NStyle Subscription Box Review – December 2017

Subscription Box: NStyle



$35.00 on auto-renew bi-monthly and ships anywhere (plus a shipping fee unless you were grandfathered in). Shipping would have costed me $5 (I read it costs others $10) but I was grandfathered in for free shipping when I signed up initially for the second box.



If a box does not sell out, you can purchase it for $45 (not including shipping cost). August is the only box available at this time of this post (you can see my review for August here).


What You’re Getting:

Items that may be in NStyle range from “home décor must-haves, DIY projects, cooking necessities, home organization inspiration, and lifestyle picks.”

NStyle was created by YouTuber “At Home With Nikki”. If you happen to stalk me to the best of your ability you would see in my Subscriptionista profile that I love to watch YouTube organizational videos. It so happens that “At Home With Nikki” was one of them and I am now beyond excited to see that she now curates her own box!

I think this month she started using her clout as a phenomenal YouTuber versus relying on wholesale products! 


Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

NStyle Box

This promotional material was sat on top of the NStyle box right when I opened the mailing box. I saw the spoilers and I am sure that it was placed there as a prerequisite of having the Erin Condren Planner.

Hey whatever it takes to have an awesome Erin Condren planner in my subscription box!!!

NStyle Box

Tip off the lid and we have the envelope. Let’s open and see the contents (for your viewing pleasure)!

NStyle Box – December 2017
NStyle Box – December 2017

Note: This tissue paper in this box is not scented (as it was with previous boxes) because there is an AWESOME candle in it!

A subscriber’s preference of a scented box is always from an actual item in the box 😉

NStyle Box – December 2017
NStyle Box – December 2017


Erin Condren Hardbound Life Planner

Erin Condren Hardbound Life Planner

Wow! The creme de la creme of planners way to go Nikki!!!

Alas, if I received this in my schooling days, I would be all over it. I am a current lover with Google Calendar which I can coordinate with my husband’s Calendar without texting/calling. But this will be an awesome holiday gift to a dear friend of mine who will be all over this! She LOVES planners and I know she would appreciate this for herself or re-gifting if she is already set with her 2018 planners.

Below is the back picture of the planner. The little pamphlet has some exclusive one time use codes for Erin Condren products.

Erin Condren Hardbound Life Planner

Now I got the hero item of the box out of the way (like how could I not begin the review and not mention Erin Condren first)…

Because respect.

Let’s go to the item that I am most excited about using!

JewelScent Candles

JewelScent Candles

I believe Nikki stated that this was an exclusive candle because I cannot find it on JewelScent’s website. Which is a shame because it smells divine. Totally like a crisp winter morning (although I wonder how they made a fiddlehead fern, gardenia, and cedar into a Winter Morning. I digress).

I also wonder if it has a jewel in it. I looked along the sides and bottom and read the instructions on the bottom of the candle. No indication. I will still love this beautiful scented candle though!

But jewels in candles are always an added bonus!


Cheese/Cutting Board from Cherry Ridge Wood Products

Cheese/Cutting Board from Cherry Ridge Wood Products

This small custom serving board from local woods from the South retails for $6.00. For once, I think the vendor underestimated the retail value of this board (I think it should have retailed for $10. $15 tops). It is high quality. Its 6 inches by 6 inches. After receiving a few small wood serving boards from subscription boxes, I am reaching out for them more often. Well, the ones that survived.


American Crafts DIY Shop 8” Rose Gold Scissors

American Crafts DIY Shop 8” Rose Gold Scissors

I always wanted a nice pair of subscription box scissors and boy did Nikki deliver on this beauty!

I wonder if Nikki knew that us subscription box lovers would go gaga for scissors!

American Crafts DIY Shop 8” Rose Gold Scissors

I went right ahead using these for wrapping holiday presents and these sharp scissors also cut beautifully.

My fancy scissor fantasy that I never thought I knew I needed in my life came true!


2 PaperMart Dome Shrink Bags

2 PaperMart Dome Shrink Bags

I want to be snarky here because Nikki could not let go of a wholesale item in the bag but yet here it is!

At least we received two bags!

2 PaperMart Dome Shrink Bags

Snark aside, this is a very useful item and would be a determination whether one should collect, hoard, and shrink.all.the.gifts.

I believe there should be also a satisfying feeling one gets by shrinking plastic via a hair dryer. 



NStyle Box – December 2017


Ok it appears that Nikki has heard the cries of our subscription box villaging and has headed with a worthy box that will keep me subscribed!

I found that the first box was more of a Marshalls/TJMaxx curated and slowly turned into a wholesale curated box but thank goodness Nikki started making some calls and probably some research of what makes a subscription box villager tick.

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Please share your thoughts or any other random commentary below!


Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own clams. There are affiliate links to this post.

  6 comments for “NStyle Subscription Box Review – December 2017

  1. Heat7918
    December 19, 2017 at 6:48 am

    So much better than the last box! The candle & scissors look great.

    • December 20, 2017 at 9:52 am

      I lit the candle. No jewel yet if there is one in there…

  2. Farmcat
    December 19, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Great review! Glad she listen to the sub box villaging. I hope she keeps it up and doesn’t do like some other boxes where they do one good box every so often to keep people hook.

    • December 20, 2017 at 9:55 am

      I was thinking what you were thinking too but I think she will keep it up she doesn’t like to have her peeps disappointed. I think she is doing her research and pursuing vendors rather than depending on wholesale items which obviously doesn’t fly in our sub box world.

  3. Cj
    January 24, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    I missed the first box but got the last 3. The December box was the best of the 3. I love the scissors and I use the small cutting board when I use my glue gun. The planner is really nice too. That candle was incredible. Too bad we can’t find it online. I just looked for it and ended up here. 🙂

    • January 25, 2018 at 8:03 am

      Hi Cj! Thank you for commenting and welcome to Subscriptionista! I hope that you like our quirky reviews 🙂 You can sign up for email notifications so you will get an email blast whenever a review is posted or just drop by anytime you want.
      Fancy idea on using the board as your glue gun pad.

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