FabFitFun Subscription Box Review – Summer 2018

Box: FabFitFun (FFF)

Contents: FabFitFun offers full-size premium products that are fabulous, keeps you fit, and are fun! The value of the box is usually amazing even though sometimes over-inflated valued items.

Cost: $49.99 per quarter



Fun box!!!

Ooooh fancy!

This explains all the products that we received or could have gotten.

One more barrier and then we’re ready to go!

COOLA Face Sport SPF White Tea Moisturizer: $32. Everyone received this.

O: I’ve gotten many Coola samples, but never a full size. My brown lady skin sunscreen is almost out, so I’ll be using this next.

P: I LOVE/HEART/ADORE anything Coola! I opened this immediately and started using it. I like this conventional tube style better than a previous pump style I had bought in full size. The pump was cool and all but was not as practical as the product started to get emptier.

Pier 1 Imports Marble Ring Dish: $15. Everyone received this.

O: Meh, I have so many ring dishes that I do not care.

If I had a ring for every ring dish I’d been sent… 

P: Your ring is so pretty. I use ring dish for candle holding.

If I had a candle for every candle dish I’d been sent 😉

O: A candle holder is an excellent idea!!

Foreo Luna Fofo: $89. Everyone received this. See this site for more information on the app and figuring out your pores.

O: Mine is yellow-orange, and the reason why I got this FFF box!! I’ve used it most nights since my box came, and I like it. I haven’t used the app though because it had a lot of bad reviews when I looked.

Still not entirely sure what it does… I assume it says hey to all the dirt in my pores.

P: I got mine in the Tiffany Bluish color. I have not unpackaged it yet. I need to download that app after it updates apparently it just spits out the information you input in at this time.

Summer & Rose Beach Towel: $55. Seasonal/annual subscribers got a choice of Pineapple or Palm.

O: I chose the towel and got the palm one. The material doesn’t seem amazing, but I haven’t washed it and used it yet.

I have so many random towels now! Thanks, boxes. I also just got another Turkish towel in Margot Elana!

P: I bought this palm towel for $10. I have been using all my sub box microfiber towels because (1) I have a large family, (2) these towels dry faster, and (3) these towels hardly take up valuable real estate in a vast large beach bag that I use for the family.

Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case: $58. Seasonal/annual subscribers got a choice of Navy or Floral.

O: This is one of those neat things that I would never use.

P: I choose the floral. It was between Floral (a grannyish pattern) or Navy (an old school pattern I considered my parents choosing). I wanted a horizontal makeup case that can hold some brushes since I use my vertical one received in a LE PopSugar to hold bottles and not brushes because the loops were too large.

I goto sub boxes to fulfill my want needs. 

I pulled this out of my hospital bag as it holds some stuff to make me pretty.  Feel free to play eye spy with my little eye at all the subscription box goodies.

I am a subscription girl, in this subscription world…

Aromatherapy Associates De Stress Muscle Gel: $39 for 5.07fl oz. Seasonal/annual subscribers got a choice of muscle gel or body caviar.

O: I wish I’d picked this!! The smell sounds amazing, and I would probably use it more than the scrub.

P: I got this because I added two $80 body scrubs for $9 in my Add On cart. Plus one of each of that tube hand scrub for $5. This Aromatherapy De Stress Muscle is ok. Slightly cooling but nothing really special. If you want some awesome coolness factor, try Temple Spa’s AAAHHH! I got this in a hotel room sample back in the day (Temple Spa is a trendier sister of Gilcrhrist and Soames) and I never forgot it. I recently bought three bottles to get free shipping and I am enjoying this more. The AAAHHH! gel is not as concentrated as the Aveda Blue Oil (now reformulated not as strong as reviews read) but you can apply the gel more generously.

Did I hyjack/digress much? Yes I did. 

Jaboneria Marianella Hawiian Black Lava Body Caviar: $48 for 7.2oz. Seasonal/annual subscribers got a choice of muscle gel or body caviar.

O: I haven’t tried this yet, but like I said above I’m having some FOMO about the muscle gel.

To the swap boards!!!

P: If I did not overdo it with the Add On scrubs, I would have probably snapped this up.

Because Hawaii.

-Imagine an Eyeshadow Palette and Liquid Liner with a Kittykat Top here-

Tarte Tarteist Pro To Go Palette and Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner: $23 and $20. Annual subscribers got a choice of the palette and liner or contour palette.

O: More FOMO! I like eyeshadow and liner, but have no use for contour stuff.

P: I did not get this because the eye palette different sizes made me twitchy.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette: $45. Annual subscribers got a choice of the palette and liner or contour palette.

O: To the swap boards this will go, ho ho ho.

How many times do I have to explain that I don’t want no highlighter / bronzer!? Sheeesh. 

P: I got this because the color palettes looked the same. I hope to eventually start digging into this palette as an eyeshadow, highlighter, and bronzing palette. That creme pan totally throws me off though I am not sure whether I would use that.

This would be perfect for traveling when you want to bring everything but are trying “to pare down”.

-Imagine a Fit Device you will only use a few times, if you do at all-

Magi Sports Loop Resistance Band: Annual subscribers got a choice of the loop band, wallet, or face rejuvenator.

O: I have something similar. When I looked for this product I found a sketchy website with semi-undressed anime cartoons at the top… I decided not to link to it juuuuust in case… But the links on there went to AliExpress anyway.


P: This was one of the biggest reasons why I went annual.

I am more about the Fab and Fun than Fit. 

Minor History Post Script Wallet: $20. Annual subscribers got a choice of the loop band, wallet, or face rejuvenator.

O: If it can’t fit my phone, then I don’t want it. It’s got pretty colors though.

Plus, I already have a really cool little hand-beaded card wallet.

P: I got this because I did not want to be Fit and even though I love the Vasanti BrightenUp! I have a whole bunch of it to plow through. I planned to put a pass(es) or specific card(s) if I were to go to a special outing. The strap would make it easier for one of my squeakers to pull it out of one of my mom purses.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: $34. Annual subscribers got a choice of the loop band, wallet, or face rejuvenator.

O: I’ve gotten so many samples of this, and it’s okay but I prefer not to use micro-bead products. Also, I find it weird that they sent an abrasive facial product that can’t be used with the Fofo. I’ll probably end up swapping this because I have a ridiculous amount of face masks, scrubs, and such.

Seriously, what the fofo!?

P: I don’t think its the bad “micro-bead” but I love this product and have bought it full size when I ran out of samples and had those Birchbox points back in the day. Since then, I have been getting samples as replenishment.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel: $45 for 50mL. Annual subscribers got a choice of the peel or hair spray.

O: I like peels, but again I’ve got 99 billion face products.

P: Too many peels here but I rather have a new peel to try then a hair protectant spray which I have more of.

This was a choice of which beauty army arsenal I wanted to choose to add to for extra reinforcements. 

Orlando Pita Play Atmos Shield Hair Protectant Treatment Spray: $34 for 6.4fl oz. Annual subscribers got a choice of the peel or hair spray.

O: I got this for my mom. I often gift her fancy sunscreens and hair products because she appreciates this stuff and will use it!

This Straw Saves Lives

O: Almost threw this away! Seattle is actually banning straws which I have mixed feelings about. Well, the main reason I like straws is because I like drinks cold and I’m paranoid about knocking my teefs out with ice! But I totally understand the dangers plastic has to the environment and animals.

P: This should have been the metal and not cardboard.

Is lazy to work to get the metal but did it (and have not received it yet). 

All of Onderria’s pretties.



O: I’m digging this. I can gift half and keep some and try to swap the rest. I got this for the Foreo, and I have enjoyed using it so far. Not sure if I’ll get fall–the spoilers will have to wow me because I also have seasonal Popsugar to decide from!!

P: Love this box!!! Hope because I took the plunge and went annual that my future three boxes do not suck. I usually buy FFF when the spoilers were good but I needed to customize everything so a gamble (and further opening of my wallet) ensued.


If you would like to subscribe to FFF, click here.


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Disclaimer: We bought this with our own money. There are referral links in this post.

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