When One Thing Leads To Another: Littles Skin Care Order Unboxing – August 2018

Note: This is the newborn edition of When One Thing Leads To Another. Stay tuned as will be a future non-baby edition of When One Thing Leads To Another.

Babies amount to spending sprees (especially after midnight). 


So after having my last little Squeaker (the Squeakers have re-nicknamed him “Squeaky”, I wanted to spoil myself. Well via him.


There was this awesome kick-ass diaper cream that I was obsessed about and was sad when I ran out of the sample from one of my Ecocentric Mom boxes. This is the specific box I reviewed (an oldie but goodie I actually repurchased a lot from this box) here.


Here is my order (I did ask nicely for some samples upon request and luckily I was able to get a sample of Eczema Relief Balm):


Littles Skin Care Eczema Relief Balm

Littles Skin Care Eczema Relief Balm

A little goes a long way with this Eczema Relief Balm! It smells standard and goes on thick. I applied this to one of Pipsqueak’s eczema patch and she has stated that it felt nice and was not itchy. Time will tell whether this will be on my next order.


Littles Skin Care Butt Butter

Littles Skin Care Butt Butter

Ahh how I miss thee. This goes on as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The lavender scent in this batch was weak (I think this must have been reformulated there is this version and a nut-free version if you click on the link) and lavender is the last ingredient so if you are not a fan of lavender than I would suggest this because you would seriously need to huff this up close and personal to pick up the lavender scent. This Butt Butter does melt in fast (like butter date I say) and does not leave a white cast (or appear to damage fabrics like some diaper creams). In fact you can do what I do and just smear a bit on the diaper instead of the baby.

Ummm… up close and personal from the jar end… not the baby’s end. 


Littles Skin Care Sunscreen SPF 21

Littles Skin Care Sunscreen SPF 21

Did you know that chemical sunscreens are banned in Hawaii. I tried this on Squeakette and it does leave a white cast but after some rubbing it goes away. I also tried it on the back of my hand and I noted that after the white cast disappeared, there was this softness. So it will be easy to tell if the sunscreen has rubbed off. I would suggest this on children and on adults but not on our faces if makeup is being applied. I am also leaning towards the tub sunscreens versus the tube. I really do not like tube body sunscreen its so thick. I do like sprays but its not supposed to be good and one needs to be careful for accidental inhalation.




Maybe its my postpartum hormones and/or nostalgia of my obsession with a diaper cream sample, but I realized how many products that I come from (or re-ordered) from subscription boxes. I really love Littles Skin Care there price points are very reasonable and the diaper and eczema creams will last a long time. Sunscreen is suppose to be a 1 ounce per adult so it should last a little longer with littles. I also noticed on the website (see here) they have an assortment of various products for specific needs. I hope maybe there could be a sample assortment for purchase in the future I would be interested in that.


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Disclaimer: I bought this with my own clams with a bit of charm. There are no affiliate/referral links in this post.

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