Update! Luxor Box February “Love and Spoil” box Spoilers

Luxor Box:
Limited Edition: $200
Available: Until Dec 30th or it Sells out
Ships: Feb 8th

Luxor Box is dropping hints and spoilers all over the place for their next LE next box. I.E there is a box still to come out between this one. Check out those spoilers here for the January Box Their latest email came out this morning. Here are the details:

Looks like each box will include:
Meredith Hahn “Love and Spoil” Necklace (your choice of Silver or Gold)
Exclusive “Not Accessory” Brandon Blackwood Piece

Are you getting one? This subscription has been getting better and better!! This is a prime example of a box I would love to order but find it very very difficult to drop $200!!

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