Sistah Buds Box Review — December 2018

Box: Sistah Buds Box

Cost: $69

Coupon: BESTBUDS for $10 off

What to Expect: “The first wellness, health and beauty subscription service for women; featuring exclusively CBD-infused products. We value a healthy mind, the wellness of the spirit, and natural plant products over pills. We believe in promoting a healthy cannabis culture to women who share in our belief that we can live a ‘healthier … happier life’!”


I was sent the Sistah Buds Works Wonders box to try, and if you’re at all interested in CBD products then read on!

It’s legal in most states [though my homestate of South Dakota illegalized CBD and hemp products even though they are are just marijuana’s less intense cousins]. See this WebMD article for more CBD info.

Because this is a newer box, I wanted some background info [also because I’m black, my eyebrow raised at the “Sistah” part of the name].

I juust wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bunch of white dudes trying to show women that black ladies love pot on their Instagram. I am way too skeptical sometimes…

So, here’s their background:

  • official launch: July 2018
  • located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • African-American, woman owned company

Though weed is legal in WA state, I’d never tried CBD anything. My dad visited and tried some on his aching joints and was very impressed with the results. However, he was too worried about taking it back to a state where it’s illegal, so he left it here. My husband also gets drug tested up to 3x per year, and refuses to try CBD for his pain because he thinks it would show up. So, hopefully this can help inform some skeptics, because I enjoyed trying out this box!

Ooer! A lovely box interior!! Let’s take a peek inside…

Mary’s Nutritionals Cannabis Patch with CBD (10mg CBD): $12, on sale for $10. “Laser cut into 2×2 squares, each patch contains 10mg of Hemp Oil extract, which is gradually released over an 8 to 12 hour time period, bringing relief to the target area.

I haven’t had reason to try this yet, but it sounds like something my husband should be using. I have to put his KT tape on his messed up shoulder at night, and his work has really run his body into the ground. Also, I poked around the site and they sell CBD for pets, which someone recommended to me because my kitty has anxiety and she’s licked out A LOT of her tummy and leg fur ='(

CANNA HEMP CBD Vape Pen Sleep: $29.99. “Say goodbye to tossing and turning at night. The CBD Vape Pen Sleep hits insomnia out of the park thanks to its simple and portable design. This pen features a TerpEX blend of Myrcene, Linalool and Camphene to help relax muscles, bolster sedation, and build relaxation in the body. CBD Vape Pen Relief contains 91.1 mg CBD and real cannabis terpenes (THC-free).

I’ve been trying this out at night. I like it! It’s very low odor, disposable, discreet, and doesn’t have any buttons like my vape pen. This is the star item for me!

Myaderm CBD Blemish Cream 15gm: $24.95. “A daily moisturizer that combats existing blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts, leaving your skin feeling soft without causing dryness, peeling, or irritation.

I misplaced this and just found it and applied last night. It has a thick texture and smells like a nice smelling Zebra Stripe gum! It’s a light, pleasant scent. This is something I’m curious to see the results of because my chin breaks out after I get my beardy hair threaded.

I finally caved in December and got a 3 month threading membership for eyebrows, lip, and chin. 

Feminine 250mg CBD Oil Tincture: $37.97 for 8mg of CBD/dose, with 32 doses. “Feminine 250 provides gentle and effective care for a women’s body, combining ancient herbal remedies with our pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

I use this every other day. I was pretty weirded out about it at first because it just says “Feminine” on it with no other explanations as to what that means! Well, it’s for cramps and feminine health as far as I can tell. Though I have yet to notice any effect, I find the fennel very overpowering. However, then I saw it said to place under the tongue, and that does help to lessen the taste.

The lovely quote and tree image is actually a sticker! Once I create some sort of photo/inspiration wall in my home office, I plan to hang this up there.


Verdict: When I opened this box, I furrowed my brow and said “4 products for $69??” There was no info card in my box, though it was simply forgotten. So I researched everything and found that it’s actually a good deal! The total value for this box is $105, which is great! I’m very happy with the variety of included wellness items, and I’m not saying I want some sort of ache or pain, but I am curious to try the patch.

Have you tried any CBD products before? What did you think? If not, are you interested??

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  1. January 14, 2019 at 9:02 am

    I have a CBD item from a FabFitFun sale (Nightingale Remedies CBD Relief Cream). I like it but would not repurchase. I find it good for mild to moderate muscle relief and usually apply it to my neck and shoulder blades. It smells more pleasant and the scent dissipates versus other pain relief creams.
    For some reason with the reasonable pricepoints and curiousity, I tend to buy most of pain relief salves via FabFitFun.
    I tend to buy too much from FabFitFun sales in general :/
    I digress, despite my growing army of pain releiver balms, my favorites are actually Tiger Balm and White Flower which can be bought at an asian store.

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