Taco Bout It Tuesday: Spring Break!

Are you a college student? a student? a school employee? a parent with tiny human students? or just someone with fond memories?? I hope you had a relaxing Spring Break! This past March through April, schools all over celebrated Spring Break.

I totally wrote this a month ago, forgot to add pictures, then forgot to hit Publish… #relevant!

Did you do anything fun?

I work in a school, but I’m just staff so I got to work in a dead quiet school for four days and I had Friday off.

But, the week before, students got to pick their own adventures, and I was a chaperone/chauffeur and had to drive teens from WA state to Yellowstone. It was 2000 miles, and I had to drive between 3-10 hours every day for a week.

OMG I felt like craaaapppp. 

But, the trip was super gorgeous and we had awesome road conditions most of the way, which I was not expecting for March in Montana! Also, we went dog sledding which was pretty cool!

Then I realized that a lot has happened in the last month! My sister had a baby, so I went to San Francisco to meet him the day after he was born. HE’S THE CUTEST.

Above is not a baby, but a Bay BEE! Heh…..

Then the fiance and I took a trip to Whistler, BC, Canada. It was gorgeous! We went ziplining and had a great time.


Let us know what sort of fun trips you’re gone on so far this year or vacations you’ve got coming up!


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  1. May 8, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Gorgeous photos! You could always consider being a professional photographer on the side!

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