Face Mask Alchemy Subscription Box Review – May 2018

Subscription Box: Face Mask Alchemy


Cost: $10.88 plus tax (if applicable)


What You’re Getting: A box from our very own Subista Sista, Mailbox Junkie, who moved forward from blogging to creating a YouTube Channel as And The Color Green. She recently created her own subscription box, Face Mask Alchemy. Marie occasionally still dabbles in subscription boxes but her new love is skincare and masking! Marie also has the assistance of a chemist in creating her curated face masks.

And you can totally see a glow in her skin! She knows what she is doing!


Relax and Sit Back: 

If you want to see Marie (an actual face) YouTube’s video review, please click here for her YouTube Channel!

Oh My Goodness, I have never seen Marie as really excited as she is in this Face Mask Alchemy month’s video!

And oh my goodness, I need some green thumb tips because her parent’s garden apparently had a ton of strawberries! I am lucky if I get a dozen tiny sweet strawberries from my garden plot!!!

You know what’s better than store-bought strawberries? Fresh picked ones!!! 


The theme for May 2018’s Face Mask Alchemy is SWEET MARIE!

Happy Monthly Birthday Sweet Marie!


Here is what is in Face Mask Alchemy this month! Bonus black organza bag!!!

Checklist: pamphlet, Hawaiian honey stick, face oil, wooden spoon and the cream de resistance mask pot!

Face Mask Alchemy
Face Mask Alchemy
Face Mask Alchemy

SPOON!!! And a lucious Hawaiian Honey Stick!

Face Mask Alchemy

Speaking of lucious, this month’s face oil is heavenly.

Face Mask Alchemy
Face Mask Alchemy

And the star of the show, Sweet Marie 🙂

Face Mask Alchemy
Face Mask Alchemy

Let’s get masking!

Because of Face Mask Alchemy’s YouTube video and blog, I am totally going to savor this face oil and use it as a post-mask face treatment. However, for review purposes, the below tiny tiny tiny little bubble of this Lucious oil was sacrificed for masking and gawking purposes.

Face Mask Alchemy
Face Mask Alchemy

Also because I had known that the mask was chocolate strawberry themed, I wanted to use one of my Rosewater misters instead of water to hydrate/activate the mask. I got this mister via Birchbox before I was later (happily) bombarded with a whole bunch of subscription box face misters.

Subscription boxes sometimes hear my innermost hoarding needs and interests. 

After the mask was hydrated, I used 90% of the Hawaiian honey to the mask and promptly nommed the remaining 10%.

Face Mask Alchemy

And Mask/Swatch!

Face Mask Alchemy


I LOVE the scent of this mask which was enhanced more once it was activated by the mist toner I used (and I am sure water would have done the same thing). This mask washed off beautifully with no residue. Also I found with the honey that I did not need to spritz myself anytime after the mask was applied. I might have mistakenly ingested some of the mask and although I do not advocate tasting it since Pink Clay is the first ingredient, it was very much like a chocolate strawberry if one made one into a mask.

To sum, this mask had a trifecta of huge pluses for me. First, it gave a sensory experience. Secondly, it washed off easily. Thirdly, it was a lovely mask and made my skin so soft not to mention the decadent face oil applied post-mask!


Have any questions about masking and/or random commentary please let us know below!

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Disclosure: I get stuff from the mainland to Marie for this box. There are no referral/affiliate links to this post. 




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