Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review + Coupon – October 2018

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is a monthly subscription box for moms and moms-to-be
sending at least five (5) products that are good for you and/or baby, eco-friendly, and useful.
You now put in the birthday (or due date) of your weeist one and identify (or not) the gender and Ecocentric Mom does the rest!


The Cost: $32.99 a month + free shipping in the continental U.S. Save with 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12-month subscription.

You can also skip a month!!! Unlimited!!!



Code WELCOME10 shaves $10 off your first box!


Here is our first preview pictures in this month’s Ecocentric Mom Box!

If you observe carefully, I could not wait to dig into the nom as you only see the outside packaging… I was hangry.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Ecocentric Mom has gone back to its standard size boxes.

Image is larger as appeared. Or something. And “That’s what she said!”

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

But First, The Nom.


Fine & Raw Chocolate in Lucama & Vanilla

Fine & Raw Chocolate in Lucama & Vanilla

This tasted like a lovely dark chocolate! Actually, this raw and organic chocolate is created in Brooklyn. 67% dark chocolate has cacao, vanilla, and lucuma (a Peruvian fruit). The website says that this bar is suppose to taste like a toasted marshmallow cookie, bread pudding and melted ice cream but all I can say is nom, nom, and nom.

Oh my goodness, I just realized the Better Call Saul reference to the lucama tree!!! I had been curious about lucuma since then.

It’s like caramel….

Fine & Raw Chocolate in Lucama & Vanilla




Jaiden Madison Cosmetics Lipgloss in Ladylike

Jaiden Madison Cosmetics Lipgloss in Ladylike

This is the item that everyone will get in this box this month. I am not a lipgloss fan (my lippie of choice is lipstick and I am still loyal to MAC Cosmetics lipsticks, I know, not green but I live dangerously sometimes). I digress, I am a lipgloss pimp/dealer to a dear friend of mine so this will go to her.

She is already ladylike, would this make her doubly ladylike?



Pure Cosmetics Take The Day Off Reusable Facial Cloth

Pure Cosmetics Take The Day Off Reusable Facial Cloth

Oh man. I would LOVE to use this but would HATE to ruin the perfect, soft, luxe reusable cloth.

I must gift this to someone who might not also use this as to not ruin the perfect, soft, luxe reusable cloth as well :/


BeginAgain – Shutterbug Camera 

BeginAgain – Shutterbug Camera 

I have the perfect kid for this gift! His mommy is a photographer and I know he will love it especially because of the two lenses!

Oh this is cuteness!


Even Monsters Need Haircuts

Even Monsters Need Haircuts

I love that this is appropriate for Halloween!

I only approve of kid books in subscription boxes.

Digression Alert: I cancelled PopSugar because of this and I am still bitter. I would even go so far and not get a yearly PopSugar if they had a Black Friday code which is sad but I really do not like the upcoming quarterly box. 

I squirreled this until one or both events eventually happen:
(1) I need to eventually get one or more of my girl’s a haircut. I have not given them haircuts yet.

But I also will need this book for me.

(2) I need to eventually get my boy a haircut and he does not want one.

But I also will need this book for me.


Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box


I am always in love with Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box! I always look forward to my monthly box from Ecocentric and hope that they do not ever go quarterly because this is an awesome monthly box that continues to deliver happiness consistently on a monthly basis.


Ok I need to go back to September’s box (see below for screenshot). It was my first box from Ecocentric Mom that I was actually “ok” on but I need to change my review back to

I am in love with the Woobamboo Dental Kit. I will be repurchasing the floss and the toothpaste. The toothbrush is adorable for Squeaks (my weeist girl formally known as Squeaka). I would repurchase this cute toothbrush when it is time but I have a ton of kid’s toothbrushes to go through.

Again, if I had the funds and if my Squeakers were not pouch fans, I would totally buy more Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouch but I have to buy the more economical GO Squeez Yogurt Pouches via Costco and the Amazon.

The ADORAtheraphy Mood Boost juice lasts FOREVER. I have sprayed it on myself and around me generously and I have barely made a dent into the product.

I am saving the 32 Ways to Dress A Dog Activity Book (and the duplicate one from a month before) for a car trip. The eye cream is still in the gift pile as an “Add On”

Every time I refer or see the term “Add On”, I always think of FabFitFun Add Ons. I digress. 

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

If you want to subscribe to any of the Ecocentric boxes and save $10 use code WELCOME10 and click here!


What did you think of this month’s Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box?

Please share (even random thoughts) below!

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Disclaimer: I bought this box with clams. There are affiliate and referral links in this post.



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  1. October 25, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Everything about PSMH winter just makes me want it less.

    • October 25, 2018 at 6:45 am

      I can’t figure out PopSugar marketing the spoilers kept getting progressively worse.
      As a result, many like me included, have fully gone to the FunFabFit side.
      XOXO, Pnut

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