Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box Review – February 2018

Subscription: Popsugar Must Have

Cost: $39.95/month, free shipping.

What to Expect: “Enjoy a monthly delivery of full-sized surprises worth over $100, curated by POPSUGAR Founder & President Lisa Sugar.”


[O]: I know I was planning on canceling when my last credit ran out, but can we just take a moment for the end of PSMH monthly?

Also, how do you think quarterly PSMH is going to stack up against FFF??? Sorry… that wasn’t much of a moment before I threw PSMH in the ring with FFF.

Themes: floral | adore | Valentine | honey | crush | chocolate

Bella was ALL ABOUT helping with this box photo shoot. I cropped /shoved her out of most pictures because she turned into a blurry furball usually. 

K. Hall Designs Peony Jar Candle: $26

[O]: I love candles, but am very picky about scents. Floral scents just aren’t my thing, so I’ll be giving this to my sister in law who will love it.

Also, I took the first picture of the peony candle next to January’s Pier 1 candle which not only smells gross, but also has a crap time burning. Pnut made the right call on this one.

[P]: I LOVE PEONIES!!! My candle had a wax chip in it and some wax on the outside of the glass. I just wiped it off and lit it.

I have been too tired to bother with customer service lately. Plus its a crapshoot with PSMH Andy has aways been awesome, Anne(sp), not so much. 

The throw is awesome. It’s my candle of the moment.

TokyoMilkAnthemoessa No. 84 Shea Butter Handcreme: $22

[O]: Jasmine and grapefruit scents? Yes, please! I mean, I know I have a Margot Elena quarterly sub, but yo I’m keeping this! I gifted so much of the first box since it came right before Christmas.

Not that I need this… I have a hoard of lotions, even after giving all of my non-scented items to my fiance. 

[P]: Another WIN! Even thought I try to be crunchy I have a week spot for hand creams/cremes. This smells wonderful but I noted a dry-down similar to Love’s Baby Soft. This would have bothered me during my teenage years but maybe being a momma I kinda like it (even though I don’t use baby powder scents so go figure).

TokyoMilk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum: $30, “The sweetest kiss: Mandarin, Tuberose, Gardenia & Vetiver.”

[O]: Love love love! Anything mandarin is wonderful! I’ve had a Lotus Sake TokyoMilk #53 parfum on my Pinterest list for so long that I A. no longer remember what it smells like and B. it’s no longer sold by Margot Elena. So, I’m stoked to get this!

Side note: I’ve got A TON of perfume samples, and most of them are from the Atelier Cologne line thanks to Daryl!! So much citrus love <3 <3

[P]: I don’t need more perfume but this is nice. I like that subscription boxes fulfill my perfume needs so I do not need to buy more. Not that I need to buy more but I have always been a perfume collector.

Nima Oberoi Lunares Heart Vase: $49

[O]: This must be the hero item, but I’m not really feeling it. The vase fits really well with the theme though, and even though I’m not into heart stuff or vases, I think this was a really nice inclusion!

Also, I had to get creative to photograph it because it’s crazy reflective.

[P]: I like this. My husband has always been wary of these metal items that I always wanted to get in food bowl form so having this item is like a compromise. I hope it doesn’t tarnish (on the outside).

Droga Chocolates Money on Honey Dark Chocolate Brown Rice Crispy: $4.99

[O]: The longest name and the lowest price ;D Omg though, these were DELICIOUS!!! I had these as an afternoon snack for a week or so.

So crispy. So caramely. Mmmm… need more….

[P]: YUM. I could have sworn that I have received these in another subscription box. I hid this from my family and enjoyed this by myself.

La Soula Jewelry Universal Love Bracelet: $39

[O]: I like this! I was looking forward to this spoiler because I like lunar and celestial decor. La Soula also has some other lovely items that I was perusing.

[P]: How can a wee diamond be put in a cheap metal and be sold for $39? Go figure but at least we get to say its a real diamond. This La Soula Universal Love Bracelet is cute and I do not plan to regift it.

[O]: I didn’t even notice the diamond…


Stella Artois x2 “Buy a Lady a Drink” LE Chalices: $13 each, “The purchase of a Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice helps provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world. This year’s collection features hand-crafted designs inspired by Mexico, India and the Philippines, created by female artists from each of these countries. Purchase yours today and help end the global water crisis.”

[O]: I LOVE these! I got India and Mexico from this PSMH box, and last year I got another one from Rachel Zoe BoS. Amusingly, when they advertised these during the Super Bowl I mentioned I had a couple Stella chalices already. So, now I have four! My first one was from a beer tasting event in Seattle, but it’s a lot bigger.

Cue Pnut saying “that’s what SHE said!”

What I love most is that PSMH used their box to help people!! “$3.13 helps provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world.” They sent not one but two glasses to each subscriber, and who the heck knows how big their subscriber base is/was. Good on you PSMH!!!

[P]: I was hoping one of my chalices would be from the Philippines since I am half-filipino but alas they were not. I hope to eventually gift these to a Stella Artois drinker (or someone named Stella).



[O]: LOVE love love this box!! January was good, but February knocked it out of the park for me! They really went out with a bang, I think. The only item I wasn’t feeling was the vase, but I can recognize that it’s a lovely item. I have one last PSMH credit, so I’ll pay $35 + tax for the Summer box, then I’ll play it by ear. This is actually one of my last remaining subs [other than Pura Vida which I plan to cancel soon, and Field to Cup].

[P]: WIN! PSMH February boxes usually always rock! I am so sad its become a quarterly I will miss my monthly PopSugar


What did you think of the LAST PSMH monthly box? If you subscribed/paid attention to this sub: What was your favorite box of all time? What was your favorite item? What was your albatross?? Let us know below!

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Disclosure: This box was purchased by your Sub-sistahs at a discount. There are referral and affiliate links in this post.

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