Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review – May 2017

Subscription: Freedom Japanese Market

Cost: Three monthly box choices, each with free worldwide shipping, a piece of origami, and a product description sheet. Longer subscriptions lower your price.

  • Puchi Pack: $14.99, 5-8 full and sample size snacks
  • Original Pack: $24.99, 12-16 full and sample size snacks
  • Family Pack: $45.99, 24-32 full and sample size snacks

Description: “We are a family business that curates, packs, and ships original, made-in-Japan snacks to all corners of the globe.”


Kon’nichiwa!! こんにちは!

freedom japanese market may 2017

Are you craving Japanese snacks? I was really excited about this box, because I used to take Japanese [a semester in high school, so very minimal skill], and I’ve long wanted to visit Japan. Fortunately, Freedom Japanese Market wants to bring Japanese snacks right to your front door without having to visit Japan.

Much cheaper than a plane ticket! 

freedom japanese market may 2017

The box is run by a cute couple from Japan, and while the husband handles the business end, the wife makes origami, and their kids taste-test.

This is my second box from FJM–the first box came while the site was down, but I liked several of the items so I’ll probably post a late review =)

How cute are they??

freedom japanese market may 2017

Please note, I had no idea the origami piece was a whale, so I held it like a penguin for this picture, and above this it’s apparently a flying fish ;D

freedom japanese market may 2017

Worried about the Japanese? No problemo! Each box comes with a handy picture guide, and I’ve referred to it multiple times while I’ve been searching for a little snack! Everything is straight from Japan, and some of the items are limited edition snacks.

But, if you still want to know what’s on the label, I suggest pulling out your Google Translate app because you can take a picture of the text and it translates it all for you! 

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

Cheese Umaibo, Frozen Mango Gum, and Corn Pottage Umaibo

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

The mango gum was interesting. It was in long sticks, and was quite mango-y!

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

Shittori Choco, Karappa, and Pierre’s Sugar Rusk

The Karappa was interesting. I love teriyaki, and this had a creamy chicken taste.

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

My roomies and I were big fans of these Shittori Chocos! They are creamy, crispy chocolate coated poofs.

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

Nazo Neru-Neru-Ne, Hello Kitty Chocolate, and Takyo-Yaki Nani-Wa

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

My niece received the Hello Kitty Chocolate for her birthday, and she let me have a little bite. It was yum =^.^= I’m hanging out with the girls tomorrow night, so I’ll bring the Nazo Neru-Neru-Ne. The Original Pack box includes a DIY snack kit each month, and I’m positive the bag of sugar will be a big hit with the girls!

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

The Takyo-Yaki Nani-Wa was really… unique. They are octopus flavored puffed corn rings, but to me it tasted like fishy ketchup. I don’t like ketchup very much, but I did eat a few of these with that sort of these-are-gross-but-I-want-to-keep-eating-them mindset ;D

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

Rice Crackers, Watagashi, and Chip Star

The rice crackers were smashed, but this box came from Japan so I really didn’t mind! My nieces loved the strawberry cotton candy [waragashi].

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017The Chip Star container came sealed.

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

So, basically they are butter soy sauce flavored Pringles! These were a big hit. They were creamy and savory. I want mooore!

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017

Bonus: Chibikko Mikan

These are sour ramune flavored candies in a mandarin orange container. It’s super cute, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Freedom Japanese Market May 2017



Verdict: This box is a lot of fun if you’re a little adventurous. McBoyfriend was sadly not down for this sub, so I read this quote from the FJM site: “Rest assured that if we wouldn’t buy a snack for ourselves, we wouldn’t think of sending it out to our valued club members.” While I cannot get McBoyfriend to try anything without tricking him, my roomies and I have fun trying things.

This box would make a great gift or care package for someone, or just something fun to bring into work. I place the items into my wire PSMH bowl and allow guests to sample something when they visit. This box has been a fun conversational device!


What do you think? Are you an adventurous snack eater? Let me know which ones you want to try!

Disclosure: I was sent this box in exchange for my honest review, there are no referral links.

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  1. June 15, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Nom! I always wanted to get one of these or a ramen subscription boxes. mmmmmm… noodles. I digress, nommy review!

  2. Sub Bella
    June 25, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    My older son keeps asking me for a Japanese Snack Box.

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