Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box Review – November 2017

Subscription: Popsugar Must Have

Cost: $39.95/month, free shipping.

What to Expect: “Enjoy a monthly delivery of full-sized surprises worth over $100, curated by POPSUGAR Founder & President Lisa Sugar.”


November brings colder weather to the continental US, and thus the desire to be swathed in warmth.

Mmm, pumpkin pie and holiday parties!

Let’s see what November has with comments by Onderria [O] and Pnut [P].

Fatty Sundays Peppermint Chocolate Covered Pretzels: $3.49

[P]: First thing is the nom.

Always the nom first!

Ummmm… I thought I would love this but I don’t. Maybe a little too salty? I was sad. Had to share. Only Squeakette would accept and nom it.

1 out of 5 Pnut people approve of this nom.

[O]: My mom used to make chocolate dipped pretzels with caramel, white chocolate, nuts, etc. and I always liked those. But I don’t like mint and chocolate together, so these will make a nice stocking stuffer.

#barfcity is all I can think of when I see chocolate mint things. It was a traumatic experience finding out what this combo did to my childhood stomach.

Chloe + Isabel x Jen Atkin Split Headband: $22

[P]: Gift pile. My girls like bows not headbands.

I hope the split part isn’t referring to a splitting headache that one may get from wearing it.

[O]: Please notice my horrible manicure with the rose gold Smith and Cult polish. I cannot do manicures without getting bubbles and/or tons of gauges.

Gift pile or swap pile for me as well. It is pretty though.

I have an enormous head that cannot fit into hats, and headbands never fit unless I want an insane headache.

Hester & Cook Chalkboard Paper Placemat Pad & Set Of 4 Chalk Style Pencils: $25. On the H&C website the pencils come in a set of eight for $14, and the placements are $29 for a pad of 30, so PS got their pricing wrong. It should be around $11.

[P]: This is pretty, and I am excited for this set! Especially the Chalk Style Pencils since they are less messy than using an actual chalk or chalk pen. The pencils are smooth and they have not crumbled via sharpener or real use. And I can re-use the pencils on other dark papers so the kidlets can draw on that too.

I have no fancy Pinterest ideas for this one unless it means keeping the kidlets busy, then I guess it’s not really a Pinterest fail!

Ok maybe a little Pinterest worthy pic!

This tablescape brought to you by PopSugar!

[O]: This is a cool inclusion, but as the resident Debbie Downer I am not really feeling it, ESPECIALLY not for $25.

I did the pricing after writing it, and assume PS made an error.

I think it said the pencils were just white colored pencils, which bummed me out because I would love some chalk markers for our chalkboard. This is also the most boring item that site has! They’ve got some seriously cool placement pads.

Also Pnut’s new squeak might be my new favorite, but I still love her third squeak.

Knot & Bow Winter Chip Newsprint Gift Wrap: $6

[P]: 3 sheets. Each sheet is roughly 8 pages.

For wrapping up subscription box items as gifts. Hey if the receiver gets subscription boxes, it would be a nice chuckle. 

[O]: This is pretty, and I’ll definitely use it for Christmas presents. I love wrapping gifts, and I’ve got a work swap, a family gift swap, a Reddit swap, and then misc other gifts of course.

Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist PRO Glow To Go Highlight & Contour Palette: $23

[P]: As someone who has so much makeup (pre-subscription boxes), I have not done any contouring outside of a highlighter and bronzer, so this is new territory. And I love Tarte–they can whore out their cosmetics in any subscription box because it is a spectacular brand!

Tarte is a Tart!

[O]: I really like the Tarte clay blush that I think came from Allure. This, not so much.

I’m so done with highlighters and bronzers. I mean, they seriously sent a tube of highlighter last month!

Unqualified by Anna Faris: $28

[P]: I need to find an avid reader who is not a subscription box person and gift her all my subscription box books.

[O]: Meh. I’m not a big enough fan of Anna Farris to read her autobiography.

Though I did put it on my TBR bookshelf just in case one day I feel like reading it.

Bloom That $25 Gift Card and Fatty Sundays Discount

[P]: It’s gong to cost me $30ish for a bouquet out of pocket. No thank you.

[O]: I pretty much never use discount codes from PSMH, and these are no exception. I don’t like buying flower bouquets, I prefer a nice potted item that I can plant in my garden. Not that I don’t LOVE their bouquets… 😍😍😍

Plus, my kitty is a ruthless plant eater.

Everything in the November box…

…plus my curiosity about why this box was ridiculously deep with nothing in the bottom 2/3rds. They have to plan months in advance to get their products and create special boxes, but this is still weird since the boxes are usually perfectly packed.

Onderria’s November rant.

Bella’s helping me, as usual.



[P]: For $20, sure this works for me. Full price? No way.

Hit me up with a Black Friday code PopSugar!!!

[O]: With a box value of 102.49, this cost $44 for me to have a $3.49 stocking stuffer and $6 wrapping paper… I’m not exactly jazzed about this box, and haven’t really liked any of the boxes for a while. I think after my next three Black Friday deal boxes are done, I may take a break from PSMH. 😞


What did you think? Let us know below, and tell us what you would do with the chalk placemats.

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Disclosure: This box was purchased by your Sub-sistahs at a discount. There are referral and affiliate links in this post.

  6 comments for “Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box Review – November 2017

  1. Dayle
    December 4, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    I will eat that baby! What an absolute doll! And fancy writing to boot! DefinitelyPinterest-worthy!

    I am not, nor have I ever been, a Pop Sugar gal. I did get a mystery box once at it was a mystery to me why I spent my $$ on crap. Do you think PSMH is over? It seems to me like the people are rebelling. But then they have a killer box and reel the haters back in and people be sayin “I can’t quit you Pop Sugar!”

    Sorry that even the Nom was sad.

    • December 4, 2017 at 6:45 pm

      Thanks Dayle!
      That picture does not do justice to her GLORIOUS baby rolls! If you visit you can nom her up.
      I love PopSugar ONLY with a code! I think that they will probably have a code within 4-5 months because they will probably lose a high portion of their subscriber base that bought the 3 month code over Black Friday.
      Which mystery box did you get? Some of them are really craptacular but I still feel like I missed out on the one that had the quick dry towel spoiler.

  2. Heat7918
    December 5, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Definitely a nomable baby!

    Professional Pinterest Pics by Pnut – that could be your new photography business. 🙂

    I’m with Dayle that I’ve never been a PSMH person. One time I purchased individual items that I wanted when they had 70% off when you spent $100+ or something like that.

    I love mint & chocolate! But I prefer regular mint mint (that’s a thing, right?) or spearmint but peppermint is decent too. And I do prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate in recent years (p.s. white chocolate is NOT chocolate), however… I do not like salt in my chocolate or caramel or other sweets so I wouldn’t like the nom in this box much either.

    Great joint review! I like hearing your different opinions and ideas for how to use products!

    • December 6, 2017 at 6:54 am

      She is so nommable!!!

      Thanks for the photography compliment 🙂

      I always wanted to buy at those PSMH sales but would always be late to the game then I get pissy because most of what I wanted was gone and just close the window lol. I overcame my monthly cheap beauty box withdrawal but I am not sure if I could ever give up PSMH so I am banking on another code….

      My fellow chocoholic! I get your white choco gripe lol but I do like Williams Sonoma bark when it goes on sale after the holidays. Its better than Trader Joes I think maybe because they use a really good chocolatier. I go back and forth between milk and dark chocolate. I can go without sea salt on my choco but I love love love melty caramel!!!

  3. Farmcat
    December 11, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Great review. I haven’t been a fan of popular boxes for probably a couple years now. I like some their stuff but not enough of it to purchase a discounted subscription. Too hit or miss. And too many of the boxes are just meh. But do like it when they have their 70% off $100+ sale. Sometimes. I’m able to get what I like and multiples of it.

    • December 11, 2017 at 9:58 am

      Thanks Farmcat!
      I need to get on that sale bandwagon!!! I keep missing it when it goes live :/

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