Ecocentric Mom and Baby Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2017

COST: The Cost: $24.99 a month + free shipping in the continental U.S. Save with 3, 6, and 12-month subscription.

CODE/COUPON ALERT! This link (expires 6/31/17) shaves $10 off your first box!

Let’s Kick Back and Let’s Get This Box Unboxed:

Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Box is a monthly subscription box for moms and moms-to-be sending products that are good for you and/or baby, eco-friendly, and useful.
There are three choices of box subscriptions that Ecocentric has:
For the preggers and the majority of the items curates to the mom-to-be. This subscription transitions to the Mom & Baby box after the due date has past.
This box is suggested for moms with newborns through 18 months. This box caters towards the new momma and baby on the outside.
This box is for mom and children up to age 13. However, if you have a teen, I am sure that they may take items from this box. The mom box has a higher chance of having beauty products in it than the other boxes.
Note: You can always easily change the box you wish to receive!
June’s Theme is “Photo Ready”
Made Good Mixed Berry Granola Bars by Healthy Snack Solutions
Ok I went straight for the nom. This was nommy. However, it was a small portion (0.85oz) and should be treated like a Lean Cuisine Meal (i.e., eat more than one sitting). This would be nice for a wee one though just because of its cute portion size.
Soap Stick for Stain Removal by Meliora Cleaning Products
This is awesome I always am in search for eco/crunchy stain removal items. This is kinda waxy I think. It works well just apply it to a wet product and I actually like it over the sprays because I don’t get to inhale the product accidentally. The easiest way that I use this is for a second spot treatment of something that did not get stain removal on the first try out of the washer. Because that item is already wet, I just apply this and put the item in for the next wash and hope.
I am not a fan of huffing sprays unless they are of the perfume variety applied on my pulse points.
I obviously thought too much of that last sentence to clarify it. 
Opal Glow Luminizer by Orglamix

Opal Glow Luminizer by Orglamix

Even though I appreciate this this product is full sized and not a sample, subscription boxes have overdone highlighters very much this year (and last year). This is going to the gift pile.
Maybe if I use all my subscription box highlighters I might glow in the dark!
Happy Camper Organic Onesie – Pacific Blue by The Green Tee Cō.
Gift pile. I am not a happy camper. Not interested in glamping either.
I need to sleep under a roof. Basic needs for me. 
Happy Camper Organic Onesie – Pacific Blue by The Green Tee Cō.
This definitely would make a nice part of a gift though. The onesie has that classy look and feel. I do wish it had a tag but it is obvious to the recipient that this onesie is unwashed and unused.
Did you know that the reason why the shoulders have that wide opening is not for the baby’s head but to put on the onesie from the bottom up and pull down (especially in cases of what I call a “poonami”)!?!
BONUS: Ok while I am blowing your mind right now did you know you can WASH (and hang dry) disposable swim diapers!?! I learned that last year and my mind is still blown (and my wallet happier)!
Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Powder Drink Mix Berry by UpSpring

Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Powder Drink Mix Berry by UpSpring

SOLD. This was AWESOME. This was the first time I was exposed to a cold lactation drink (as long as I do not count a cold or lukewarm lactation tea). I loved this so much that I bought this on Amazon Save and Subscribe and I am also taking a chance getting the chocolate version.  The pricepoint is a higher than my lactation teas but it offers me nice cold liquidy treat. And it works as it gave me a bump in production for the next 24 hours!
An example that subscribers really do re-purchase subscription box items!
Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Powder Drink Mix Berry by UpSpring
 Above it the back of the packaging for your viewing pleasure.
Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Powder Drink Mix Berry by UpSpring
Above is what the product looks like without water.
Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Powder Drink Mix Berry by UpSpring
Above with water.
Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Powder Drink Mix Berry by UpSpring
Down in two gulps. This reminds me of a non-carbonated beverage packet that helps reduce colds.
Butt Butter by Littles Skin Care

This little pot is so cute. I am thinking of putting it in my diaper bag or in the gift pile. But its so cute and non-bulky its found a home at my newborn, Sqeakaa, crib location. This cream is awesome. First, if you like lavender it smells like lavender. Second, this melts like a dream when used which makes me happy because most creams that work don’t rub clear and stay white until wiped off. Third, it works.

The diaper bag and gift pile missed out!

Probiotic + Colostrum by UpSpring
Wow this has several five star verified purchase reviews on the Amazon! I am going to save this for when one of the kids gets backed up.
Getting backed up is not fun. Especially if you are a parent with a kid who is backed up. 
Ecocentric Mom and Baby Subscription Box – June 2017


Even though I am not happy with the overall value of this box (the other boxes fared better), I am in LOVE with UpSpring and now its products are in my radar. This is one of the reasons why I subscribe to boxes. Even though the product that I feel in love was a sample (and likely given free or low cost to Ecocentric from UpSpring), it was something that I was not exposed to and it gave me the experience to go and repurchase products from their line.

Sometimes the best things in life are free (even in subscription box world).

I also am digging the staining stick and diaper cream! I did wish the nom came in a bigger size so hopefully that company gets a ton of feedback and makes its bars bigger because it was a really good made bar (heh). Even though I am not a happy camper and none my Pnut people are, the onesie will make a nice part of a gift for a lucky baby. The full size highlight will be a nice gift or add-on to a gift to a lucky recipient.

Ecocentric mom definitely fulfills my once blumm box withdrawals since I recently dropped that subscription. 

Yes subscription box withdrawals are a real thing. 

If you want to subscribe to any of the Ecocentric boxes and save $10 click here! (Link expires 7/31/17)

Do you have subscription box withdrawals? Please report and comment below (even the random ones)!

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Disclaimer: I bought this box with clams. There are affiliate and referral links in this post.

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