PopSugar Must Have Review – October 2016

Subscription Box: PopSugar Must Have **Late Post**

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Cost: PopSugar Must Have has different plans that you can choose, the monthly plan is $39.95, 3-months is $109.85 and the 6-month plan is $214.70 (PopSugar also has a mini box subscription for $15.95 which contains two full size items).

Why PopSugar Must Have? PopSugar Must Have includes full sized items in their boxes. Everyone receives the same items (with some variations in color etc, depending on the item) and their boxes are always valued at $100 or more. Sometimes they may also send coupons and bonus samples in their boxes.

Are you ready? Let’s see what the October PopSugar Box was all about…


PopSugar Must Have items always arrive in a white and pink box which contains all the awesome goodies.


PopSugar Must Have also includes a product info card detailing all of the items received in the box and the theme for the month.


All of the goodies for the month of October (I took the plastic wrapping out first before taking the picture). This box is looking good..

Let’s take a look at each of the items in the box:


Lisa Sugar (Founder of PopSugar)– Power Your Happy Book, Retail $25 on sale: $17.97

I was really excited to see this book added to the box, I think it is going to be a great read and provide lots of inspiration. I am very interested to see if Lisa will share her story about how she founded Popsugar and maybe some of the obstacles Lisa had to overcome. If you have read the book, comment below and let me know if you give it a thumbs up.


Henry Bendell – Packable Umbrella, Retail $58 (Currently 30% off orders)

I had been wanting to buy a cute umbrella for a while but never made the time to. Then, every time it rained, I thought to myself why haven’t I bought an umbrella! LOL. Well, I am so so glad Popsugar included this for the month of October because the weather has been changing constantly. However, I am not sure if I was a typical customer trying to shop for an umbrella that I would spend $58 on it. So this makes it even better, I did not have to pay $58 to get it and it is small enough to fit in my purse.


My Cup of Cocoa – Dark Drinking Chocolate, Retail: $5.99 (on website) $4.99 on product info card

Yey!! Hot Cocoa, who does not love hot cocoa? Specially with the weather here in Texas finally cooling down. It makes it perfect for nights. I have not tried it yet but I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.


Lalicious – Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil & Bubble Bath, Retail $28

This Shower Oil & Bubble bath smells great. I am glad that you have the option of using it as either an oil or a bubble bath. For me I will probably use it more as a bubble bath so that I can relax and enjoy the brown sugar vanilla smell (ahhhhhh).


Revlon – Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black, Retail $8.99

According to the info card provided in the box, this eye liner can last up to 16 hours (it will be interesting to see if it actually does). I am glad that they included a black eyeliner. I have been pretty unlucky lately and received colored liners that I will never use. I am a black eyeliner type of girl. I like that this is a liquid liner which means it will go on really smooth.


Morning Culture – Rise & Shine Mug, Retail $16

Yassss!!! Finally a cute mug I can sit with and post a picture of. I have seen so many cute mugs at places and could never bring myself to purchasing one. Then, October comes and Popsugar sends one in the box…wohooo could not be more happy, I like that they included a book, hot cocoa and a mug. How more thoughtful than that can it get?


Makeup Eraser Mini – Make Up Remover, Retail $12

I usually use make up remover wipes to clean my face at night. I like that all you have to do to the makeup eraser is add water and it removes your makeup very well. I enjoy the softness of it and that fact that I don’t feel like my face is getting dried up. Thumbs up for me on this one.


Miscellaneous Items

Popsugar Must Have includes a variety of coupons & small samples in some of their boxes. For the month of October Popsugar included 20% off Henri Bendel, $2 off any revlon eye cosmetics, and 20% off morning culture plus free shipping.


Verdict: This was a really great box, Popsugar included two bonus items this month from their normal five item boxes. I really enjoyed and will use everything in this box. I actually plan to start reading “Power Your Happy” during Thanksgiving break. Sadly the October box was my last PopSugar box. After seeing the November box I completely regret leaving and it was not because of me being dissappointed, it was simply because these boxes are more costly because of the higher value. Should I renew for December???? We will see, I need to make extra $$ before that happens he he he.


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  8 comments for “PopSugar Must Have Review – October 2016

  1. November 15, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Hey did you microwave the mug? If so, was the handle hot?
    If PSMH does another 6 month code (either this month or next fingers crossed soona), I am pretty sure there will be some November boxes that are overstocked. Remember PSMH gave a higher code to offload November boxes and they hardly ever offer those anymore.
    The natural hot cocoa wasn’t as great. I think its vegan or gluton or something-free if you want to gift to someone that would appreciate it more.

    • Boxkraze
      November 17, 2016 at 12:54 pm

      I havent microwaved the mug I have one of those espresso type coffee maKers (delonghi i think is the brand idk lol). Havent tried the hot cocoa I was hoping thaf it was good 🙁 … i am hoping they do a code too because last time I got the box i used a code.

  2. Elizabeth
    November 16, 2016 at 6:06 am

    Great review! I really want to subscribe to Popsugar, but am waiting to see if they do a Black Friday deal or something.

    • Boxkraze
      November 17, 2016 at 12:55 pm

      Im keeping my fingers crossed. If they do a deal i might sign up again!

  3. November 16, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    i am so bitter that the november box is so good!! come on black friday

  4. Boxkraze
    November 17, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Lol me toooooo!!! I was like seriously? Now they send kendra scott lol

  5. November 19, 2016 at 7:17 am

    Awesome review! lol I already used the umbrella in Portland!

    • BoxKraze
      November 20, 2016 at 7:27 am

      The umbrella is pretty cute, I am glad I got an expensive umbrella without having to pay $58 for it lolololo

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