Birchbox Subscription Box Review – March 2019


I have what is known as a “Cheap Subscription Box Itch Fix”

Because Birchboxes are now only $10 for Aces :/


Subscription: Birchbox



Monthly $10-15 depending on status as a new, current, or ACE subscriber.


What To Expect:

At least 5 items allegedly based on a profile.


Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

So after a two year separation from Birchbox because I was sad that they stopped points and would lose my ACE status, I came back.

Our loyal reader Ake put it perfectly that I had an subscription box “itch” to scratch.


And if you missed my first box review of my year subscription, I have put any items that I plan not to use in a “gift pile for you” baggie.

Gift pile for you!

You would appreciate this more if you like the Seinfeld spin reference and/or a hoarder that needs to be brought to reality.

To which I am both.



Meh? Meh. 


Nice Alternative Reality Katia living the dream of selling five free mini samples for $15 a box.

I really hope Birchbox makes full size samples its new reality for a $15 box. 


Reality Check Katia: Bonus items don’t count as an item!


I will start out the review with a mini Battle of the Boxes: Allure vs. Birchbox

Battle of the Boxes: Allure versus Birchbox
Battle of the Boxes: Allure versus Birchbox

ModelCo Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in Positano

ModelCo, Mana Kadar, yadda yadda yadda.

All the same. Both of these will be re-gifted in a care package. 


Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Eye Shading Brush

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Eye Shading Brush

Bonus, that’s a first and an appetizer to what we might see in future $15 boxes.

This is nice, basic, useable brush. I dug into my army of subscription box brushes and this made the cut.

It’s not luxe, it’s LUXIE.


Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Bigger, Badder, Volumizing Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Bigger, Badder, Volumizing Mascara

I love most Benefit products, but not this one.

Too many adjectives in a beauty product is overpromising. 

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Bigger, Badder, Volumizing Mascara

This should be renamed: Badgal BANG! Big, Badder SPIDER Lashes Volumizing Mascara

Garbage Pile for you!


Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Botanical Cleansing Oil

Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Botanical Cleansing Oil

This is the darling of the box. I really like this. It smells to me of rosemary which is better for me than it being scentless or not smelling nice. I use this whenever I have makeup to remove from ma face and then follow up with a non-oil cleansing item. I am getting used to the double-cleanse trend versus really liking my face squeaky clean awaiting for beauty products to refresh ma face. I feel fancy and this “sparks joy” when I use it as long as I don’t open my eyes and have this cleansing oil coat my contact lenses.

Because we now live in a world of double-cleansing. 


Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse

Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse

I like this! You will feel the product in your hair so I think I will save this for humid days. As always, every Oribe smells wonderful.

Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse

Unless you do not like the scent of Oribe, then ummm… it does not smell wonderful. 


My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask

My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask

So in an effort to be “younger”, Clarins has a this new line “My Clarins”. This is a decent mask and would be good for oily, normal skin, and combination skin.

But alas, this is another beauty product with too many overpromising adjectives. 

If you even have a touch of dryness, you would feel parched and desire a more moisturizing sleeping mask.

I did not feel re-charged or relaxed solely by using this sleeping mask.


Before the verdict, here is the fourth month’s Gift Pile For You!

The bag is unchanged from two months ago!

*pats self on back*




I like this box. For $10 with a code. Definitely not $15 with or without a code.

Birchbox is not even close comparison to a $15 Allure box. We all know this. 

I really hoping that Birchbox really adds deluxe and full size samples with this price increase. At this time, giving two curated options for April does not scream “worth” the price increase at this time.


I digress,

My cheap subscription box itch fix has been scratched.

I wonder whether the itch will go away in another 7 months. Stay tuned.


For April, I will be reviewing Birchbox’s Curated Box for April 2019.

The one that Birchbox decided to sell for $15 for subscribers and $20 for non-subscribers online. 

Hint for Birchbox: charging $20 for a curated box with no full size items at your online store will not get people to subscribe. Your boxes are not worth $15 let alone $20.

I foresee many codes Birchbox will dole out in the future. 


If you also have an “itch” to purchase a Birchbox subscription, you can sign up using my link here


Do you have a subscription box itch for a box or boxes?

Please share below even if random.

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Disclosure:  I bought this subscription for Pnuts. There are affiliate and referral links to this post.


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