Trash Talk on Empties!

Trash Talk on Empties is all about what subscription box items that we have used up and/or trashed and how we felt about it (accomplished, disappointed, excited to get to the next 10 million eyeliner in your stash, or all of the above)?

So tell us how you really feel?


Here are Heat’s trash submissions:

Today we go through Heat’s face mask empties that she received in various sub boxes such as 3b, Target, and Facetory!
Saturday Trash Talk
The top row were more recent and I remember liking them all – peony smelled especially nice!
Bottom row – all good too except I did not like the smell of the far right one (#AfterParty) because it smelled way too fake sweet.
Heat’s Verdict: 
Overall sheet masks are all very similar to me – I like the idea of them, they add hydration, are a good excuse to chill for 10-20 minutes, but long term effects… not really.


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Disclaimers: My name is Pnut and I need to use my subscription box items. I digress, no referral/affiliate links here just my subscription box trash!

  1 comment for “Trash Talk on Empties!

  1. Ake
    January 6, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Three cheers for sheet masks, Heat!

    I agree that they’re more for short term effects, but my Sahara of a face loved when I worked from home and could use one almost every day.

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