Birchbox Subscription Box Review – November 2018

Subscription: Birchbox



Monthly $10.00

Yearly: $110.00 (you get one month free)!


What To Expect:

At least 5 items allegedly based on a profile.


Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

So after a two year separation from Birchbox because I was sad that they stopped points and would lose my ACE status, I came back.

Because code.

Even though Birchbox is not as great as it once was when I started, I still missed my monthly box of samples. Because I signed up for a year (versus not renewing a subscription), I was not able to select my first item (or curated box). Usually the first Birchbox is the suckiest and Birchbox did disappoint as promised.

Birchbox why must you suck on the first month!?! 

Anyway, this will be a project in where I put items that I have no intention of using into a clear baggie. The only way this baggie gets emptied is via gifting.

And with the holidays coming up lots of peeps will be getting some stocking stuffers 😉

Maybe if this bag continues to get filled, it will make me get over my need for another monthly box. Because for two years I did truly miss Birchbox even with all the drama from two years ago.

It did not help that most of our favorite boxes went quarterly from monthly.


I digress, here are the first peeks in my first box of twelve…

Birchbox Subscription Box Review – November 2018
Birchbox Subscription Box Review – November 2018


OUAI Volume Spray

OUAI Volume Spray

Great brand. I do not need volume spray. This will be a fancy stocking stuffer.

Gift pile for you! 


TLW Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter

TLW Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter

Ummmm… this does not look like a hair treatment upon first glance.

What is really scary is the three lines followed by a period.

Anyway, let’s move through this horrible nightmare idea that TLW marketing department created for a hair treatment (presumably for the hair on your head) and flip this tube over.

TLW Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter

I have enough frizz fighters in my army to add another. Sorry Melbourne.

Gift pile for you!


Love Of Color Glow Squad Quad Single – Fizz

Love Of Color Glow Squad Quad Single – Fizz

My love for Birchbox just Fizzed. This is why I stopped getting Sephora Play! because it really pissed me off when Sephora added its own brand item(s) in its boxes. Sampled sized. And not a bonus item. I am also giving the stink eye to PopSugar as well.

House Brands should be bonuses. Gift pile for you!


LXNI Creme de Nil

LXNI Creme de Nil

If its a creme and/or cream, it is a hand and body creme/cream to me. Smells like Ponds cold cream :/

It lingers :/

On the bright side it was very moisturizing. If you are a fan of smelling like Ponds cold cream, the full size has a fancy spoon for fancy using. Spoon is not worth the $58 price to smell like Ponds cold cream though :/

Gift for me!


MAC Cosmetics In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara

MAC Cosmetics In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara

I date myself but and I don’t care about it I.LOVE.MAC.

I have never been disappointed with a MAC mascara. Although I will not repurchase because I have a ton of subscription box mascaras to plow through. But this little dude will step ahead of the line for reviewing purposes. It was a good daily mascara and did not disappoint as usual but MAC has another mascara that has a fluffier head that gives “vavavoom”. Just ask any MAC rep for the fluffy head. I dare you.

Gift for me!


Before the verdict, here is the first month’s Gift Pile For You!

Forgive the recycled look of the bag, I realize my other bags I had in mind had those labels and this was the only gallon size that did not. If I find another clear gallon size bag next month I will use that but at this stage of my life it needs to magically appear. Please send a clear pristine gallon plastic bag to Pnut at (I kid, I kid, unless it really bothers you lol)….

Gift Pile For You!


Birchbox Subscription Box Review – November 2018


I am more excited for my newly minted ACE status then my initial Birchbox box.

Let’s say a year of awesome sales caught up and before I knew it I was an ACE. 

I just got my first $5 to spend within 24 hours (they send 50 points to ACE peeps at random times). I got a box of Chuao Chocopods for me to nom on with those points. I am usually practical with getting an useful item but those Chocopods were calling to me.

Birchbox still has it going on with its awesome sales and ACE VIP treatment.

In any event, next month my baggie will be empty as the items in the baggie will be doled out in holiday gifts.

Will next month’s box be another pile of “Gift Pile For You”? Stay tuned….


If you want to purchase a Birchbox, you can sign up using my link here

How big do you think my baggie will be filled by the end of this twelve month subscription?


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Disclosure:  I bought this subscription for Pnuts. There are referral links to this post. 



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  1. Ake
    December 8, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Ah, Birchbox. Reminding us all why we stopped subscribing! But it’s a nice, affordable way to scratch the subscription box itch. It’s always nice to get things in the mail!

    • December 8, 2018 at 7:50 pm

      Ake you are right on 100% what you said! I love your scratch the (monthly) subscription box itch comment the most!

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