Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review – June 2017

Subscription: Freedom Japanese Market

Cost: Three monthly box choices, each with free worldwide shipping, a piece of origami, and a product description sheet. Longer subscriptions lower your price.

  • Puchi Pack: $14.99, 5-8 full and sample size snacks
  • Original Pack: $24.99, 12-16 full and sample size snacks
  • Family Pack: $45.99, 24-32 full and sample size snacks

Description: “We are a family business that curates, packs, and ships original, made-in-Japan snacks to all corners of the globe.”


Kon’nichiwa!! こんにちは!

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Are you craving Japanese snacks? I was really excited about this box, because I used to take Japanese [a semester in high school, so very minimal skill], and I’ve long wanted to visit Japan. Fortunately, Freedom Japanese Market wants to bring Japanese snacks right to your front door without having to visit Japan.

Much cheaper than a plane ticket! 

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

The box is run by a cute couple from Japan, and while the husband handles the food picking, the wife makes origami, and their kids taste-test.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

I like the origami. Each month I’ve been taping it around my giant monitor at work =D

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Worried about the Japanese packaging? No problemo! Each box comes with a handy picture guide, and I’ve referred to it multiple times while I’ve been searching for a little snack! Everything is straight from Japan, and some of the items are limited edition snacks.

But, if you still want to know what’s on the label, I suggest pulling out your Google Translate app because you can take a picture of the text and it translates it all for you! Stay tuned for fun with Google Translate ;D

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Pizza Umaibo, Sono Manma Peach, and Salad Umaibo

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

My niece insisted on eating the pizza umaibo, but none of us liked it.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

The sono manma peach [sour peach gumballs] were fun–except the first one I tried was the sour one and it was really really sour!!!

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Caramel Corn, Banana Man, Konpeito

I ate the vanilla ice cream caramel corn immediately, and it was super tasty!! The banana treat is on my dresser for when I have a late night sweet tooth, and the konpeito candies were enjoyed by my nieces.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Yakiniku Texas Corn, Mike Popcorn, Karappa

The lemon pepper popcorn sounds tasty, and I’ll set that aside for this weekend.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

The Korean BBQ crisps were really good!!! I ate those right away.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

They look like tater tots.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Minivita C, Nericcho Soft, Bin Ramune

We often have people over on a weekend night, and a friend and I opened the bin ramune to find it was a light powdery dust that you sucked up. It was really weird in that sort of way that you want to keep trying it!

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Okay, so now you can see a Google Translate attempt of the instructions for one of the DIY kits. These are little packages with lots more tiny packages inside that you have to do specific things with… of course, it’s all in Japanese! So, that was a project that we tried whilst semi intoxicated, and while I didn’t take pictures, I do recall yelling “SCIENCE!” a lot because we had to open all of these packets, add water, mix, and dip. It was the most ridiculous Fun Dip-esque project.

Also, all of the packets looked like ramen seasoning on the exterior but filled with sugar.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

Bonus: Awa Moko Moko

A melon flavored candy to drink with water. I haven’t tried this yet, and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like a soda, a “sports” drink, or juice… or liquid candy!

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017

All ready to sit in my new little pool! Here I’ve got my caramel corn and new Princess Jellyfish, both of which came in the mail on the same day, as well as a soju someone left in the fridge.

I didn’t drink that soju straight up! It was added to some other drink that was left in our fridge. I live near a lot of Asian markets, and our friends like to bring fun contributions.

Freedom Japanese Market June 2017


Verdict: This box is a lot of fun if you’re a little adventurous. McBoyfriend was sadly not down for this sub, so I read this quote from the FJM site: “Rest assured that if we wouldn’t buy a snack for ourselves, we wouldn’t think of sending it out to our valued club members.” While I cannot get McBoyfriend to try anything without tricking him, my roomies and I have fun trying things.

This box would make a great gift or care package for someone, or just something fun to bring into work. I place the items into my wire PSMH bowl and allow guests to sample something when they visit. This box has been a fun conversational device!


What do you think? Are you an adventurous snack eater? Let me know which ones you want to try!

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Disclosure: I was sent this box in exchange for my honest review, there are no referral links.

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  1. July 21, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Nommy. I should be more adventurous at my trips to the asian supermarkets….

  2. Sub Bella
    July 29, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    I enjoyed reading the descriptions. My 18 year old wants to try out the box.

    • July 30, 2017 at 11:26 pm

      You should! We tried out the July box last night, and it was quite fun. The science experiments / DIY projects are the best.

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