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Taco Bout It Tuesday: The Allure of Allure

Squeakette wants to Taco Bout It! Squeakette wants me to do a review, any review. So she will accept another mini-review.   And Squeakette may be right about me not doing all the reviews but Aunts Fever and Vomit made a brief encore. And I have been cloistering myself wrapping presents for them Squeakers!   At this point I still… Read more →

Sparking Joy Series: What Subscription Box Item(s) Brings You Joy Right Now?

After nine consecutive days of waking up at 6AM in preparation for getting two Squeakers adjusted and ready for morning school drill, the day of rest has arrived. And what do I do? Blog near midnight.   I created a Sparking Joy series to open discussion on what subscription box item(s) are bringing you joy right now. For our new… Read more →