Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2018

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is a monthly subscription box for moms and moms-to-be
sending at least five (5) products that are good for you and/or baby, eco-friendly, and useful.
You now put in the birthday (or due date) of your weeist one and identify (or not) the gender and Ecocentric Mom does the rest!


The Cost: $32.99 a month + free shipping in the continental U.S. Save with 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12-month subscription.

You can also skip a month!!! Unlimited!!!



Code WELCOME10 shaves $10 off your first box!



Here is our first preview in this month’s Ecocentric Mom Box!

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

But First, The Nom.

Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouch
Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouch

Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouch

Squeakette’s favorite word is “Pouch!”. 

Oh my goodness, Squeakette LOVES pouches and I would so get this via Amazon Save and Subscribe but all the squeakers would want one and we would run out of the box in less than 48 hours at over $1 a pouch! So gave this to my eldest and I told her that it was a special treat to share with her sisters and all of them loved it.

Squeakette’s favorite sentence is “Pouch please”.

For your information (because I love to hyjack my reviews with other reviews lol), Costco supplies Squeakette’s pouch addiction. Oh… and now Amazon for Squeakette for her next month’s supply of GoGO Squeez Yogurt Pouches since I did a check and there is a 15% off coupon see here. Once in a while, one of her sisters will request one of her beloved pouches but not all the time. We would get the applesauce pouches but they are loved by them all and would quickly run out and then we would have little squeakers squeaking all over the place.

100% of all Subscriptionista’s squeakers recommended pouches. 

And I though pouches were incredibly stupid creation before I had kids.


32 Ways to Dress A Dog Activity Book

32 Ways to Dress A Dog Activity Book

This was a repeat from last month’s box. But it is a cute repeat. And this works out in my favor for my two oldest because I won’t have one kid wondering why the other kid got one cute doggie book and the other did not.

Look at these cute pages!

The below pictures were taken from last month’s review. Because “Easy Button”.

32 Ways to Dress A Dog Activity Book
32 Ways to Dress A Dog Activity Book
32 Ways to Dress A Dog Activity Book


Visha Skin Care Mommy Bright Eye Booster

Visha Skin Care Mommy Bright Eye Booster

I am not a fan of this subscription box brand. It is an impressive sample for an eye care sample but I have a million other eye creams that last forever because I only have 2 eyes. I am also impressed that Visha is now marketing towards pregnant and/or nursing moms. This will be an add on gift to a mommy 🙂


I guess I have been spoiled by subscription box skincare I have become a sub box brand snob of sorts.


Woobamboo Dental Kit

Woobamboo Dental Kit

This kit rocks. We love Pandas in this house.

If we had a family mascot, it would be a panda. And a hedgehog. Ok we need two family mascots.

The baby toothbrush went to Squeaka (AKA Squeaks because that is what she currently does).

Squeaks approved.

Woobamboo Bubble Berry Kids Toothpaste

The toothpaste was also approved by Squeaks and her momma. It tasted like standard bubble gum with berries (not a berry flavored bubblegum). I am pretty sure I have not tried a flavor combination like that before but its a good flavor to start with especially if a wee one is going to visit the dentist and get his/her teeth polished (preferably with bubblegum or cherry).

Yes I am the adult that still asks for the bubblegum flavored polish. 

Woobamboo Dental Floss

Lastly, we have the floss. I really like this natural mint flavoring. Like you can actually taste the mint tingly oil aftertaste.

I am trying to say this floss tingles. 

I am getting this as my new favorite dental floss when I run out via Amazon Save and Subscribe. Its not as easy to extract out as other flosses but I am into the tingle.

I think I should be able to open this packaging to refill an empty floss container. A little digression, I actually do this with a Duane Reade dental floss container. Most of the Duane Reade pharmacies reside in practically every other block in Manhattan. And some Duane Reades reside in Jersey and I am sure in the State of New York as well. So all you know another tidbit on how I am a weirdo who refills her favorite dental floss container.

Duane Reade is fancy code for Walgreens. Seriously, it is a sister company of Walgreens. That does not excuse my weirdness I think. 



ADORAtheraphy Mood Boost

ADORAtheraphy Mood Boost

This is great when you want a hit of aromatherapy but you don’t want it to linger. And you like spraying yourself without overwhelming others with your scent. The scent just lasts a few minutes do not worry you will smell it (versus other light aromatherapy that you can only smell from the container).

I am a huffer of fragrances and/or aromatherapy. 


Balanced Guru Styling Hair Oil

Balanced Guru Styling Hair Oil

PA Anna if you are reading this, please email me I can give this to you I know its your adored brand.

Unlike most categories, I am really choosy in with my haircare.

I am sure this rocks, if this was a leave in conditioner I would use it but I have enough oils (e.g. Marula, Argon, etc.) to add one more and I know PA Anna loves this brand.

I share. 


Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box


10/24 The below review has been updated see here

This was my first “OK” box from Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box! But that says a lot since I have been a subscriber for the longest time and I absolutely LOVED all my other boxes.

But on the bright side, I also was able to add some new items to my Amazon Save and Subscribe. I did fall in love with my new dental floss that will be my standby. I am really enjoying huffing that aromatherapy spray. And also discovered a sweet deal on Squeakette’s favorite pouches that demand bi-weekly visits to Costco.


If you want to subscribe to any of the Ecocentric boxes and save $10 use code WELCOME10 and click here!


What did you think of this month’s Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box?

Are you snobbish of any subscription box brands?

Please share (even random thoughts) below!

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Disclaimer: I bought this box with clams. There are affiliate and referral links in this post.



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