Craftly Subscription Box Review – October 2016

Craftly is not a craft subscription box. No, it is actually a subscription that sends out lifestyle items curated by the founders Adam Montoya and Cathy Diep, along with their team. I imagine what being on such a team must be like. Sorting through tons of cute fun items, and deciding what will work and what won’t.


Some things I imagine saying if I were in a round table on the team curating the box:

“Oh this deer hoof shaped mimosa cup is great but it does not say anything to me!”

“I just don’t understand why there aren’t more items made with pure American Domestic cat hair!”

“Lets have a box dedicated to left handed people!”

“I just don’t accept the premise that we MUST curate to this reality! What of the multiverse?!?”


No, they obviously have not asked me to join the team… But they did send me this box to give my honest review so the possibilities are endless!


Cost: 4-7 Lifestyle items for $25 a month and free shipping!


Craftly Subscription Box Review

Box… I really dig how I never know what it going to be inside!



Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Info card!



Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Breaking Games – Game of Phones: This is a card game that will help you get to know your friends a lot better because it has you break out your personal photoroll while playing. My photos would be filled with different subscription products and pics of my cat, things anyone who knows me would not be surprised to find out. Still a scavenger type hunt using pics you already have is a fun idea that can be played without a lot of work involved.


If this game is ANYTHING like game of thrones then I won’t be using my work phone because there is A LOT of nudity in that show! I wouldn’t want my life looking more interesting than it actually is…



Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Unplugged Goods – Twistable Laces: LOVE! Girls I have wires to charge this, and wires to charge that! I have tired for my fitbit, earphones, wires for stuff I am not all together sure of… They are always a tangled mess so these are a life saver and a must for travel. I wrap up my essential wires like my ear buds, and then there is not drama in getting them ready to put on…

Would hate to get caught up in a boring small talk convo with someone just because I couldn’t untangle my earbuds on time…



Craftly Subscription Box Review

Mokuyobi – Banana Time Patch: I think this blog has the most sorted relationship with patches around! Remember that one time we poked fun at the trend and then someone came on to comment how we were basically a bunch of old biddies who fell head first off the turnip truck?!? LOL!!!

It wouldn’t be fair to judge patches based on that hilarious patch kerfuffle. So with fresh eyes I gaze upon this patch and I like it thought I am never going to be one who is big into patches. It does actually work for me in that I call my kitty “Bananas” as a nickname, and we all know it is ALWAYS kitty time!

There are some pretty awesome patches on their website, which was surprising to me considering I smell of turnips and bengay. This one I might actually buy!

If this causes another Patch controversy in the comments I am going to drink some box wine, sit back, and enjoy!



Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review
Code was included


Craftly Subscription Box Review

Wintercroft – DIY Low-Poly Mask: This is a fun idea! You get a code and can go online to make a mask! I think it is perfect for Halloween and also a fun idea to keep in mind if you have children or adults that act like children over and you don’t want them to get into your craft boxes then this might be your ace in your deck!

I think the dino looking one will be perfect for me and my neff, who at 5 thinks dinos are just THE COOLEST thing ever. He has the cutest little voice and gets super animated when he talks about them. It is just the best to hear him be so excited about something that I was super excited about at the same time. So he will love doing this project and  it will be nice to have something planned out to do. Sometimes, I get a little anxious around him because I am not totally sure what will be an awesome activity…

As a funny aside this mask is perfect for those Kubrick fans who want to do the Eyes Wide Shut thing…

My twin will likely have to help us… It is as if two five year olds will be attempting this! 


Craftly Subscription Box Review


VerdictCraftly really did an awesome job this month!!! I love the mask idea and it goes perfectly for Halloween. I also like that it is cool and new. Well, at least to this old bitty. The patch made me laugh and will be gifted or used for something I use with my cat. The ties are awesome!!! Really a neat way to keep things in order that I personally have found to be really helpful. We will see about the game. I have a feeling I will get more than a few belly laughs out of it and it is fun to get something interactive.




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Disclosure: No affiliate links in this post! This box was sent to me for my honest review!

  2 comments for “Craftly Subscription Box Review – October 2016

  1. sdbear
    October 28, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    I like the patch. It seems like something out of a Wes Anderson movie. Speaking of which, Rushmore is my favorite. How about yours, dear reader?

  2. October 29, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Sdbear, I love Wes Anderson, but I think Grand Budapest was my favorite.

    Subista, those masks are really cool! At first I thought it was lame to include a product you had to order from the UK, but then I poked around and found that you have to buy a diagram for 4,50 pounds and then supply your own paper and assemble it. Really great for an almost-last-minute DIY costume! Not sure which one I’d do. Probably just draw on a piece of paper and call it good…

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