EggDrop Subscription Box Review + Coupon – March 2017

Subscription: EGGDROP

Cost: Original 

$16.99/month (originally $19.99 before coupon)

$199.99/year = 12 boxes for the price of 10!

Code Exclusive Only for Subscriptionista Readers:

Click HERE to receive your first box for 15% off!

What You’re Getting:

A mixture of 6 eggs and blind stuff that should make wee ones go bonkers over. Brands included are Shopkins, Disney Frozen toys, My Little Pony, Pixar toys, Despicable Me, Minions, Angry Birds, Transformers, whatever is popular in YouTubeKids and the Elusive Kinder Egg.

Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

EggDrop in this house is called “mega-treat” and when they see it they clamor for it. Lately, I just have been trying to sneak preliminary pictures without a Squeaker grabbing an item until its time for the official unboxing!

Because Squeakers need their mega-treat no matter what!

First Peek:

EggDrop – March 2017

Ok here are the eldest (Pipsqueak) and weeist (Squeakette) of my Pnut people

awaiting for their middle sister (Squeak) to arrive with the EggDrop!

And here is Squeak is and they dive right in!

See how the EggDrop box flies right open! They are so “subscription box” experienced just like their momma!

The dust is settling and my assistants get workin’ let’s get this EggDrop unboxed!!!


My Little Pony One Touch LED Watch Blind Bag


My Little Pony One Touch LED Watch Blind Bag

Oh we were so excited to see another My Little Pony Watch!!!! And this one was in Twilight Sparkle, the favorite My Little Pony of my Squeakers!!!

Has anyone watched BatDad on YouTube? He is hilarious (even though he occasionally scares his wife by yelling her name at random). I digress, his eldest daughter’s favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle.

You are welcome. 


The Secret Life of Pets 1″ Micro Clip-On Surprise Pack

The trick of to a happy blind bag unboxing event is momma having safety scissors hidden behind here whilst she photographs the review in process AKA cuteshow.

And to have the assistance of her bigger sister always is a plus!

The Secret Life of Pets 1″ Micro Clip-On Surprise Pack – I do not have a good picture of Squeakette playing with this but this Micro-Clip was instantly her “doggie” and her sisters doted on the cuteness of her playing with her doggie.

We might not have real furbabies but we have lots of pretend furbabies!


Dreamworks Trolls Mystery Deluxe Key Chain Capsule

Behold the Troll Megatreat!!!

Score for EggDrop!!! Behold it is Poppy the favorite Troll of my Pnut People.

Dreamworks Trolls Mystery Deluxe Key Chain Capsule – Pipsqueak is very pleased as she received her favorite Troll, Poppy. Momma is pleased because she does not have to goto a bigbox store and pay $170 (that is the total of last time) to pick up any Troll related products. Momma was not a fan of Trolls back when she was a girl and now a momma but has a soft spot for her daughter’s love of Trolls.

Thank you EggDrop for provided items such as Trolls in your boxes so my Squeakers get their Troll fix!


Shopkins Micro Lite Blind Bag

With Poppy as her sidekick!!!

Shopkins Micro Lite Blind Bag – OMG this is the best.toy.ever! We have received this in an EggDrop before and let me tell ya not only does it light up IT SURVIVED THE WASHER!!! Actually anything from EggDrop has survived the washer. If I leave the washer door open, sometimes toys end up being washed.

I am pretty sure EggDrop does not test whether its toys survive the washer though but you can count on my Pnut people assistants to do that test/review process 😉 




B Buddieez Blind Bag


B Buddieez Blind Bag – These are so cute I am glad to have another pair via EggDrop! I find a way of putting them on my Squeakers straws as a surprise. They get all excited and say its one of their MegaTreats!!!


Emoji Tags Blind Bag


Emoji Tags Blind Bag – As per norm, here is our doggie tag in the box! Pipsqueak is so into her time and into Emojis but has allowed her baby sister to wear the EggDrop necklace this time!

Thumbs Up all around EggDrop!



EggDrop – March 2017


EggDrop is wonderful and we are so excited with the Egg Drops so to speak! We always know what to expect and a fun time is always had by all. And I could probably add that with my Pnut people’s assistance and thorough review that EggDrop toys survive the washer.

Happiness and a coupon code are PRICELESS!

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What do you think of EggDrop? Share your thoughts and any random commentary below!

Disclosure:  I bought this subscription with a code and clams. You can do as well as the coupon will be applied when you click here. There are affiliate links in this post.

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  1. March 25, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    I still wanna steal your tiniest human! So cute

    • March 26, 2017 at 2:26 pm

      Awwwww thanks lol Squeakette thanks you for acknowledging her cuteness.

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