Imperfect Produce Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Week of April 12, 2018

Box: Imperfect Produce (this link gives you $10 and me $10 when you sign up)!


Contents: Perfect and fresh but allegedly ugly looking produce that the experts select so you can save money and not leave your home.

1 in 5 fruits and veggies grown in the U.S. don’t meet cosmetic standards and go to waste! Imperfect Produce changes this and you get the savings and the freshness!

This is awesome considering that I pay good money for pretty produce that goes bad quickly before Imperfect Produce came into my life.


Frequency: Once a week or every other week, a box(es) will be delivered as per your instructions during a specific time frame on a certain day of the week. You are able to customize your box within a few days window prior to your delivery. You are also able to skip up to three weeks (or email for longer than three weeks to be accommodated).

Spoilers/Customization yes please! We know I don’t like surprises for there most part!


Cost: Imperfect Produce has Four selections with different sizes. These prices may be different in your area.

Also just know that box will generate a box/size value and you can raise/lower the final price via customization (you can also add on Organic produce without selecting the Organic boxes). 

(1) Organic (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $15 to 25 pounds at $43)

Organic Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

(2) Mixed Fruit and Veggie (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $11 to 25 pounds at $27)

Mixed Fruit and Veggie Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

(3) All Fruit (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $11 to 13 pounds at $16)

All Fruit Sizes: Small and Medium

(4) All Veggie (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $11 to 13 pounds at $16)

All Veggie Sizes: Small and Medium

Note: You may eligible for a reduced cost box if you qualify for SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps. You will need to apply and fill out a questionnaire upon signing up.


Shipping: There is a $2.99 to $4.99 flat ship rate irregardless of how many boxes are ordered for a chosen week. Imperfect Produce in continually updating its location areas but as of this post it serves the entire Bay Area in California; Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; Portland, OR Metro Area; Seattle, WA Metro Area (includes Tacoma); and Chicago, IL Metro Area. NEW LOCATION LATE APRIL: Indianapolis, IN 🙂

Note: My area customization began at Monday 3PM and closed Tuesday at 11:59PM with a Thursday delivery. Another friend who lives near me has a different schedule and her delivery date is Monday. 



I went to customize my box on Monday (this time shortly after 3PM) and everything was already set for me with the price point for the Extra Large Mixed Fruit and Veggie. So I happily added and deleted items. And went back. And went back again.

I had my husband check out the order Tuesday evening because I wanted him to see if he wanted any peppers (Imperfect had three types this week).

I did not hit any “sold out” items this week. But I noted that there were no purple potatoes this week so my FOMO for ordering them last week paid off.

I ordered one organic item, cherry tomatoes, because I need to be tided over until I am able to grow them this summer.


Mixed Fruit & Veggie Box 1% 1
    Conventional Apples (2 ct) 1% 2
    Conventional Baby Avocados (3 ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Fennel (1ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Green Beans (lb) 1% 1
    Conventional Jalapenos (2ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Mango (2 ct) 1% 3
    Conventional Mini Watermelon (1 ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Suntan Cubanelle Peppers (2ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Tangelos (2ct) 1% 3
    Earth Month Week Two: Reuse 1
    Organic Mixed Tomatoes (1ct) 1% 1


Here are some picts of how I used last week’s Imperfect Order:

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Cucumber Water!

Unlike the pink lemonades that I kept refilling after drinking all the water, I had a tendency to eat all the cucumbers and refilling the mason jar with both water and cucumbers. Since Imperfect entered my life, I have been consistently drinking 2 quarts or water a day. I am noting a difference in my skin being more hydrated and all.


Imperfect Produce Tomatoes

Broiled Brussels Sprouts and Imperfect Tomatoes

Here is a before shot of some salted and unsalted butter cubes with some Imperfect tomatoes and defrosted Trader Joe’s brussels sprouts. I love using defrosted Trader Joe’s brussels sprouts  and not fresh because I either (1) undercook or (2) overcook. Plus TJ’s brussels sprouts are smaller and cuter than fresh bagged versions. Also didn’t you ever think it was cute to buy a stalk of brussels sprouts and realized what a pain it was to cut them off the stalk!?!

Below is the after un-Pinterest worthy shot!

Imperfect Produce Tomatoes
Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Zucchini Squash with Ratatouille Spices

Speaking of being un-Pinterest worthy, you are only getting the before shot of the above Imperfect Zucchini Squash with some The Spice House Ratatouille Spices on it.

Imperfect Produce

Canned Corned Beef and Imperfect Cabbage

This is a filipino dish but every time I mentioned it, someone always tells me their cultural adaptation of the dish. I made this simply (AKA lazily) by just added the basic cabbage, canned corned beef and scrambled egg. If I wanted to be more fancy (AKA had more energy), I would have added some garlic, onion, tomato, and/or diced potatoes.

I little step above non-Pinterest worthy but here is the final product!

Imperfect Produce Cabbage

As a sidenote, I LOVE cabbage. I always wanted to make that diet cabbage soup. Not to be on a diet via weight loss. But to eat the whole soup. I would think I would consume less calories.

But I guess if one ate the whole diet for weight loss cabbage soup in one sitting, then it would not be considered much of a “diet”. 


I digress,

let’s go back to this week’s delivery!


Anyways, here is my box!

Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce


I HEART Imperfect Produce. I have no luck absolutely with buying watermelon spears off and on season so it was a treat to see that Imperfect had a mini watermelon (fresh and sweetly picked just for me)! I should have gotten another one since everyone is nomming it up. Also those tangelos were the sweetest ever!!! I also like the ability to choose fancy sounding produce like cubanelle peppers, even though only my husband is the only one here that eats peppers.

I have a habit of buying fancy sounding and looking produce. 

I am making less last waste in the world and I get another subscription box fix.

And one of these weeks, my Imperfect will provide (legal) mushrooms I keep hearing about!


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Do you order your produce via CSA, a farmer’s market, or Imperfect Produce?

Share anything on your mind no matter how random below!


Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own clams. There are referral links in this post.


  6 comments for “Imperfect Produce Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Week of April 12, 2018

  1. Susie
    April 12, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    Now I want brussel sprouts! Great review!

    • April 12, 2018 at 9:26 pm

      Thank you Susie for commenting and complementing!

  2. LC
    April 17, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Interesting sub. Excellent review!

    • April 17, 2018 at 1:56 pm

      Thanks LC! Imperfect definately fills in the hole I had with the reduction of monthly subs. Plus I get to customize it. And feed the family. Its a multitask sub for sure 🙂

  3. April 18, 2018 at 12:11 am

    They don’t deliver to my neighborhood yet but I could have it delivered to my brother’s house fifteen minutes south…

    • April 18, 2018 at 6:27 am

      Sister of the year award 😉 You could split an order which would split the shipping. I have a friend who is 15 minutes from me with a Monday delivery date! I got one more day and grapes, a different variation of raisins, and blood red oranges await… nom.

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