Dropps Subscription Box Review and Coupon — February 2018

Subscription: Dropps

Cost: $16+ for the first quarter with free shipping, then $20+ every quarter thereafter depending on your subscription quantity and type. Use my referral link to get $5 off your first box!

What to Expect: “Dropps ship direct to your door every 4 months at the end of the 14-day trial period. You can adjust your shipping frequency as needed. Free shipping on wash plans. Save 20% on every shipment.”


While I like to pretend direct marketing / targeted advertising doesn’t work on me, this totally did. If you click on the Dropps link and go to their homepage, you can see the video of a dude sitting in a tub. It’s funny and it totally reeled me in one day whilst I was perusing the Facebooks.

Step 1: choose a product / Step 2: choose a scent:

  • Laundry Detergent
    • Sensitive Skin: Unscented | Fresh Scent
    • Stain and Odor: Unscented | Clean Scent
    • Baby: Baby Unscented | Baby Onesies
    • Mini Pods: Unscented | Clean Scent | Baby Onesies
  • Oxi Boosters
    • Oxi Booster Pods: Unscented
    • Baby Oxi Pads: Unscented
  • Scent Booster and Fabric Softener
    • Clean
    • Lavendar
    • Orange Blossom
    • Petal for Baby
    • Unscented
  • Dishwasher Detergent
    • Lemon

I purchased the Laundry Detergent Stain and Odor pods in Clean Scent for 40% off the first quarter price of $16, which ended up being $9.60.

Pricing depends on how many pods you choose to get sent to you every four months [you can also edit this to be 1-90 days/weeks/months], but for single they all start at $16+ for your first box and $20+ after that. The most common amounts are below, but the Oxi Boosters and mini pods have different sizes.

  • Single = 64 pods for $16 [regularly $20]
  • Couple = 120
  • Family = 180

During their Black Friday promotion I decided to get a box because I’d been frustrated by the occasional Tide crumbles/residue that hadn’t dissolved during some of my laundry cycles.

Yes, Black Friday sale… I actually took a long time to start using these because I had some Tide pods to finish eating. I mean, using. These clearly say DON’T FREAKING EAT THESE! So, I reluctantly switched.

A box inside of a box! Kind of.

Yo dawg, I heard you like boxes so I put a box in a box with a tearable lid over a child-proof lid. 

Technically, it had tearaway pants… er… a tearaway lid.

Four months of pods, cleverly sectioned off! I keep mine on top of the beer fridge in the garage, which is next to the stackable washer/dryer, so I usually bump the box lid open and poke lightly till I grasp a pod. I should have written down when I started using these so I could pay attention to the quantity that I use.

These look like they’re filled with white grape juice, and have a nice, soft, light feel to them.

Mmm, white grape juice.


Verdict: I don’t know how you’re supposed to tell if laundry pods are working, but they seem to be dissolving when I wash my laundry in cold water. Their account management page is awesome! I was able to login and see that I’m auto-subscribed for another box at the end of March, so I changed it to April since I think I still have a lot of pods left. However, I want to try a different product because I’d rather get a scented or Oxi Boost kind next time, but it’s more difficult to change between products than it is to change frequency.


What sort of laundry detergent do you use and how do you sort your laundry? Let us know!


Disclosure: This box was purchased at a discount. There is a referral link in this post where you get $5 off your first box and I get $5 off my next box.

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  1. March 2, 2018 at 9:00 am

    Oh I am glad I am not the only one that buys via FB links! I think I did it twice already. Most of the ads suck lol but there was this Dr. Suess mini book offer that came out of nowhere and before I know it *click*.

    We use Tide Free & Clear Pods via Amazon Save & Subscribe. Shocking I know 😉

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