Face Mask Alchemy Subscription Box Review – November 2017

Face Mask Alchemy

Subscription Box: Face Mask Alchemy


Cost: $10.88 plus tax + shipping


What You’re Getting: A box from our very own Subista Sista, Mailbox Junkie, who moved forward from blogging to creating a YouTube Channel as And The Color Green. She recently created her own subscription box, Face Mask Alchemy. Marie occasionally still dabbles in subscription boxes but her new love is skincare and masking! Marie also has the assistance of a chemist in creating her curated face masks.

And you can totally see a glow in her skin! She knows what she is doing!


Relax and Sit Back: 

If you want to see Marie (an actual face) YouTube’s video review, please click here!

As you know I was hesitant to use dry masks but as a loyal YouTube follower, Marie gave a spoiler of “Vitamin C” and I was intrigued.

And now I am a changed masker. 

So here is the flat mailer and the insert that has good info regarding the goodies in the bag.

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

I did not know that I should be misting whilst masking!

Good tip. Thank goodness I read for my readers 😉

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

Reading aside, I did have to read for directions to be my own alchemist under Marie’s guidance.

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017
Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

Here is everything else that came in the packet. You will receive a 12ml of dry powder, 2ml of a gorgeous face oil, a Hawaii macadamia blossom honey stick, and a wooden spoon.

Marie is also a nurse, hence, the metric system. I wonder will the new math the kids are doing these days whether they will focus more on the metric system as I forever convert via google. 

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

Well… almost everything.

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

See that gorgeous Aloha Hawaiian macadamia blossom honey stick? And that I always appreciate noms in my subscription boxes?

Yup. I reviewed this nom via my tummy. And yes it was nommy!!!

Here is the spoon that I thought I did not need but it was greatly needed and appreciated! It worked better than my brush to mix.

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

And the luscious pumpkin oil!!!

Not a nom. I think. 

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017


Now that I had my snack let’s look into this dry powder that I was so hesitant about…

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017
Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017

And let’s get masking! Here is my walkthrough via photos.

First I scooped some powder into a tiny dish with the spoon.
Then I added water. Realized I needed more water. Added more water.
Mix. Mix. Mix. Waits a minute or two while the mask rehydrates.
Adding some of my own honey courtesy of Trader Joes and a few drops of that wonderful pumpkin oil!
Just Mixing.
Applied to ma face and my arm for your viewing pleasure.
Closeup time!

Did some misting using a subscription box facial mist. Waited. Time to wash off! This mask easily washed off. I felt a light exfoliation even as I washed it away in the sink. No mess in my sink. No mess on my washcloth. Face feels smooth and hydrated. I decided to put three drops of the pumpkin oil in lieu of my oil serum to end the mask treatment.

Face Mask Alchemy – November 2017


Like I mentioned before that I really disliked dry masks because they make a mess. Face Mask Alchemy did not make a mess at all. The mask absorbed well, did not leave me feeling parched, WASHED so easily off my face, and of course made me glow!

I trust Face Mask Alchemy with ma face. 

Have any questions about masking and/or random commentary please let us know below!


Disclosure: I owe a Trader Joe’s raw honey jar for this box. There are no referral/affiliate links to this post. 


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  1. Marie
    November 6, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Thank you friend!!! The review and pics are amazing! I am so honored you trust me with ya face

    • November 6, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      You are welcome Marie and thank you for a wonderful “me time” experience!

    • November 12, 2017 at 12:37 pm

      Yay! That sounds great This encourages me to break mine out. I’ve got a pile of sub box stuff on my desk that needs attention.

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