Rachel Zoe Box of Style Review – Fall 2017

Subscription: Rachel Zoe Box of Style

Cost: $99.99 per season/quarter, $349.99/year [new members get $10 off]

Description: “A sleek box containing over $400 worth of products hand-selected by Rachel Zoe.”


The Autumn leaves are blowing all around, so it’s time for a box in a leafy setting.

This is my second ever Zoe box. I loved my first one! Both were purchased after the original wave of boxes went out and there was a $20 or $30 discount involved.

The PNW rain stopped for a bit so I could photograph.

Tiny wrapped presents.

GiGi New York Convertible Clutch: $195

I bought this whole box for this “embossed python leather” purse, and I’m really unimpressed by it. It feels super cheaply made, and the strap is stiff and thin, giving it a brittle feeling. There are no inner pockets either, which for me is a must in a purse. I mean, there has to be a $190 markup on this piece.

Grr. I don’t like useless purses. I’m guessing since it was a subscription box colab the quality probably also wasn’t what the company usually sells. But I’ve never heard of this brand before so perhaps this is how all of their purses feel.

To add to my Rachel Zoe purse frustration, earlier in the summer I noticed my Tribe Alive purse was turning orange. That’s when I realized the orange/brown dye on the handles was rubbing off on the purse. I even used Scotch Guard right away after getting it to protect the white thread from dirt, and the purse’s own handles led to the ruin of the bag ☹️

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream: $54 for 5oz [$52 on Amazon]

I’m never particularly impressed by hair items in box because after years of accidentally using my mom’s blonde, dyed, whispy, wavy shampoos and conditioners, I know that products that aren’t meant for naturally curly black hair tend to make it all gross. So, I’ll probably gift this to my mom.

She’s got whispy waves that always would come out of her ponytail on the sides and we’d call them her whiskers.

La Soula Two-Dimond Rings in Gold: $176

There are lovely, delicate pieces from La Soula, but these aren’t for me. I don’t like the style and I especially don’t like the gold.

Is it just me or do the diamonds get lost on this design? I didn’t even realize they were there till I saw the name of the rings!

Nudestix Pulse Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in Pulse: $24 with sharpener. “An uber-moisturizing lip balm with rich color and gel shine.”

I haven’t tried this yet since I have 7-9 lipsticks and three blushes currently open, but it’s a nice color so I’ll probably keep it.

Now I can draw weird things on my cheeks and when people ask me what’s under my blush I can yell at them for judging me by my makeup.

Odeme Gold Catchall Tray: $45

Not even slightly interested in this!

I have so many dishes and trays. Also, it’s gold.

But, looking over the Odeme site, I did discover that it’s the same company that Popsugar used to send out a catch-all and ring dish earlier this year.

Skinesque 3-Step Brightening + Charcoal Mask: $35 for 5 mask sets. “This travel friendly 3-step pack is a complete facial treatment consisting of a gentle foaming cleanser, hydrating essence, and brightening face mask.”

Okay, surprisingly this ended up being the one item I liked!! I did the mask in the wrong order though, because I was looking at it from the back so I assumed step 2 was #1 and I put on the essence, but was confused by the lack of foamy when it was bragging about how foamy the face wash was. I haven’t tried it again, but it was a nice experience.

I love face masking, but I’m super lazy / forgetful so I have a bin full of face cleansers and masks.


Verdict: WOW! For a box that I already knew the contents of, I’m really disappointed by how much ended up disliking this. I only really bought it for the purse [after the box was on sale for $80], which I ended up not liking. Instead I ended up liking the face mask the most, and potentially the lipstick [which was described by one reviewer as a lipstick that Crayola would make if they made makeup].

Also, sidenote, this box had no Autumnal elements to it at all. 

What do you think? Are there any luxe elements that you loved or wanted?

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Disclosure: I purchased this box at a discounted price with my own moolah. If you use my discount code, you will get $10 off your first box.

  29 comments for “Rachel Zoe Box of Style Review – Fall 2017

  1. Elizabeth
    November 19, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you didn’t like this one. I loved it all: use the lipstick & conditioner constantly, wear the bag on nights out in the city since it’s a crossbody, and I got the silver rings, which I wear a lot. The diamonds are super tiny, but they add a teeny bit of sparkle sometimes. Have yet to use the mask and tray.
    Love your photos!

    • November 19, 2017 at 7:20 pm

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I did wear the purse once. It’s pretty, and even though I don’t think I will use it I am still going to have a hard time getting rid of it. I think I would like the rings more if they still had them in silver, but it seems like they ran out pretty quickly. I just don’t like gold things which also added to my reason for not liking the tray.

      • Elizabeth
        November 20, 2017 at 6:44 am

        Totally get it. The bag color I chose for her winter box is so out of my comfort zone.

  2. November 19, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    OMG I LOVE the tray!?! I am a fan of anything shiny though 😉
    I am shocked this was probably the first review stating the poor quality of this (Fall) bag as I knew you were lusting over it and if you knew of the actual quality you would pass it unless it was potentially salvageable like the (Spring?) bag by scotchgarding it.
    What do you think of Zoe’s Winter? I was blown away from her last two Winter but I do not like the earrings in this box. And the planner I still have that beautiful PS agenda we got in a January (right it should have been in December) thst I only used for barely a month. Now I remember that its collecting dust I need to give it to my Pnut people to mark up. I digress.

    • November 19, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Pnut, let’s do a Winter/Christmas Randomly Swap, and perhaps you shall find a shiny gold tray =D =D

      I didn’t see anything that wowed me in the Winter box. The earrings are too big for me, the clutch isn’t my style, the eyeliner I wouldn’t mind, and I already have a faux fur stole and an agenda.

      PS: I just uncovered my PSMH blowout sale items! I left them in the box to take photos and never did! Ahhh… I’m thinking of a new post series that would remedy this.

      PPS: I forgot PSMH pics this weekend–I will try to get to them soon! Instead, I edited my Zoe photos.

      • November 19, 2017 at 9:32 pm

        Sweet! Send first this time. Also send after the holidays no way I am going to USPS for gifting when I have the Amazon lol. I will still consider it Winter/Christmas 🙂
        Oh I forgot the clutch! I LOVE the pearlized one. But I have a gunmetal box clutch from MAC (it was a holiday item years back) that serves that fancy purpose.
        Yea! New posts!
        No worries on this month’s PSMH. Looking forward to your portion of the review (and hopefully Subista if she chimes in this month)!

  3. Farmcat
    November 20, 2017 at 5:46 am

    I’m sorry you didn’t like this box. You think they put something in that had some sort of autumnal elements in the box. Great pictures!

  4. Farmcat
    November 21, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Is anyone getting the winter box with the better than black friday deal on MSA?

    • November 21, 2017 at 4:21 pm

      Not I.
      Just a 3 month upgrade to PSMH. And a Sephora Play! box that I added $10 flash shipping since I lose my free ship ACE status with Birchbox. So now all my monies will goto Sephora than BB for the first time in many years.
      Did you score anything Farmcat?

      • Farmcat
        November 21, 2017 at 5:10 pm

        I didn’t score anything. I’m considering maybe the petite vour. I did recently purchased the sensitive skin starter kit from Tatcha during their sale. Tatcha is a great sub box find for me! I hope Crazy Cat Lady box will do a nice deal! Or maybe a nice craft sub box deal. Maybe for crochet or sewing.I haven’t done any sub boxes since I think July maybe. I wish somebody did a nice holiday/Christmas box this year. I haven’t found one yet this year. Just winter LE boxes. It would be nice if there was a box out there that was curated something along the lines of a candle with a Christmas scent, an ornament, reindeer or tree hat scarf and glove combo, a soft blanket, and some hot chocolate.

        • November 21, 2017 at 6:18 pm

          I am starting to pick boxes up via partial/full spoilers versus keeping a standing subscription where I do not know spoilers in advance.
          That winter box sounds lovely. I think LLL did a box like that when they first started. I had FOMO but it was the only box curation that I really liked from that sub. Wished LLL had done things differently maybe they still be in business I loved that smaller subscription box I was subscribed too.
          I would LOVE to subscribe to food sub boxes but its like FoodTV. Exposure = weight gain. I would totally inhale/review these subscriptions with gusto! I actually have fantasies of succuming to a Graze subscription but worry about easting all the noms in one sitting.
          I fought off the urge for petit vour. I wish I could arm knit one of those chunky scarfs/blankets what a nice sub box that would be if the huge ball did not kill the shipping cost! lol I am laughing now at the thought of receiving a huge ball of yarn monthly in a subscription box! I would love to learn how to make memory quilts one day (I think there is a quilting sub box). I digress.

          • Farmcat
            November 22, 2017 at 1:50 am

            I would love to subscribe to good boxes to but it is hard to find a good inexpensive gluten free box. And Love with Food boxes are so horrible boxes for gluten free and it is there most expensive box even though they put a lot of gluten free food in their other boxes and most that is better than what they put in the gluten free box in my opinion. And they really piss me off with how the the tasting box goes on sale a lot for a good price and gluten free is hardly on sale and when it is not that great of price usually. And after the black Friday sale the next three boxes are usually even worse! While the other boxes seem good. And they would put gluten free chocolate in the other boxes but not in the gluten free box.
            If I received a huge ball of yarn in the mail the cats would probably think it was a toy for them. And the kitties also live fabric.

          • Farmcat
            November 22, 2017 at 2:09 am

            I also like to learn to make a quilt too.

          • Farmcat
            November 22, 2017 at 2:56 am

            If you have a Michael’s store near you they might have a class for arm knitting a scarf.

          • November 22, 2017 at 7:15 am

            I bet your cats go wild for that crinkly fabric!
            My Pnut people would be all over a huge ball of yarn. It would be a cuteshow but a huge mess if it got unraveled which is likely!
            Last time I was at Michaels randomly, there was a “free” holiday wreath class. Of course materials were not free but it was a good packaged deal lol.
            I commented on a post awhile ago that I tried these gluton free “oreos” in white packaging and they tasted better than oreos. I think they are sold at whole paycheck. Trader Joes has these yummy rice cracker rounds that are gluton free. Also I am a believer in gluton-free brownies. I am too glutinous so if there is some nommy gluton-free goodness option, I would usually give it a look!
            I should to a Trader Joe post lol. And put in a gluten free section! If you buy the stuff and put in a box it could be considered a DIY box amiright?

  5. Farmcat
    November 21, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    I was very tempted by the deal for BOS winter box when I saw the full spoilers. But I don’t have pierced ears and I don’t know if I would ever use the purse.
    PNut I hope PSMH and Sephora will send great boxes for you! Can’t wait to read the reviews.

    • November 21, 2017 at 6:26 pm

      You can always gift the earrings. You can joke about the estimated retail value lol. I hardly wear earrings anymore I have semsitive ear holes. I wore a similar clutch a small handfull of times but always had a big bag on standby. Usually I just had the clutch in the big bag lol.
      We should have the November PSMH review up soon.
      I think maybe I will review that Sephora Play! box. Since I broke up with that subscription based on my last review I have to say I actually love the option of buying a past box/variation that I want and hope Sephora does that more often. Especially now that I signed up for free 2 day shipping with no minimum 😉

  6. November 21, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Onderria I cannot find your original commentary on If You Give A Mouse A Cookie but Amazon has a childrens series on this book. For some reason it popped up as a YouTube commerical. *goes back to organizational videos looking for motivation to organize*

  7. Farmcat
    November 22, 2017 at 9:55 am

    The diy box for gluten free with Trader Joe’s stuff is a good idea. They have some great gluten free cupcakes there for a great price! I will have to check whole paycheck by my sis to see if they have those cookies there. There is no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods by me. But there is by my sis. I have gotten some baking stuff in the past at Whole Foods at a great price on sale.

    Are you going to do a what did you get at the black Friday sale thread?

    • November 22, 2017 at 5:17 pm

      The TJ cupcakes are not chocolate on chocolate? If its not chocolate, its not edible according to my girls (and some extent me lol).
      OMG I found the cookies on AMAZON!!! How did I not look this up before!?!
      (I might get them but they are not Save and Subscribe 🙁 Every time I goto Whole Paycheck we spend too much)!
      Also Bob’s Mill has a gluten free brownie mix you can buy via Amazon. There is also a brownie packet in a mug by Pamela. Both of the two I just mention are Save and Subscribe and Pnut approved.
      Maybe a DIY gluten free box with Amazon is a good idea too 😉
      I think Onderria is planning to do a credit card damage post.

      • November 22, 2017 at 7:47 pm

        TEN DOLLARS for Oreo cookies!????

        I have so much craft stash that I definitely don’t need another craft box to feed my addiction

        The only thing I’m doing for Black Friday was the MSA PSMH deal. I wanted to pay for six months, but ah well.

        • November 22, 2017 at 8:58 pm

          two boxes of cookies. i am pretty sure. you can get 4 clams for one via fresh but i haven’t gone down that amazon hole yet….

        • Farmcat
          November 27, 2017 at 3:14 pm

          Wal-Mart might have them. The glutino brand is usually a decent brand.

      • Farmcat
        November 23, 2017 at 6:33 am

        The 12 pack of mini cupcakes half of them are chocolate with chocolate frosting and other half are vanilla with vanilla frosting. The 4 pack of big cupcakes are chocolate with buttercream frosting.

  8. Farmcat
    November 23, 2017 at 6:16 am

    Happy Thanksgiving

    • November 23, 2017 at 7:55 am

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Ks
    November 28, 2017 at 2:14 am

    Rachel Zoe and I have very different tastes. Nothing in this box speaks to me. The bag looks like something I can snag at Target for $20. Everything else seems filler.

    • November 28, 2017 at 12:35 pm

      Ks, I agree. I think in general I have very different tastes than most luxe box creators.

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