Pamper Yourself: What Candle are You Burning?

How are you doing? After being with Birchbox for pretty much 3 years, I am going through withdrawals since I left because the point system went away and no awesome annual code had been given (like many of the other boxes I signed up for in the awesome holidays of 2015). With the threat of not having a red Sephora branded lippy in a future box since it was in the December box, I re-signed up for Sephora Play! Which as you all know does not have any codes. I am going through tiny sample box withdrawal. And I still have three months left of Allure at $10/box.

I confuse myself sometimes. Also Sephora is spoiling a lippy for Valentine’s Day :/


I digress, today’s candle is…

NEST Fragrances Grapefruit Votive Candle

NEST Fragrances Grapefruit Votive Candle

I got this from an Birchbox ACE Sale during the holidays (it was part of the LE Beauty in Bloom box). I love Nest candles but this tiny votive is tinier than the regular mini-votive. I do love it though and it does smell like a grapefruit should. I started eating grapefruit again. I wonder whether that makes me old because I remember my parent’s eating grapefruit that I did not like unless it was doused with sugar. But maybe the grapefruit has become sweeter over the years as most of my Squeakers partake and eat the sectioned up grapefruit I give them (without sugar).

I admit, I am too lazy to add sugar for myself. Saving calories and aging less is a hidden plus of this laziness.


Are you going through any subscription box withdrawals because the codes were not as awesome as 2015 was?
Burning any candles (or ploughing through your subscription box stash) recently?
Of course, random commentary is accepted!!!
Send any pictures of lighted candles and/or random decent pictures to pnutatsubscriptionista at gmail dot com!
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  8 comments for “Pamper Yourself: What Candle are You Burning?

  1. Dayle
    February 3, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    I am NOT burning any candles because I have a large (fat?) orange kitty that thinks they are kitty toys. I have visions of him starting on fire and running through the house.

    I see a lot of boxes I want but I am being good. No Boxwalla Beauty this month, no Pearlesque (I really wanted it), no Petit Vour and I cancelled my daughter’s Adidas Avenue A.

    I have also started eating grapefruit again, but I AM old. So old that I am not supposed to eat it because it interferes with my old lady medications. I eat them whole like an orange and they are absolutely my favorite fruit in the world.

    I am killing all my moisturizer and oil stash! Will winter ever be over?

    • Artemis
      February 3, 2017 at 7:51 pm

      Dayle! Your comment on imagining your kitty starting a fire reminded me of when I first started dating my husband and I saw all these nice never used candles at his place. When I asked him why, he said “cats are flammable”. We don’t have any cats now but we do have flammable children, so I only burn candles once in a while when they are sleeping.

      I’m not getting any boxes right now, but not really suffering from withdrawal either. Discounts late last year weren’t convincing. I put Adidas on pause as I didn’t like the bag and don’t need another pair of gym shoes right now. I’m getting Happy Rebel in the spring, which I’m excited about. And if Amazon keeps doing all these amazing boxes, I’ll just start direct-depositing my paycheck into their account. In the meantime, I am enjoying using up my stash!

      • February 4, 2017 at 7:04 pm

        Thank you for commenting Artemis! I love the “cats are flammable” comment! My squeakers are pretty good with not touching my lit candles with the exception of the smaller ones like the one above. For some reason they think it qualifies as a “birthday” candle and blow it out.

        You are TOTALLY right on the discounts last year not being as great as the year before. I AM going through some withdrawals but not enough to get on board when Glossy and Boxy were a steal two years ago. I did organize my stash during some bad withdrawals feelings and that kinda made up for it. Someone from my daughter’s class was sick and I got something for everyone in the family and shopped my closet and made a pampering box for the mother from decorating a Glossybox. Happy Rebel is a good box especially the last one! Oh Amazon already has the family paycheck we do so much purchasing via the Amazon it actually saves us money from “Passing Target Pay $200”.

    • February 4, 2017 at 6:57 pm

      Thank you for commenting Dayle!

      Flammable kitty lol 🙂 I Boxwalla Beauty and Pearlesque were pretty tempting too but we must have joint powers to hold off! I am also stalking Adidas Avenue A luckily the spoilers come out before the box sells out. No Petit Vour (AKA Fighting Bunnies) for me no great holiday code :/

      I realized that if I slice off the top and bottom of the grapefruit and then cut on slit from top to bottom, I am able to get the most grapefruit without drippage/squirtage.

      Great job plowing through your stash! I am feeling accomplished whenever I toss something in the trash bin. Hopefully winter will be over and we will have a sunny summer soon 🙂

  2. Heat7918
    February 4, 2017 at 9:48 am

    I try to remember to burn my candles now & then – and I think of this blog every time I do!

    I canceled Birchbox and SephoraPlay – I think miss getting lots of fun mail more than I’m missing the products right now but that’s probably because I have a huge stash to get through still. I do still get box envy sometimes reading reviews though…

    Oh, and I do still get several boxes – I signed up for 3B back in Nov/Dec when they had a 2 for 1 sale and they’ve had some kicka$$ boxes (to me) since then! I also signed up for Pearlesque in the summer when they had 30% off (one box so I’ve been paying full price since) and I just LOVE it for skincare. I’ve bought maybe 2 of the last 6 Target boxes – they just haven’t been things I wanted.

    I also canceled Love with Food and Naturebox. I get Home Chef maybe once or twice per month.

    • February 4, 2017 at 7:08 pm

      Thank you for commenting Heat! So sweet thinking of us at Subscriptionista 😀

      Strong cancelling Birchbox and SephoraPlay and the other boxes! If Birchbox has a great code I would still bite. I am worried if I cancel Sephora Play again I might not be able to sign up again. I do love the occasional Target boxes and those boxes are really study and make great boxes for gifting once the Target in front of the box is “Modge-Podged” out. My last one was the $5 box.

  3. Sub Bella
    February 9, 2017 at 11:55 am

    I have one special place where I can burn candles. It’s the only safe from kitty spot in my house. Yesterday I was burning the Nest Moraccan Amber Rose from the February Nest Box which smelled amazing. A friend gave me the candle, and now I want the subscription! Nest candles have one of the best throws. I am currently burning the Rose et Marius The 13 Christmas Desserts of Provence Scented Candle from the Luxor Box. I burn it in the Rose et Marious tumbler. It looks beautiful lit up from inside.

    I agree the sales were not as good as 2015. I was hoping for a deal on the fighting bunnies (Petit Vour). My best deal was the LV Kiki Sub I purchased for my sister which I think was 50% off. She is loving it. She received 9 items in her Feb sub, Crazy!

    • February 9, 2017 at 3:25 pm

      Nest candles are the bomb! One thing I love about the Nest Subscription Boxes is that you can see three months in advance the spoiler scents. I may sign up when one of the months has my beloved Ocean Mist & Sea Salt scent.

      Hopefully the sales will be good this holiday season. If variations did not make me batty (and I can somewhat tolerate late shipping), I would have totally signed up for Oui Please who has both the previous issues I stated. That 40% holiday code was really tempting.

      Thank you so much for commenting Sub Bella! I miss you (as always) and love your commentary. XOXO

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