Out Of The Box Sampler Bodaciously Bigger Box Subscription Box Review – March 2017

Subscription: Out of the Box Sampler



One-time only boxes sold on a first come first serve basis with free shipping!

Sometimes three month subscriptions are offered for the regular size sampler.

There are usually to two types of boxes each month and the price varies on both

Regular Size Sampler (15-16 samples): $28.00

Bodaciously Bigger Box (27-28 samples): $39.95


Last years Bodaciously Bigger “Green” Box was (31-32 samples): $52.95

Both the March 2017 Regular and Bodaciously Bigger Box sold out in hours.

Keep in mind that some products are heavily scented!

Out Of The Box Sampler Boxes will always deliver a great throw of scent when opened!


What to Expect:

Out of the Box Sampler is a awesome box for those who want to support local business but are overwhelmed with the vast variety of options. Most of these contributors are Etsy shops and/or online businesses selling food, candles, tarts, and goodies for your face and body. Boxes are usually put for sale in the beginning of each month and sell within hours or days! You can check out the monthly themes here and view Out of the Box’s Facebook page here to see some vendor spoiler previews on the day of when the monthly box goes on sale.

Master stalker here making it easier for you to stalk subscription boxes!


Kick Back and Get Comfortable: 

This month theme was “Emerald City” Green Spring Sampler. I believe that even though it was not mandatory that items be green/natural/crunchy, out of all the months this would be the box where most of the items would possibly hit that mark. Generally speaking, most of the products were either green/natural/crunchy or green (via color and/or scent). The “green” theme for me is an automatic purchase from Out Of The Box Sampler. I am very happy that the price point for the green box was lowered this year in addition to the items being bigger and full sized instead of mostly smaller samples of the previous year.

Below are the items that I personally felt that were probably <75% green/natural/crunchy:

With that said, I think more items from this box were probably <50% green/natural/crunchy.

I try to meet a semi-crunchy lifestyle. A bit of nice and naughty. This box suits me fine!


First Peek minus the Noms Bag!

Because it was something instinctual I just opened the box and ATTACKED that Nom Bag!

Out Of The Box Samplers “Nom Bag” according to Pnut

Of course I go for the edible portion first!!!

Out Of The Box Sampler always puts the noms in a separate bag from all the other goodies.


Ken’s Airy Crunch Peanut Brittle

Ken’s Airy Crunch Peanut Brittle – This stuff is good and is a staple sampler to Out Of The Box. Out of my Pnut people/assistants, Squeakette (the weeist of my Pnut people on the outside) really likes this. I have been given her some shared pieces daily as to not “sugar up” a toddler. I do wish that Ken can mix things up and substitute his pralines because I am sure some people with peanut allergies just toss this away. And I like pralines more than peanut brittle. And I don’t know why but I feel bad like discarded peanut items from subscription boxes have feelings or something. Maybe its because my nickname is Pnut :/

Pnut understands peanut allergies. Poor nommy peanut brittle is not nommable by all people. 

Buttercup’s Oven Salted Caramel Bliss
Buttercup’s Oven Salted Caramel Bliss

Buttercup’s Oven Salted Caramel Bliss – Ok I am loving the pouch packaging we all know I love pouches!!! This was so nomable that I did not share this. If you haven’t been to the dentist because you do not like the dentist, or needed one of those sweets to “diagnose” a cavity, this is your treat!

Yup. This totally hit the cavity that the dentist found that I need to get treated. 

Onward to the rest of the non-nomable goodies in the box!

Second Peek:

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Candle Samplers

Psychic Joelle Candle in Good Luck – 

This votive candle is topped with some glitter and woody herbs and has a lovely fresh grass scent!

Snowzi Craft Co. Candle in Cucumber & Melons Scent No. 517

I had to immediately light up the Snowzi candle! Great throw and outstanding burn with the occasional crackling.

The candle had me at Cucumber Melon and Wood Wick.

Snowzi Craft Co. Candle in Cucumber & Melons Scent No. 517


Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Bath Balls Samplers

Of course any Balls, especially pairs of balls, need their own glory picture.

Notice that one of them is blue. Of course you did!

Give me a few seconds for me to take a whiff of these balls to review…

Peach and Rose Full Size Bath Bomb in Cool Lime Chiller Scent – Will this correctly labeled cool lime scent chill balls?

My sensitive-to-fragrances husband will never know…

Craft Ninja Studio Bath Bomb in Alpine – I am sure any good Craft Ninja makes some mean blue (bath) balls.

Never doubt a Crafty Ninja!

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Soap Samplers

PSA: Oh I did leave out a little glitter star soap sampler that is part of a set below. I don’t like to separate pairs :/

Especially sparkly pairs. I digress…

Just Skin Food Mountain Prairie Soap – It is a shame that this Jersey girl has never been to Cape May. I note some grit on the soap which is a good sign since I always like some scrub to my soaps (and I can be gritty at times).

At least I will get to try out a soap from Cape May! Touring my own state without visiting it!

Sky Rain Soap – This dragon imprinted soap is too pretty to use. So pretty I really need to gift it. It is likely to be in a gift to my cousin who is a Chinese Medicine Doctor I think she will appreciate it!

I wonder whether the receiver will not use it as well because it is too pretty to use. 

Alexia Trader Sophia Organic Soap Company Soap in My Ylang Ylang – Like my co-blogger Mailbox Junkie, we are a single Ylang fan and do not really need the double Ylang. With that said, I kinda like this soap and will probably use it instead of giving it to a double Ylang fan.

Biddeford Body Brands Shave Bar – Oh this is something new I am both intrigued and interested in! I just tried it and it definately foams like shave cream without the clogging in the drain factor. Usually shave creams just clog up the drain and I usually use my bath gel, or soap, or conditioner to shave.

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Bath and Body Samplers

Grim Fairy Apothecary “Wicked Envy” Collection 

A sparkly mini aloe vera soap (that contains embedded Swarovski crystals!) and fizzy fairy bath salts set. Smells heavenly and I just used up both during a recent bath. The fizzy fairy bath salts made the water green with green specks. I did not want to bath in just green specks so I added the Some Call Me Crunchy Bath Soak that was in this box too. The soap melted nicely and I was able to pop out all three emerald green Swarovski Crystal bicones.

I would have given the soap to Pipsqueak to savor but she swallowed her first lost tooth. As you can see I like to keep sparkly things. Hmmm… these sentences do not really make sense but it kinda does. I know I am weird. 

The Humble Bee Shampoo Bar – I hope this works in my hair I do love myself a nice shampoo bar.

Cedar Creek Soaps Natural Cane Sugar & Sea Salt Scrub in Mermaid Island – This lovely purply scented scrub reminds me a little of Victoria’s Secrets Lovespell but with a something something that makes it a little more sophisticated …

Some Call Me Crunchy Lavender, Rose and Geranium Flower Bath Soak – mmmmmm I am loving sniffing this goodness. Its so beautiful and it has bentonite clay. I ended up mixing this with the Grim Fairy bath salts to add some dried flowers to enchanted the green water and specks in my bath. Lovely.

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Lip Balm Samplers

Red Headed Honey Lip Balm – This natural lippy will go straight to one of my Pnut people.

I start them out early. 

Cinnamon Girl Naturals Chocolate Mint Lip Balm – This natural lippy will go straight to Pipsqueak, the eldest of my Pnut people, and the one with the sweetest tooth of the bunch!

Surrender Yourself Coconut Lemongrass Lip Balm – Going to surrender this to the gift pile.

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Miscelaneous Samplers

The Jewelry Box Headband – Very cute. I may try this on Squeaker when she arrives. I tried to get a picture of one of my Pnut people wearing this headband but they prefer bows.

When they want to wear bows that is…

Jodi’s Craft Emporium – Jodi’s switching up her Out Of The Box Sampler game, using different colors for her facial scrubby. With my Clarisonic, I just think its better for my Pnut people to use as a home decor assessorsy for one of their play houses as a rug.

Re*storied Designs Ribbon Clip and Glitter Bottle Keychain – I always wanted to make those Pinterest-esk Ribbon Clips and now I have one already pre-made to meet one of my life’s goals. I am going to give the glitter bottle keychain to Pipsqueak and attach it to her Pikachu school backpack.

Pipsqueak is such a beach bum! To be a beach bum!

Love Hounds Doggie Themed Earrings – I love these I am a big fan of paw prints! But alas I do not have a doggie fur baby and I also have fussy earholes.

This will be gifted to a non-fussy earholed friend that has a doggie fur baby.

Beazer’s Garden “Energy” Essential Oil Blend – I am blogging after midnight so I am going to save the sniffing of this for an early morning edition of “mommy!?!”


The Sweet N Salty Bath Shop Fresh Linen Drawer Sachet – Smelled nice and I put in in my sock drawer. The owner really should have extended the coupon code which had already expired. We know how us subscription box villagers feel about expired codes in boxes so let’s all lower our pitchforks and await for sub box newbie Sweet N Salty to redeem themselves next time they submit a product to a sub box. You know Pnut doesn’t want her post to be all about an expired code in a sub box but alas she must call it how she sees it.

Hopefully the owner will read this review or someone will bring this PSA to her attention. Moving on…

It’s time to pull out the year-old “wax melter”


Mickey Mouse Mug and Mug/Tart Warmer: why yes I did but this from the Amazon. And I would have gotten Minnie but the jungle wanted her for a song. I just use the bottom part as Pipsqueak has claimed the Mug part.

Who can blame a Pipsqueak for wanting a Mickey Mouse Mug? I digress…

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2017 Wax Melt Samplers

Kaylees Creations Green Irish Tweed Scented Wax Melts – OMG sparkly scented greenly goodness! This will look lovely melted!

Yes one of my weirdly favorite joys of life is to watch, enjoy, and clean out a glittered wax melt!

The GypsyMonroe Wax Co Wax Melts in Ruby Slippers – OMG this is some juicy red berry scent that is totally not a nom but I just want to bite into these red gems!!!

Silly Pnut. Wax Tarts are not noms!

Vintage Road Candles Wax Tart in Four Leaf Clover – I am such a fan of wax tarts in bundt cake form!

Strangely, or maybe not, I am not a fan of bundt cakes. 

Saltwater Candle Co. Wax Tarts – This is a set of three mini wax tarts that smell heavenly of mimosas, one of my favorite fru fru drinks of choice.

I can’t drink mimosas whilst pregnant, but I can melt wax tarts scented like them!

The Candle Confectionery Margarita Scented Tart – Speaking of drinks lol. I need to make an order at this place I remembered their samples from last year and they were excellent in color, scent and throw.

One of the scents was so nomable it made my mouth water at its Jolly Rancher scent!

Sweet Candle Melt in Vanilla Orchid – Another wax tart in bundt cake form. But this looks more like a doughnut. And I like doughnuts. I am picky about vanilla scents but I think the orchid mellows it out and the sparkles to top it off I anticipate another happy wax melting experience!

I see some sparkles whoo hoo!!!

Ugly Duckling Designs Pistachio Pudding Cake Shamrock Wax Melt – How pretty!!! Totally going to use this prior or on St. Patty’s Day for the occassion!

I never had Pistachio Pudding but this wax melt makes me want to try some!

Closing Credits


This was my second Out of the Box Sampler order. I almost snoozed and missed ordering one thank goodness for me checking my email in the morning to the email blast reminder. I am totally happier with this year’s “green” box than last years because the items were so much fuller sized and/or generous samples and hope that this continues forward with future boxes. This box also gives me another reason to whip out my tart/mug warmer for the lovely scented tarts in this box. And purchasing this box gives me good feeling fix of supporting Etsy and small business via my various subscription box hauls.

Glittered items also help 😉

You can see Out Of The Box Sampler’s past and future monthly themes here. Also on the “buy in” date you can check Out Of The Box Sampler’s FB page for a preview of some vendor spoiler shots see here!

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What did you think of my Out Of The Box Bodaciously Bigger Box?

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