PopSugar Must Have Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2017

Subscription: PopSugarMustHave

Cost: $39.95 Monthly, Use Code MUSTHAVE5 to $5 off!

What You’re Getting:

“Enjoy a monthly delivery of full-sized surprises worth over $100, curated by POPSUGAR Founder & President Lisa Sugar.”


Hudson & Bleecker Bonjour Smartphone Wallet in Dusty Rose Faux Embossed Snakeskin

Pnut: Gift pile.

I can’t have my phone encased. I need it to be lost somewhere where I can find it.

Onderria: I just purchased two really cute new wallets from The Rack, and I’ve got others as well so this one I’ll be gifting to a friend who likes blush colored items. I do think it’s a cute wallet though!


Figs & Rouge Brightening Primer

Pnut: Gift pile.


Onderria: Swap pile.

How much highlight does one’s face need? I’m pretty certain that the highlighter I just swapped with someone recently was from a Popsugar box.


Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush 

Pnut: I LOVE gimmicky things like body chemistry changing colors cosmetics.

We have come a long way from those drying mood lipsticks of yore.

Onderria: Seems gimmicky! One picture is in the sun and the other is in the shade, but it looked like a bruise on my skin and after rubbing it in a bit it looked okay. I wasn’t won over, but it did finally get me to clean my beauty blenders because of the glitter it left.

We’re having a long, amazing summer in the PNW! But even though it’s been sunny you can still see my goosepimples from the slight chill.


Buji Baja by Hat Attack Coco Flower Pin 
Buji Baja by Hat Attack Coco Flower Pin 

Buji Baja by Hat Attack Coco Flower Pin 


Squeak. My mini me.

Pnut: I needed this for one of the dresses that has a hole in it!

PSA: Do not leave laundry products on their side they can drip and may wreck your stuff.

Onderria: This is alright. Not sure what to do with it other than perhaps pin it to a purse.


Richer Poorer Wool Striped Nora Sock, Charcoal & Black

Pnut: I am going to have Onderria do a full review on this. I totally saw her name on these. I was totally stoked on getting a pair of these socks BUT they have wool and my skin does not like the feel of wool. These were sadly regifted.

Onderria: Sorry, Pnut! I really don’t like how these feel! They  have a strange texture and I kind of don’t even want to try them on my feet… I might be using them as Christmas gifting socks.


Pipcorn Kettle Popcorn
Pipcorn Kettle Popcorn

Pipcorn Kettle Popcorn

Pnut: I first tried this at Whole Paycheck. It is pricey. What it does have going for it is that you do not the hard kernel thing going on. What it does not have going for you is its daintiness either lets you eat each kernel one by one of grab a huge handful and shove it in your mouth. There is not really an in between here. I did not find this overly sweet as most kettle popcorn usually is.

Again with nom encased in special packaging from the PopSugar Inventory Tetris Department

Onderria: My sister is obsessed with these, and I really like them! I always like crunching on the partially popped bits, so these are a real pleasure [though a little spendier than other snacks].

Really, I just love salt… and popcorn, so it doesn’t take much for me to eat a snack.




Pnut: Overall win. Again I have very happy with PopSugar. Because I paid roughly $20 per box. If I paid full price I would be not as happy. All the items would or could be great gift additions. Also the blush has been advertised all over the place and it is really awesome to have a new lauded product in a subscription box! And the nom was nom.

Crossing fingers for Black Friday code!!!

Onderria: I think this box was better than some have been lately, even though I wasn’t really feeling most of the items. Mostly, I liked the aesthetic appearance of the black and pink of everything!


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BONUS!!! Quick August Review

Goodie Girl Cookies in Chocolate Chunk

  • Pnut: I don’t like crunchy cookies I like em chewy. This is an exception. It tastes like brownie brittle in cookie form.
  • Onderria: These were tasty! I kept them in my drawer at work and limited myself to the 2 serving size per snack.

Meri Meri Gold Glitter Candles

  • Pnut: I upgraded a leftover Birchbox to house our birthday candles. These are so cute and sparkley and I really appreciate the mini candle holders.
    Why I have a small bunch of blue birthday candles in a household of 5 females and 1 male I do not know.
  • Onderria: Meh. I don’t ever celebrate birthdays at my house, so I don’t have a need for these.

Lacquered Pastel Cheers by Fringe Studio

  • Pnut: Used this on top of an old school bench made by my husband’s grandpa. The bench is between my pump chair and pump.
    I need my space apparently.
  • Onderria: I think this is cute, but I put it with my stockpile of stuff for when we eventually [if ever] move.

Fringe Studio Free Spirit Journal 

  • Pnut: To be used by a Squeaker for scrawling. Other than the piece of paper I do not see any Jeep sponsorship on the item so its giftable to another kiddo to scrawl on.
    If you love journaling (or scrawling paper), general sub boxes will provide!
  • Onderria: Meh. It’s cute, but I have so many journals that I never use… so not very useful for me.

DOGEARED Friendship Bracelet

  • Pnut: Well this is my consolation prize after missing that great Pura Vida code and seeing Onderia’s review of the goodies.
  • Onderria: I wasn’t very impressed with this. For being a friendship bracelet, I expected another matching one. It just seemed like nylon thread so I wasn’t really interested in it.

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask 

  • Pnut: Using this whilst blogging. LOVE. If I swapped, I would swap for this. Does it work? I really don’t know but it feels refreshing and makes me happy so it works for me. Very refreshing and goes clear so I don’t scare any Squeakers.
    Or get made fun of.
  • Onderria: I haven’t used this yet but it seems amazing, and I like Pnut’s recommendation, so I’m in.

Shoptiques Gift Card 

  • Pnut: Got a bunch of candles in my cart trying to decide whilst waiting for a free ship code.
    because codes.
  • Onderria: I really liked buying stuff from Shoptiques last time I had a card. It’s a really overwhelming site, but it’s fun shopping for stuff!!


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