Pet Parcel Subscripton Box Review – December 2016

Subscription Box: Pet Parcel

Disclosure: BoxKraze received this box complimentary for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. By clicking the above link you will be re-directed to the Pet Parcel website.

Cost: Pet Parcel has different plans that you can choose from, and three box variations you can select depending on the type of pets you have, you can select: dog only, dog & cat or cat only. Their monthly plan for dogs (x-small to large) is $29.97, however, if you think Pet Parcel is for you, I recommend choosing one of their extended plans which makes each box more affordable. Pet Parcel 6 month plan is $25.97 or $155.82, and 12 month is $21.97 or $263.64. You can add a premium toy or premium chew for $9 extra a month or $18 for both. What is great about Pet Parcel is that if you want to try a box without committing to a monthly plan, you can select a sample box instead to try out. Sample boxes start at $21 and increase in price depending on the box. Shipping is free to the US.

Why Pet Parcel? Pet Parcel is a monthly subscription box that was started by animal lovers. Pet Parcel was  designed to spoil your pet (cat or dog) and the products they select are tested by their own pets. They also offer add-ons for those pet owners who like to do some extra spoiling!

Let’s take a look at the December 2016 Pet Parcel subscription box…

Pet Parcel arrives well packaged, which means the products are safe inside.

Also, their sticker logo matches their tape which provides some added extra cuteness.

Once you open the box their is a card that details the premium toy and chew of the month. (I received an upgraded box).

They also feature their product testers!

Alright……………..let’s dig in………………

I don’t know about you but I think this box is looking great.

I see lots of great stuff and fingers crossed that both of my pugs will like it.

Note: I received the upgrade box with the premium toy and the premium chew.

Well, I guess someone wanted to dig in first!!!! LOL

But she wasn’t alone, because her sister also wanted to take a look….. hehe

Back to the items…if I can get through my two pugs being able to calm their excitement..ha!

Zanies Fleecy Friend Toy Elephant – Retail Value $4 – $8 (varies with retailers)

This Fleecy Friend Toy Elephant by Zanies has a squeaker which is great because my dogs go nuts for these kinds of toys. It is made from fabric and fleece. The only downside to this toy is that is white and I know it will get dirty quick so I will have to wash it constantly in order to keep it looking decent. However, I still think its a great toy and the squeaker is not too annoying or loud.

Sooooo…I guess this toy is a success, she seems to like it a lot! Wooohooo..on to the next item. (As you can tell the elephant suffered some immediate dirt damage because it was dragged on the balcony, poor fella)

JW Ruffians Turtle – Retail Value $5

At first when I saw this rubber turtle I was not quiet sure if my pets were going to enjoy it. I know they like squeaky toys but I was not sure if the toy was going to get their attention at all. But then, something happened; when I threw it the turtle bounced and my dog’s eyes lit up. It was so much fun throwing it and my pets trying to grab it, I had no idea that this was going to be a great hit.

And…she has claimed the turtle.

KONG Cozie Spunky Monkey Dog Toy (Premium Toy) – Retail Value $5-$10 (depending on retailer)

This is also a squeaky toy, my dogs did get a chance to play with it a little and even though they are pugs they seemed to enjoy the monkey. It is made out of good quality material and I can guess that this toy is going to last a while although one of my pets was trying to chew out the orange hair at the top of the monkey, LOL!

Loving Pets It’s Purely Natural Dog Treats – Retail Value $7.99

The dog treats included were the Chicken & Brown Rice Biscotti with Whole Cranberries. When I read the ingredients I like the fact that I was able to read most of them without having to figure out what in the world is in the treat. Purely simple. They are made in the USA which is a two thumbs up for me and contain no additives, preservatives, soy or wheat.

And here is the test………(I can hear them thinking me first! me first! move out of the way!)

I almost have it…………

Yummmyyyy in the tummy!

Don’t worry, sister got one too! Now on to the next treat….

Crazy Dog Train-Me dog treats – Retail Value $8.99

These Crazy Dog treats came in the Bacon Flavor. These treats are made for training, they are small and flavorful according to the package. They also contain protein, vitamins and other nutrients and comes in a re-sealable bag.

Both my pugs also enjoyed these training treats.

Smokehouse Braided Pizzle (Premium Chew) – Retail Value $8

I did not get a chance to feed this braided pizzle to my dogs yet because I was trying to save something for later, since we pretty much went through everything in the box (which is good). By reading the label you can see that these treats are made in the USA, again two thumbs up for that. They are also all natural and low in fat with high protein. The braided pizzle is supposed to help keep your dogs teeth clean.

Verdict: I think all of the items in this month’s Pet Parcel are of good quality and best of all, they were all a hit with my pugs. I am still waiting on the braided pizzle but I have a feeling that they will like it as well. It is hard to determine a value for this box because every online retailer lists a different price for the items in this box. You will have to remember that some of the online retailers may have a lower price for the item but do not offer free shipping, so in turn the cost of each item would be greater. I also received the premium toy and chew upgrade, which would mean a total cost of $47.97 for this box if you had a month to month plan.

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  1. sdbear
    December 22, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    That monkey looks really cool!
    As a guy, I’m somewhat bothered by the concept of eating a pizzle. But I guess using an animal, snout to tail, is a good thing.

    • Boxkraze
      December 30, 2016 at 4:24 pm

      omg that is so funny. I have never fed my dogs pizzles so this will definitely be a first. We will see how it goes.

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