Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2018

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is a monthly subscription box for moms and moms-to-be
sending at least five (5) products that are good for you and/or baby, eco-friendly, and useful.
You now put in the birthday (or due date) of your weeist one and identify (or not) the gender and Ecocentric Mom does the rest!


The Cost: $32.99 a month + free shipping in the continental U.S. Save with 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12-month subscription.

You can also skip a month!!! Unlimited!!!



Code WELCOME10 shaves $10 off your first box!


 Spoiler for June:
  I will update this post when I find out 🙂

Hmmmm… three cards. Might have fell behind the cracks but I am forgiving as a mom with “mom brain” but it is more likely that most of the items had tag/inserts and these inserts would have been redundant and less eco-frendly. Anyways with whatever happened, I will not picture and leave the other side up to the imagination. Mostly because I forgot to upload it and the below digression ensued.

I have not gotten around to “Pinterizing” these cards either that seem to accumulate like bunnies right now. But something for little could be a binki, something practical could be a “mom time-out/me-time card” that she can hand to someone, and something for mama could be for someone to make drink of her choice. Do you have any ideas on how I should “Pinterest” these cards?

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Most importantly we start out with the nom in the box…

Jessie’s Nutty Cups
Jessie’s Nutty Cups

Jessie’s Nutty Cups

Ohhhh… a subscription box service! These are really really nommy. I would have taken a picture but the chocolate is well made and “snaps” (yes I did really read the instructions from all that fancy Vosges packaging that we sub boxers receive) and then this luscious peanut butter just oozed out. And if you needed a touch of salt to your peanut butter then the top shell is dusted with sea salt!

I love me some gorgeous packaged and nommy chocolate in my subscription boxes!


I am a huge fan of iPlay which I discovered from the Amazon (where else besides there and subscription boxes for me)! I highly recommend their swim diapers and some of the girls’ swim diapers have ruffles on them. So cute. Anything from iPlay is well constructed and has great durability. This Sun Protection Hat has ties in the bottom. I am going to gift this probably because I do not reach for white clothing items for my littles because I get twitchy when there is a stain.
I am all for stain concealing patterns (AKA prevention twitching of visible stains).
I can get behind this natural sunscreen. This smells so chocolately since cacao butter is the first ingredient.
I like huffing this like a BBW candle with a lid. 
Potty training is such a landmine topic. For me with four girls and doing triage constantly, I am not interested in baby/toddler/kid olympics that many mothers are into. For me, when they are ready they are more than welcome to go in the baby or big potty in the bathroom. With that said, I think I might eventually use that chart that is pictured above just as a visual for the child. But no pressure.
Seriously, who’s kid is not potty trained by the time they goto Kindergarten… ummm… I hope not mine lol. 
I am liking on how these products are specialized products. I am always in the lookout for bug repellants (especially deet-free) and I am happy to put these two in my arsenal.
 Also a plus for the plastic bag packaging although no spillage occurred. 
Oh my cuteness, one of the animals in this book are hedgehogs! Squeak will be pleased.
We love hedgehogs in this family. Click here to find why (hint: like and follow on Facebook for great deals on giant fuzzy stuffies). 


I really enjoyed this month’s Ecocentric Mom. It was totally getting geared up for summer and most of the products were on my radar. So it was a perfect and thoughtful curation. An Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box would also be a wonderful gift to give to a momma (to-be) or just a momma for a nice Mother’s Day gift!

Hint hint. Feel free to share this review with a loved one.  😉 


If you want to subscribe to any of the Ecocentric boxes and save $10 use code WELCOME10 and click here!


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Disclaimer: I bought this box with clams. There are affiliate and referral links in this post.


  8 comments for “Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2018

  1. Ake
    April 24, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Pnut, you’re holding down the site all on your own! Way to go!

    • April 25, 2018 at 7:46 am

      lol Ake! My Subista sistas have some drafts on the ready. We are not pressured to do reviews only when able and when we want to 🙂 Both of them work full time and one is a student and the other is planning her upcoming wedding. Not that I don’t have my hands full with Squeakers but I got some (not all) boxes that I am excited about so it is easy to review and post those.

    • April 28, 2018 at 9:11 pm

      Haha yes. Today I was manually inputting my addresses for our wedding invites. If it’s sunny out I’ve been gardening in the evening, and I also have a stack of books to read for work.

      Ake I have pictures of every box I’ve gotten for the last two years and posts for like 15% of those

      • Farmcat
        April 30, 2018 at 12:19 pm

        Congratulations on your engagement!

  2. LC
    May 8, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Oooh, looks like a great box! All useful products. I’m super stoked for summer! I think I’m going to try the iPlay swim diapers for my son. I’ve been looking for a good sunscreen that’s safe and cruelty-free (for baby and for myself). I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

    • May 8, 2018 at 8:06 pm

      Thanks and Hi LC! Yes the iPlay swim diapers are the best! Buy size up so you have the option of using a disposable swim diaper underneath (some places require this). Also, you can wash (but air dry) disposable swim diapers. Game changer.
      In regards to sunscreen I think Babyganics meets your requirements and they can be purchased with a discount via Amazon Save + Subscribe. But what I do for myself and for my older kids is use (I know easy button I know) spray sunscreen for their body while they hold their breath and then slather natural sunscreen on their face. For the littles, I slather natural sunscreen all over bc they are not like “mom why do I look like I have toothpaste all over me?”

      • LC
        May 8, 2018 at 9:22 pm

        Haha, yes, I’ve noticed that the natural sunscreen leaves quite the white cast. I’m still trying to get the sunscreen smell out of a tank top I wore to the beach once last summer. Thanks for the tips! Imma go scope out Amazon now.

        • May 8, 2018 at 10:04 pm

          I think vinegar gets rid of the smell/cast google it. And I know its not crunchy but really blue dawn is your friend. Sometimes conventional is the only thing that works. “Moderation” I call it 😉
          I don’t want to go through multiple rabbit holes but Target and Costco also have Save and Subscribish options. However, I have had the best CS/Resolutions with Amazon plus there are a multitude of other benefits that come with Prime membership. Whatever you decide, may diapers and what not arrive via your doorstep (and not lugging said items from point A to home yourself)!

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