Rachel Zoe Box of Style Review + Coupon – Winter 2016

Subscription: Box of Style


Quarterly: $100.00

Year: $350.00

Coupon: Click here to get $10 off your first box!

What to Expect:

Every box is filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle items with Rachel Zoe’s seal of approval.



The review has a slight pissed-off villager vibe as I have several issues with this box. Mainly that it did not come early, I received an email with no tracking, then received tracking with a 12/24 delivery which changed until after Christmas delivery.


Kick Back and Let’s Get This Box Opened!!!

Well I am glad they remembered I was an annual subscriber and added the cupcake mix.

Could my pitchfork point any higher to the skies!?!


I LOVE the Sprinkles brand. We ofter pick up an pre-order off Michigan Avenue for the Squeakers birthdays in lieu of cake. In my “marketing” sales pitch, I highly recommended the Sprinkles brand as a great overpriced cupcake that is made somewhat conscientiously without most cr@ppy ingredients.

Can I copyright “cr@ppy”?


No matter how many pictures I take (just because I have a professional camera doesn’t make me say I am a professional photographer), I could not get the “Hello Gorgeous” font to scream at me “Hello Gorgeous”. Kinda wished for the “Let it Zoe” sticker of last years.

I guess boxes can speak softly.


First Peek…


First item is the

Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat

Anyone that signed up for the box can choose between Cream, Black, or Wine. These look fuzzier in other pictures than in real life which is why I am glad I did not get the cream because all sorts on stuff with wee ones stick to anything cream and/or fuzzy. Also, maybe I just got a non-fuzzy one. And the wine looked a bit “off” color to me. So as you can see, I choose boring black.

Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat

Perfect for gifting!

But she is my precious! Bahahahahaha!


Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable Knit Hat

Anyways, this is not as cozy as the Nina Garcia “Randomly/Quarterly”‘s Ballin Knit Hat from two winters ago and still for sale see here, but this is definitely warm and perfect for Chicago winters.


Next up…

Dylanlex Zoey Necklace

I have to admit, Zoe does jewelry right for winter boxes! I still use my Alexis Bittars’s cocktail rings on parties even though a stone looks that is supposed to look dislodged is seriously just dislodged (again how Zoe gets away with using “exclusive” designs).

Dylanlex Zoey Necklace

Nice protective cardboard covering the goods.

Dylanlex Zoey Necklace

Now when a subscription box does a “costume jewelry”, Zoe gets it right and at least provides us an “exclusive Zoey” item because she can’t get brands (even hers) to provide a real overpriced item. I really dislike costume jewelry subscription boxes because the prices are so over-over-over-inflated. But something Dylanex branded will appeased the picky “costume jewelry” Pnut who prefers her costume jewelry to be be bought at garage sale prices.

Look at that bling!


And here is our beloved assistant Pipsqueak modeling the hat and necklace!


D.L. & Co. “Birch” Candle

D.L. & Co. “Birch” Candle

I love the D.L. & Co. brand I look for it in Nordstroms Rack. Another Zoe “exclusive”. I like this candle and will light it soon (I hope to bring back the What-Are-You-Lighting-Series back)! It is heavy and substantial weight and was not as small as it looked like in the pictures. The scent is a birchy scent but on the masculine side. Like a malely-male christmas pine tree scent. This is a nice candle to light when you are having a platonic male(s) visiting you. Because if you want a something something then the guy might be like “why does she have a masculine candle lit up for me?”

Or if you are Zoe and have two boys who are tired of feminine fragranced candles.


Well I was not expecting a fancy camo bag for this!

Dagne Dover Leather Card Case

Dagne Dover Leather Card Case

Perhaps another Zoe “exclusive” as this is not seen in Dagne Dover’s website. No worries, other than the D ring missing from the back, this leather card case is nicer. I like card cases because I can stick my Driver’s License or gift card or some other important card that I need easy access to in my bag when I do not want to bring my full size wallet.

Here are some pictures of the unboxing for your viewing pleasure…

Dagne Dover Leather Card Case
Dagne Dover Leather Card Case
Dagne Dover Leather Card Case
Dagne Dover Leather Card Case
Dagne Dover Leather Card Case
Dagne Dover Leather Card Case




Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Brightening Water Cream

Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Brightening Water Cream

This item is an LE item only sold by Sephora. Looking in the gift horse in the mouth, you know what else was also an LE item sold by Sephora in a celebrity winter edition subscription box? None other than Nina, and the product Nude ProGenius Firming Youth Oil her box still on sale here.

This was greener than I thought it would be. I could not smell the cucumber but I have a cold. I like cucumber scents. This also gave a nice refreshing “drink” on the skin a few minutes after application (although I was hoping for the refreshing drink immediately upon application). Great for winter and/or dry weather!

With the recent discounts on Zoe’s boxes, I see a declining “FOMO” pattern here…



Clinique Lip Color + Primer in Berry Pop

Clinique Lip Color + Primer in Berry Pop

I do not appreciate a gateway brand inside what is supposed to be a luxe box. Will be put in the gift pile. With that said…

I think my cranky villager feelings are showing so to be on the nice side of Clinique, I do recommend their glossy mascara and Black Honey line. Preferably with a GWP.


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Mini

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Mini

I do not appreciate a teeny bopper brand inside what is supposed to be a luxe box. With that said, the juice did not pour out upon application and it smells like a sophistacated version of Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth (although I would prefer Electric Youth which amazingly has not turned after so many years)!




I still plan on subscribing to Zoe but probably on a box by box basis versus annual. With the recent discounts on unsold Zoe boxes, it would probably be a safe gamble for me to pick up a box waiting for a discount. In addition to that, there was no benefit of being a inaugural subscriber they treat new annual subscribers as annuals (some which were recently bought at $299 versus the $350 I paid)! Seriously I received this box AFTER Christmas.  I like the Sprinkles cupcake mix and that little pouch last year so I am wondering whether another year sub will be worth it. I don’t know I am going to make my decision upon the Spring spoiler. And Zoe is getting non high-end labels and tons of “exclusives” in her boxes which may be a signal that her boxes are going downhill like Nina’s untimely boxes as of late. Also, once someone signs up for Zoe, they are allowed to pick their selection if there is an option available. Something FabFitFun does is to have those who use codes to not have the ability to make selections, thereby having some exclusivity to the annual members who have a small perk for privilege exclusive to them only.

Zoe please do not start sucking like Nina.


If you would like to get the Box of Style, you can click here to get $10 off your first box!

Did you get or pass or cancelled Zoe’s Winter Box of Style?

Please share your thoughts either on the point or random below!

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Disclaimer:  This box was paid for with major Pnuts. There are referral and affiliate links in this post.

  5 comments for “Rachel Zoe Box of Style Review + Coupon – Winter 2016

  1. Elizabeth
    December 30, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Great review! I loved this month’s box, and I highly encourage you to try the lipstick, Pnut. It has a primer built in and looks really good on. I got a black hat, too!

    • December 30, 2016 at 4:48 pm

      Thanks Elizabeth! I noted the primer and was like hmmmm… I will think about it its not going anywhere right now but its not exactly my color. That hat is so cozy and warm I like the ear coverage for a beanie it does not slide off.

  2. January 2, 2017 at 1:52 am

    Hmm this is a bit pitchforky, I agree. I like the necklace and the lipstick colour, but I can’t wear hats with my poofy hair and giant head. The platonic man friends should probably just bring their own traveling candles!!

    • January 2, 2017 at 7:35 am

      Bahahaha “pitchforky”!

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