Winter Is Coming: Where Are My Winter 2018 FabFitFun Add-Ons


No worries… just spend $15 at the FabFitFun Add-On Sale and add the Pesto or V8 to your cart. I only saw the pesto option.


So as many of you know, I fell down the FabFitFun (FFF) rabbit hole real deep. I am an annual because I like as much control of spoiler selections.

Variations make me twitch. 


And also as many of you might know, annuals get first dibs at the Add-On and Edit Sales. I first thought that this was a stupid perk.

Then I realized how stupid I was.


This Winter Add-On Sale is spectacular in my opinion.

FFF sales are like awesome Black Friday savings but in the comfort of my home! 


Like a good Black Friday sale, one needs to wait in line (or in this case until the specified time) and then get everything that you could want in your cart before it goes away. Once you have done your full inventory of the goods, one is suppose to release the items one does not want back “into the wild”.

Do you realize how hard it is to release all.the.items back “into the wild”!?!


To give an example, I knew the bundles would be snapped up so I snapped them up as I was moving down the items. Once I went through all of the things, I took my time and went through to see what were in the bundles (which I was correct that they were all snapped up). Then I released what I knew I did not want for the masses that actually want these bundles/items. That was easy.

You know, save some of them from constantly “refreshing”. 


So I am not sure why in the world I held on to a FIREPLACE from an online subscription box sale.

How does a fireplace and air fryer end up in a subscription box online sale!?!


I finally released it.

It helps that I have curious Squeakers (AKA my Pnut children).


BUT it took at least 3 purges of my cart.

My wallet likes to thank Amazon and Google searches for its reviews and price checks


It has since been 12 hours since the sale began and my cart is pretty much where I want it.

But I should purge more. 


But I am comfortable with my selections knowing that if I forget (which I won’t but I might), I would be ok with the total bill and stuff. I mean, FFF is probably banking that some people hoard their cart in the beginning of the week and then forget the last day of the sale since it is a week away.

I can’t imagine how some people wait until the end of the sale to unload an $$$ filled cart. What if they forget or get the flu or something!?!


But I digress, the reason of this post was that there are other peeps trying to get this fireplace or something else and probably screaming at their electronic devices like Game Of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen “WHERE ARE MY COOLAS!?!”

Thank goodness I was able to get my beloved three COOLA sunscreens no one in my family will hear Pnut scream “WHERE ARE MY COOLAS!?!”


I got enough COOLA/sunscreen to tide me over until next year’s Sephora Sun Kit sale.

COOLA is my jam. I can’t turn down a good COOLA sale. 


Are you obsessed with FFF’s Sale (or any other time-sensitive online sales)?

Let us know your thoughts (on the point or random) below

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Disclaimer: I have not fully watched Game Of Thrones (shame, shame, shame I know)! There are no referral or affiliate links in this post.



  2 comments for “Winter Is Coming: Where Are My Winter 2018 FabFitFun Add-Ons

  1. Farmcat
    November 8, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    I selected the coola also. I love coola sunscreen and at that price how can anyone resist. I’m a seasonal member and had to refresh the my screen countless times to get the green goo breathe stuff and for a hair bundle I think it was called holiday hair bundle.

    • November 9, 2018 at 2:10 am

      Hi Farmcat! Great selections! I also got the green goo “vicks” heard good things about it.

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