EggDrop Subscription Box Review + Coupon – December 2016

Subscription: EGGDROP

Cost: Original 

$16.99/month (originally $19.99 before coupon)

$199.99/year = 12 boxes for the price of 10!

Code Exclusive Only for Subscriptionista Readers:

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What You’re Getting:

A mixture of 6 eggs and blind stuff that should make wee ones go bonkers over. Brands included are Shopkins, Disney Frozen toys, My Little Pony, Pixar toys, Despicable Me, Minions, Angry Birds, Transformers, whatever is popular in YouTubeKids and the Elusive Kinder Egg.

Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

EggDrop in this house is called “mega-treat” and when they see it they clamor for it. Lately, I just have been trying to sneak preliminary pictures without a Squeaker grabbing a item until its time for the official unboxing!

Because Squeakers need their mega-treat no matter what!

First Peek:

Re-Introducing the Squeakers (Pipsqueak with her sidekicks Squeakette and Squeak):


(It was a Paw Patrol Christmas in this home)

If you observe our christmas tree (which is still up), you will see that this family does not decorate from 1/3 the tree down. It is easier that way to prevent the weeist of the Squeakers to attack the decorations. We still bought the break-free ornaments :/

Pre-lit christmas trees are so easy!


The Squeakers + EggDrop =



Walking WIth Dinosaurs The 3D Movie Blind Bag

Walking WIth Dinosaurs The 3D Movie

This is a mini dinosaur blind bag that comes with one easily discarded collector card and an awesome made mini dino figure!


Our baby dino assistant (without her dino PJs) is able to procur the contents of said dino bag.

Squeak preferred to be off-duty (i.e., no hair bow). I wonder how she sees with one puppy dog eye sometimes!

Here are the contents of the dino blind bag. I really appreciate the detail in the coloring as we all know sometimes blind bag figurines aren’t this fancy.


Shopkins Blind Bag

Shopkins Blind Bag

This Shopkins Blind Bag contains 1 fashion tag, 1 sticker, and 1 shopkin! Shopkins is always a favorite in this house. I really like blind bags that offer a little more something something.

Who doesn’t like a little more something something?


Well… here is that one sticker.

Stickers go on noses in this family!


Here is Pipsqueak with the fashion tag immediately worn and the new Shopkins addition we get a yummy piece of Texas toast!


Here is a closeup of the Texas toast.


Emoji Tags Blind Bag

Emoji Tags Blind Bag

Another EggDrop favorite. Like Pokemon, EggDrop wants us to collect them all!


Littlest Pet Shop Slap Band

Littlest Pet Shop Slap Band

Do you remember slap bands!?!


*Puppy eyes not included*


Squeak was not sure of the slap band, but Pipsqueak happily was able to assist and demonstrate the slappyness of the slap band.


Marvel Series 1 Villains Bobble Head Blind Bag

Marvel Series 1 Villains Bobble Head Blind Bag

The Squeaks love bobble heads. Do you? They kinda freak me out.

Odd Random Digression: My brother has a Dwight Schrute Bobble Head.

Oh there is a little stand so the little bobble head can bobble upright.


Shopkins Collector Cards (7 Card Pack)

Shopkins Collector Cards (7 Card Pack)

These went to Squeak. She may be the family card dealer when she grows up.

Squeakette enjoyed these. And she rightly felt that they be stored under this rug. I tried to take pictures of the cuteshow in action but they were all fuzzy. Then I decided to lift up the carpet and whatever was under there was also fuzzy. I need to take a vacuum to that carpet.

I just placed that carpet down less than 24 hours ago how does it get fuzzies already!?!



As always a winner. And also appreciation. We just came home from visiting family at Denver for the holidays. I actually bought some blind bags at box stores and they were EXPENSIVE. Not only that, I could not find the some of favorites that are commonly found in EggDrop. We use the blind bags as “mini mega-treats” for good behavior when we stop during the road trip. I digress. We love blind bags and EggDrop, our blind bag dealer.


Happiness and a coupon code are PRICELESS!

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What do you think of EggDrop? Share your thoughts and any random commentary below!

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