Boxwalla Food Box Spoilers-February 2017

As my dearest Pnut would say, Nom Nom Nom Nom!!!

Here we have some spoilers for the Boxwalla Food box! Important to note!!! The deadline for the February box is Jan 25th!


Ships: Bi-Monthly

Cost: $49.95

Items: Yummy deliciousness and always vegetarian

February Food Theme + Subscription Deadline Extension

Starting this February, our Food Boxes will explore the Story of the World through Food. February’s theme is Cardamom and Caramel.

As we eat our way through different parts of the world, we can’t help but wonder about the journeys ingredients make. And we marvel at how cuisines are transformed by these seemingly simple ingredients. How two different countries can use the same ingredient in completely different ways. And how a spice like cardamom with origins in tropical India, can end up in the vast expanses of Scandinavia. Join us on this journey as we read stories in ingredients and pour the world onto our plates!

In the February Box we showcase the different facets and stories of cardamom and caramel. There will be Swedish Cookies, Gruyere Cheese Caramels, Coconut Cardamom simmer sauce and more!

The subscription deadline has been extended to January 25th.

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