Grove Collaborative Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2019

Box: Grove Collaborative (this link gives you $10 and me $10 when you sign up)!

Grove Collaborative


Contents: Curated and/or self-selected eco-friendly products such as Health, Cleaning, Laundry, Hand and Body, Face and Hair, Kids, Scent Free, Oral Care, etc. to ship when you want it (monthly and/or on demand)! Some of the Brands carried are Seventh Generation, Acure Organics, Method, Mrs. Meyers, Molly’s Suds, and house brand Grove Collaborative.


Cost: Price of your items (usually discounted) plus $2.99 shipping (waived if you are a VIP member see more details below).


Kick Back and Get Comfortable: 

I LOVE the service that Grove Collaborative offers. Every item that I received was either a promotional free item or discounted. I will keep a lookout for more promos and let you know! Most of the products that I bought were not found on discount via my beloved Amazon. Because I wanted to avoid passing Target and paying $200, we would buy our cleaning products on Home Depot (which were not discounted at all).

We all know how I want to save money in the comfort of my own home.

I found signing up was easy. Grove Collaborative asks a few questions and then curates a box for you. You can then feel free to delete and add items as you wish.

There is a $2.99 shipping charge BUT if you sign up for VIP status, the shipping fee is waived! So while you are shopping look into the VIP trial because you receive free shipping for two months and then you pay $19.99 for a year. In addition to VIP status, you will receive freebies amounting to five (5!) full size items within a year so $19.99 pays for itself in (1) free shipping, (2) five full size items and (3) the already discounted savings on items purchased!!! And if you forget to add the VIP trial to your order (like I did) the VIP trial option appears after you place your first order. And then if you forget that, I am sure the awesome customer service will take of you!

Once you make an order you can set up to change when you want your next delivery and what products you want for that delivery. Grove Collaborative will send advance email reminders and a text reminder (if you give your cell) when a monthly box is scheduled so you can make any modifications to that order. Also a week after you sign up, you will be able to “purchase now” if you need something now.

Grove Collaborative

Note on Customer Service:

Not only is customer service awesome, make sure you look under the customer service representative’s signature because there might be a link with a coupon to one of their favorite products. You know me and codes and coupons.

I also was recently sent an email blast from Grove Collaborative with some points that they wanted their customers to be aware of and if you are not happy with a product they will compensate you! How awesome is that!?!

An other awesome plus is that if there is a promo for new customers, Grove Collaborative usually also rewards continuing customers with a promo as well!

Codes and/or Coupons for new and continuing customers = A Happy and Loyal Pnut


Price Matching Deets:

I noticed when I was stalk tracking my Grove Co box one of their advertisements  on the tracking page was for the VIP program features. One of the features was “price matching”!

Online Price Matching be still my heart!!!

As always, the third weeist of my Pnut people

and the true middle child of the family who demands to be treated as the baby of the family


wants me to get started on the review…

Squeakette knows I am behind on my reviews and cleaning as she kept on asking me to open up her Grove Box.

This girl already knows her subscription unboxing obligations. 

The girl can’t wait to dig in!

It’s Christmas at least once a month for Squeakette!

Although it is a fuzzy picture, this portrayal shows our mutual love for subscription boxes.

What to pick… choices….

“QVC Move”

Squeakette is hamming it up!

Seventh Generation – Tub & Tile Cleaner

Seventh Generation – Tub & Tile Cleaner

I got this because (1) It is the most awesomest Tub cleaner ever and (2) it was still in the old packaging and was still at a great price and I worried that when the new packaging would arrive so would a price increase.

Case of FOMO because of possible price increase.

Also I had this glare when I was taking this picture so instead of spending a few minutes moving around, I just adjusted it so it looks like it reads “Leaner” versus “Cleaner”.

I mean, usage of this product requires arm grease, hence, the “lean” part. 


Grove Collaborative – Bamboo Cutting Board and Oil Set

Grove Collaborative – Bamboo Cutting Board and Oil Set

Oh my goodness. I needed an Oil sealer for a cutting board my father-in-law made for us. But for some reason, the value of having both a Oil sealer and Bamboo cutting board sang siren calls to me.

Nothing like a good deal to get my mouse to “click”. 

Grove Collaborative – Bamboo Cutting Board and Oil Set
Grove Collaborative – Bamboo Cutting Board and Oil Set
Grove Collaborative – Bamboo Cutting Board and Oil Set

And this cutting board. It is soooooo well made. It has a strong string to hold it up (if you want to hold it up) and its the “good” quality wood that does not look like it will split in a few months but will last a long time.

The pictures above and the Grove Co stock picture does not do this cutting board justice. 


*Judgey Judgey*

Rooted Beauty – Facial Cleansing Towelettes
Rooted Beauty – Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Rooted Beauty – Facial Cleansing Towelettes

This was free VIP gift.

Squeakette thinks I have too many facial cleansing towelettes and she may be right. But it was FREEEEEE Squeakette!

It is also an ok product. I prefer the ACURE “mice” water ones that I get from Grove when I am running low on subscription box facial cleansing towelettes.

I am always appreciative for facial towelettes versus black eyeliner or wild eyeshadow.


Grove Collaborative


Another perfect box.

Because curated by yours truly. 

This was a perfect box in many ways. Like I have stated before, receiving a monthly Grove Co box does press a “reset” button. It motivates me to clean and also to give me some me time.

I need more hours in a day. Don’t we all. 

For example, the tub and tile cleaner motivated me to take a few more baths then usual, using messy bath bombs. I am seriously telling you that Seventh Generation’s Tub cleaner is sooooo satisfying to use. Your tub will be sparkly “Billy Mays” sparkling white.

How can a tub cleaner make oneself a hero? Seventh Generation just makes this happen. 

And I have been off my A game of fussing over my face.

Well maybe fussing is not the right word. Not “ignoring” face care that involves more than wash and towel off. Well that was more than one word.

I digress, because I had these new cleansing towelette to sample, it hit a “reset” button for me to apply all the subscription box potions to my face.

So now my face is smooth and almost like a baby’s bum. 

My wood boards were parched and Grove Collaborative saved the day with an oil to quench their thirst…

And a wood cutting board to threaten that they can be replaced. BUHWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I digress, I love this month’s Grove. Perfect curation by Pnut.

Maybe its because I choose what I want for my box and I love spoilers.


Grove Co = My monthly cleaning motivation.

Because even Amazon Save & Subscribe doesn’t motivate me. 


If you want to save $10 off your first Grove Co order, click here!


Do you Grove too?

Please share (or anything random) below!

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Disclaimer: I bought all this stuff with clams. There are referral and affiliate links in this post.




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