Hippie Hobby Subscription Box Review-September 2016

Disclosure: I received this box free for my open, honest and hand-crafted opinion

Box: The Hippie Hobby
Cost: $23.95
Shipping: Free as a bird
Theme: Eco-Friendly Craft Box
Contents: Everything you need to complete craft with an emphasis on natural or recycled materials
Frequency: Every other month

If you are wondering what sort of hobbies that hippies have. . . well, then you came to the blog just in time. 1st off, hippies love having hobbies and hippies especially love hobbies that involve cool diy projects (say that 3 times fast).

And thus The Hippie Hobby was born! In all seriousness, this box is an uber cool craft box that sends you the materials to make a craft (and a small mini craft) with a focus on up-cycling or recycled materials. How cool is that?!


Yes, the box itself is uber cool!


Yes again, they have pretty packaging!


Hmm, did I know….how easy and awesome this craft would be at the start?!?!


This little info card is a new addition to the box:


In a nutshell? It tells you why they are awesome. They really do work extremely hard on keeping the project as Hippie as possible !!


The Project for the September Box: DIY Melt and Pour Soap!

Honestly, this box was perfectly timed because I have this in my closet waiting to be soapified:


Needless to say, I was stoked for them to send me actual directions on how to melt and pour the soap as opposed to me…ahem, just winging it with my 4 lbs of soap.


So, one thing I appreciate about Hippie Hobby over other boxes is that they give GREAT directions!!! As well as including literally every crafty thing you need for the project (sans items you probably have like scissors etc)

Here is what was included:

20161024_065246Soap Base

(my only wish was that it was an SLS free soap base!)

Soap molds


Soap Mix In Items: lavender and rolled oats


More Soap Mix In items: Matcha green tea, peppermint essential oil, non-gmo sunflower oil, sugar

Stirring Sticks

Alright, here goes!!

1st-Melted the soap in the microwave

2nd-prepped the molds


Melt and POUR!! yes, it is that easy!!


Here was my post craft mess! Totally manageable!!


They also always include a bonus craft!


Here is my final project! They made a great gift swap to a friend who dropped by with flowers and limes!


Survey Says:

Another great box by the Hippie Hobby. I love their box over other craft boxes for several reasons. One, they include a fun craft that is easy to do and complete in one sitting with a glass of wine in your hand. For me, the purpose of a craft subscription box is to get you to turn off your devices and take a moment and breathe while using your hands to craft something not to start a multi-day craft. They seem to understand this perfectly and always send a fun craft that makes you feel so cool and uh, hippie! Also, their focus on using upcycled, recycled, and natural materials makes my hippie hear oh so happy. Highly recommend this box if you are looking for a way have fun, learn a new skill, and complete a fun DIY project.



  2 comments for “Hippie Hobby Subscription Box Review-September 2016

  1. November 2, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    Fun fun fun! I noted he baby spoon being put to multi-asking use 😉

    I want to make bath bombs one of these days.

    BTW I found my glue gun last week. Not that I am able to be crafty now but I can re-think the possibilites lol.

  2. sdbear
    November 6, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    Great review. Though I thought hippies were allergic to soap….unless it’s patchouli scented soap…

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