Boxwalla Food Box Review- October 2016

Disclosure: Boxwalla sends me this box for review because i love to eat…. and they know I will eat all the products because I ah love to eat and then tell you guys about them!

Are you a foodie? (i.e adventurous with flavors? Love new and interesting combos? seek out new flavor profiles? ). Then you need a food subscription box.

Now food subscription boxes are a different type of box. They seek to expose you to new things rather than deliver a huge return on investment like beauty boxes. However, if you are a foodie then you get it. You get that finding new indie food brands or sampling unique award winning foods without the challenge of tracking them down or paying large shipping fees can deliver the same thrill as any other subscription box.

Cha-ching…enter Boxwalla Food Box

What: Bi-monthly subscription box

Cost: $49.94

Includes: Here is their description, “This Food Box contains ridiculously delicious vegetarian food products made in small batches from high quality, natural ingredients by artisanal producers in the U.S. Each included product is one of the best we have found in its category and will add something extra special to your foodie life

Questions? Yes, these boxes are yummy.

So it is kinda funny that I sat down to write this review on a day when I used 2 items from a previous Boxwalla box! One, I put this yummy Sambal on my sandwich and then made a latte with this raspberry chocolate jam.

The box arrives and it is a beautiful pale pink pressed paper box.


Ok so the theme for this month’s box was Sweet Autumn Suprise. Here is the info card they include:


If you were sad you didn’t get to go trick or treating (I was) then this box had you covered with sweet yummy goodness. true story… I went trick or treating at 15… 

Feve Artisan Chocolatier

This company not only delivers yummy chocolate they consider the source-cacao! And they give back 5% of net profits to provide loans for farmers in the cacao business

WARNING: Do not go to this web site hungry…. you were warned


Caramelized Chai Spice Almonds

Hands down this was my favorite item in the box. I love chai and chocolate together. These were smooth and spicy while maintaining the crunch of the almond.

And no, I didn’t share any of these with anyone… I ate the whole bag myself… 


Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

Another oh heck ya yummy! The chocolate is creamy and melt in your mouth good while the hazelnut is crunchy and flavorful!

Yep, another bag I consumed by myself!


Candied Orange Peel

It is hard to see from this photo but these are strips of orange peel dipped in chocolate. Surprisingly subtle citrus flavor, these are delicious and exemplify the magic of the orange/chocolate combo. I ate the whole bag in one sitting.. don’t judge me! You would too!

This company is a perfect example of what Boxwalla does to you…. They send you stuff you find it impossible to live without. I think I am going to have to try everything on their website.

 Ethereal Confections

Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked to see these inclusion bars in another one of their boxes (1st one was in February 2016). They have the most unique combinations!


Ethereal Inclusion Bar topped with Coriander, Candied Orange Peel and Ginger

I was a little skeptical about this combo as I wondered how strong the cilantro would be but was delighted that it was subtle and that the ginger and orange peel steal the show. The chocolate is rich and creamy. Each bar is hand-crafted. On the back, it mentions how founders Mary and Sara taste and tweak their products constantly…. are you thinking what I am thinking? Best job ever!!


Ethereal Inclusion bar topped with mac nuts, raspberries, and kaffir lime

This flavor combo was another thoughtful inclusion. You can really taste the perfection of flavor balancing in these bars.



Anette Chocolate Chile Lime Tequila Tortilla Brittle

If you are reading the description of this product then you are probably wondering, what the heck does that stuff taste like? Well, yummy. The lime/sugar mingled with the crunch of tortilla chips and pumpkin seeds somehow works together in a delicious way. This was also a huge bag! Perfect for sharing. . . or in my case hoarding similar to the way I did with my Halloween candy in grade school.

he he he mommy’s medicine!

Survey Says:

Another great food box! I loved that they sent grown up candy in October. It speaks to how fun the Boxwalla team is. I thoroughly enjoyed tasting new flavor combos (especially in the chili lime tequila tortilla brittle) as well as finding these new companies. I will definitely be ordering from Feve in the very near future! Food subscription boxes can be a great way to find new food favorites and Boxwalla does a great job of doing all the hard work and sorting through the vast food market finding what is delicious and then sending that to your door.


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  1. November 19, 2016 at 7:15 am

    I love the pic update btw and I think this box looks amazinggggggg

  2. November 19, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    *clicks out of feve’s website*
    Did I just gain a pound or two just by drooling?

    I really like how Ethereal artfully design its chocolate bars. All expensive chocolate bars should follow suit. Is it obvious that I can eat with my eyes?

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