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HG Series: Coffee

Disclosure: There are no referral links in this post. Everything featured has been paid for by me. My favorite coffee is..   comes in a coffee scrub!   Lets discuss our favorite coffees and coffee subscriptions. I’m not knowledgeable about coffees and will sit back and relax.   Zelda does not suffer fools. I had to take this photo a… Read more →

Prospurly August Theme

Disclosure: There are no referral or affiliate links in this post.                           Discover al fresco dining done artisan. Get $80+ in curated artisan goods for 1/2 off! Summer is finally cooling down, making this the perfect time for an enchanting evening getaway, al fresco style. This August, we’re… Read more →

Suggest a Box for Review!

Subscriptionista and I are juggling around our boxes and making changes. We want to hear from you!     What are your favorite boxes? What would you like to see reviewed? Tell us! We want to know!   Meet Emma. She showed up crying during a bad winter storm. She has been part of the farm cat family ever since.… Read more →

Comment Section Changes

Hello!!!   We have heard your cries of anguish!   We have felt your pain as you hit the table in annoyance!   Why, oh why, doesn’t get their crap together with the comments?!?   I think we finally have. Although the whole thing is my fault. I had the comments set to moderation because honestly the blog wasn’t… Read more →