Happy New Year! Pamper Yourself: What Candle are You Burning?


So do you have a New Year’s Resolution(s)? One of my resolutions is to make more use of all the subscription goodies that I have been using. Of course, this includes candles. So in attempting to keep this resolution, I am re-starting this series. As many candles as I have, I am also doing this because I really want to purchase this candle that I first fell in love with from a Burke Box (which I am still missing this discontinued subscription box).

I digress, today and yesterday’s candle is…

TZR BY D.L. & CO Candle
TZR BY D.L. & CO Candle
This candle is exclusive to Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style Winter 2016 (see my review here).
This Birch scented candle is described as Birchwood and Amber with accents of oak, cedar and vanilla musk. I have no clue, it smells like a sophisticated pine scent that anyone would appreciate as not being too cloying or feminine. It has a great throw and is not overwhelming after a few hours of burning. It also burns very evenly. D.L. & CO should consider putting this scent in its 2017 holiday candle series there is not a scent like this and I think it will sell well.
Do you have any resolution(s) you wish to share?
Burning any candles (or ploughing through your subscription box stash) recently?
Of course, random commentary is accepted!!!
Wishing you the best health and happiness in 2017!
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  4 comments for “Happy New Year! Pamper Yourself: What Candle are You Burning?

  1. Artemis
    January 2, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    Happy New Year!!

    My resolutions are all about organizing/decluttering and reigning in the spending, but, while I’m KonMari-ing like a boss, I’m burning the Thompson Ferrier White Tea & Mint candle from the Winter Happy Rebel Box (which, btw, is my favorite box of any sub that I have ever received).


    • January 3, 2017 at 8:39 am

      All great resolutions! I love the “KonMari-ing like a boss” comment!

      That Winter Happy Rebel Box looks like it was the best box they ever had!

  2. January 8, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    I have just recently (December) discovered B & BW candles! The 3 wick ones. So far, my favorite is Teakwood Mahogany. I bought about 8 different flavors. I’ll light one and my husband will either say it’s nice or blow it out immediately. I’ve given 3 away to my daughter in law so far. Apparently, my hubby doesn’t like anything that smells like cookies or apple pies. I really don’t mind any of them as long as they cover up the scent of 4 mini weenie dogs and one lab!

    • January 8, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      Thank you for commenting Susie 🙂

      Ahhh… the glorious 3 wick B&BW candles. I stay on the email list and only got one when it was free with any online order (it was also a lovely pine scent). I had to pay shipping so I say it was $5.99 with some mini-sani bact thinges that is my only addiction to B&BW since I “try” to be more crunchy.

      I do enjoy the occassional B&BW and Woodwick candles. Great throw on both brands.

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