Sundae’s World Subscription Box Review – March 2017

Cost: $29.99 a month (Save $5 with coupon code SPECIAL5)!
A portion of each sale goes to the Denver Zoo to assist the care of their animals.
This leads me to believe that Sundae is a “wandering” penguin from the Denver Zoo.
Deets on Sundae’s World: Sundae is a penguin. A penguin that has the travel bug. Each month Sunsdae travels around the world and provides a lucky wee one(s) with a travel suitcase disguised as a subscription box with goodies he thinks would keep little travelers busy. In this suitcase you will find a postcard from Sundae’s latest travels, customized fizzy squiggle grass that protect the goodies, your selection of a boy or girl box that will contain up to 6 assorted Blind bags/Blind boxes/Mystery eggs/Blister packs. There is an allergy free option box at no extra charge and Sundae’s World will also request the wee one’s birthday month.
Disclaimer: I just wanted to note that this box was sent for our review and I only disclosed the Girl’s box preference and purple as the favorite color but not that Pipsqueak’s birthday month was March. Subscribers select a birthday month but I am not sure what the benefit(s) s/he may receive.
Kick Back and Get Comfortable:
Here are the views of the actual mailing box! Isn’t it gorgeous! And you can pop out the “suitcase handle” which is pretty sturdy! I was able to peel off the USPS tracking label keeping the box intact.
As per my norm with subscription boxes with my Pnut people assistants, I diligently attempted to take pictures before they were off to review the items. You know, to show some pristine picture presentation 😉
Speaking of my Pnut people, here is a cute show featuring Pipsqueak and Squeakette prior to the presentation of Sundae’s World. The girl’s have an innate tradition of kicking off their Trumpettes (shoe socks) during their weehold. 
I digress (but at least we know someone has “kicked back”), back for the main event!!!
First Peek:
Purple Squiggles!
The first item I see and pulled out was the postcard from Sundae.  Apparently the busy cute penguin allegedly from the Denver Zoo traveled to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
Sundae also has a business card. Smart traveling penguins should have business cards 😉
And here are my Pnut people (on the outside): Pipsqueak and her younger sisters, Squeak and Squeakette.
Squeaker (in the inside) is happily kicking in approval.

And now the Main Event!

Littlest Pet Shop 2 Pack

The contents of this blister pack contain a cute dolphineske Splashina Lemonglow #5 (reads like a kid’s fragrance doesn’t it?) and a seahorsey Salty Shimmerton #6.

Puppy Eyed for the Puppy Eyes!!!


Mystery Egg
Oh how I love the mystery eggs especially with Easter approaching! I wonder what is inside awaiting my Squeakers…
Barbie’s Pets Blind Bag
If Barbie had a pet, it would be in a blind bag and supercute!
OMG look at the cute details of this blind bag poochie!!!
Radz Shopkins Candy + Dispenser

The character received is Lilli Poppins. This is the second Radz Shopkins Candy + Dispenser that the Squeakers have received. I remembered this because they shared with me a piece of two of the yummy candy and I forgot that I had to look up  where to purchase something similar. I was not away that one can mix and match the tops so I may have to look for the first toy….

Somewhere. Out there.


Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Treasure Chest

Well this was timely. Pipsqueak had lost her second tooth at school and apparently when that happens, the school nurse supplies them with a little treasure chest to hold the tooth! This contains 1 Pet, 2 Accessories, 1 Checklist, and 1 Exclusive Game Code. If the Squeakers like this, I may have to pass by Walmart (this item is exclusive to Walmart but can be bought elsewhere naturally), pay $200 and look out for these amongst the other blind bag goodies that I can find there.

Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Treasure Chest
Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Treasure Chest


Shopkins Season 7 Blind Boxes

This dual package contains 2 Shopkins within 2 Gift Boxes. Perfect for 2 siblings to share (ideally).

Shopkins Season 7 Blind Boxes


My Mini MixieQ’s Cupcake Baker Pack
This package comes with a mystery (baker) figure with several baked goods assessories and a souz chef assistant.
My Mini MixieQ’s Cupcake Baker Pack
Sundae’s World Subscription Box Review – March 2017


Was a wonderful luxe blind subscription box for kids! This was wonderfully executed and would be a lovely treat and/or gift for a child. This box will also be a great gift for a child that travels either for the first time wee traveler or a seasoned wee traveler that has the family “travel bug” due to the travel theme Sundae the penguin’s adventures.


Disclosure:  This box was sent to me to review. Of course my opinions matter and are real, solid, and not fluffy. There are affiliate links in this post.

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