-it notes and full of notes and scribbles. It looks like I’m a rediculously busy person, but in reality I just can’t remember anything! The boyfriend teases me for still using paper, but I prefer it to using my phone.

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