Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box Review – December 2017

Subscription: Popsugar Must Have

Cost: $39.95/month, free shipping.

What to Expect: “Enjoy a monthly delivery of full-sized surprises worth over $100, curated by POPSUGAR Founder & President Lisa Sugar.”


Pnut and Onderria’s opinions are indicated with initials.

O: Bella helped me with the photos.

Mostly by sniffing and walking on everything.

Onderria’s box went missing December 19th in Sparks, Nevada. Only to show up weeks later on January 3rd. But, there’s something weird about her box. Read on to find out…

O: I always just want to write click bait stuff. She lost her box in Nevada. What Andy D says next will shock you.

“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “January 3rd with a missing Popsugar order.”

Code words: cozy | giving | sparkling | traditions | warmth | celebrate

ASHKAHN Gift Tags: $12 for 10 tags

P: I went straight on using these ASHKAHN Gift Tags up once I received my box for my daughters’ school gifts. I was sad when I ran out.

It is sure useful receiving something you need in a subscription box that prevents one from squirreling a similar item out. 

O: I wasn’t not excited about these, but I got them in January and may or may not remember to use them through out the year.

Bauble Bar Sugar and Spice Coaster Set: $38 for a set of 4

P: I LOVE these. I know that we would joke on not receiving coasters in subscription boxes but with a small army of little ladies anything pink and sparkly is welcome. Please save your nose and do not huff these. Bauble Bar Sugar and Spice Coaster Sets are not available on Bauble Bar’s website so no luck if I wanted to use my Allure $20 Bauble Bar certificate to buy another set.

If I was a swapper, I would swap for these. Just not for huffing. 

O: I’ll probably swap these or gift them. We have loads of coasters in my house from wool to glass to ceramic to cardboard.

Chloe + Isabel Pavé Bar Long Pendant Necklace: $42

P: Gift pile.

O: Ditto. This is not my style at all. I asked for silver, and it looks gold in the lighting. Ah well. I wouldn’t keep it anyway!

Lalicious Sugar Kiss Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub: 16oz for $35

P: 16 ounces of sugar scrub? Yes please! I am not sure if I am the only one, but I think I waste a ton of sugar scrubs in the bathtub. But then I wonder, is there really an efficient way of using a body scrub without scrubbing with the shower on?

Scrub a dub dub for succulent smoothness.

O: Umm yes! This tub is way bigger than I thought it would be! It smells lovely and feels really nice.

I don’t want to leave it in the tub though because there’s not anywhere to put it! 

No Bella!!! Don’t eat it!

Pier 1 Imports Moscow Mule Candle: $14.95

P: Bleh. I hate the smell of Pier 1 ever since my husband (then my boyfriend) mentioned the smell. And this candle really smells like Pier 1. This will go as part of a housewarming gift to someone that I am sure is not offended by Pier 1 stores.

And I love candles in boxes. *sniffs*

O: I don’t mind the unlit smell. I haven’t lit it yet only because I’ve got two other candies open at the moment. What I really like is the jar and lid! I want to keep it just for that, really.

Okay, my second thoughts on this: I lit it and I can barely smell it!! After letting it burn for two hours I am unimpressed by scent, but still love jar. 

No, cat. You can’t fit in that box! … or pee in it, tiny jerk!

Tilo Twilight Scarf: $98

P: Beautiful. I think this is my third version of a subscription box Tilo scarf for my collection. I really like receiving Tilo because it is so expensive and I would never buy a delicate scarf for the prices they ask for.

Miraculously, I have not snagged one Tilo scarf to this day. And I have littles. Well, the main offender of ruining scarves would be moi. 

O: This is a lovely, delicate scarf. Unfortunately I’ve snagged it multiple times on my ring and other things. Now I’m thinking I should just use it for decorative purposes 😑

Or perhaps I could make snagged, stringy scarves stylish!

O: My foreman makes certain I leave out toys for her.

Wild Ophelia Sugar Cookie Milk Chocolate Bar: 2oz for $2.99 according to PSMH, but selling for $3.50 on the Vosges site

P: This is Chicago’s snooty Vosges chocolate’s sister. Like that “Dilly Dilly” beer commercial, Wild Ophelia is the beer and Vosges is the spiced mead wine.

So if you want to impress, get Vosges. If you want to be that cool guest, get Wild Ophelia. 

But I won’t judge, if I see both these brands in subscription boxes or on sale at Whole Paycheck, I would hoard them and eat them myself save a piece to my husband.  This bar was yummy. Eaten slowly and savoring each bite, it was like a deconstructed milk chocolate sugar cookie with a touch of sea salt.

Because sea salt is so in for fancy chocolate these days. DILLY DILLY!

O: I like chocolate, and I love any kind of chocolate where a serving size is the whole bar! It was sweet, creamy, tasty. I want to try some of their weird flavors.

Pnut is right! The Wild Ophelia site is snooty AF! Good night, sir.

O: And now on to my mystery pack! These three items came bundled in my box in a bubble wrap pouch. They’re all kinda scuffed and they’re all from old boxes. Does anyone know why I would’ve gotten these???

I immediately gave the dry shampoo to my travel blogger pal who actually uses the stuff when she travels!

P: Onderria you coded 😉 I totally forgot about this until I went back to this copost and saw it. I think it was for the first 4000 to do the Black Friday 3 month code. Which hopefully means more than 4000 peeps will not renew in three months forcing another code.

I can hope!

I already used up my first glitter washi tape when it was received in a prior PSMH box and was sad so I am so stoked to get another! I put the toothpicks in a Birchbox box filled with toothpicks and then remembered that my husband wants to get normal toothpicks for oven usage. I then reminded him that no one minded him using extra bacon to wrap securely a goat cheese date over the holidays 😉

O: Leave it to Pnut to be the expert in box codes and GWP items ;D Thanks, lady!



P: Another awesome box by PopSugar!!! Everything is usable and/or gifty. If only the candle wasn’t Pier 1 scented I would have been all over that.

O: This was my first time interacting with PSMH customer service, and I wasn’t entirely pleased with the response that their boxes were “all sold out” because they do past box sales so often. I wouldn’t have missed anything in this box, really. The scrub is my favorite item, and at $35 that makes up the box cost for me!


What did you think? Let us know below. Random commentary as always is welcomed!

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Disclosure: This box was purchased by your Sub-sistahs at a discount. There are referral and affiliate links in this post.

  6 comments for “Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box Review – December 2017

  1. Heat7918
    January 11, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Oh how I do enjoy your double reviews! That scarf is gorgeous. I’d like the necklace in silver but not if it looks gold-ish in person… Or is just in photos?

    • January 12, 2018 at 5:27 pm

      I have not opened my necklace box and its somewhere in gift stash land. I will nudge Onderria if she misses this post comment as I am the one who gets notifications since the post is under my name.
      Thanks for commenting Heat!

  2. Ake
    January 11, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    I thought this was a great box! I haven’t subscribed to PS for almost a year, but almost signed up again for this after spoilers came out. I managed to talk myself out of it, but I did swap for the $10 Pier 1 gift card and got myself a set of soup spoons which I needed. Not as exciting as the box itself, but more practical.

    Love the double review!

    • January 12, 2018 at 5:23 pm

      Ake I am pretty sure that I tossed out my Pier 1 card but if I find it and its not expired, I will email you the code. Soup spoons are always a great purchase! I LOVE soup 🙂 Thank you for commenting Ake!

      • Ake
        January 14, 2018 at 9:15 am

        If you live near a Pier 1 you should go pick something up! They have lots of candles and small items that you could get for basically free.

        • January 15, 2018 at 7:46 am

          Thanks Ake but if I find it, its all yours 🙂

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